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  1. thanks guys I really appreciate the advice. One the cooler, I don't think I'll bother with anything aftermarket for now. I won't be overclocking the CPU so the stock one should be fine. If we do overclock it in the future I'll look into a cooler then. I probably won't need an extra drive either to be honest. We use a NAS for all our home media so the drive in this box will be just for OS and software, games etc. Oh and homework of course. He is indeed a lucky little man. He's got a pretty neat little pad. It will be much better with the new computer, LED TV, networked blu-ray player etc. It makes up for him not having a yard to play in :(
  2. radioBirdman

    Software to clone a HDD for backup?

    Or if you're not using Windows 7 you can use Acronis. I use it to back up a system image of my netbook (WinXP) every now and then. I used it to restore to XP after a period of using Win7 that didn't really go to plan. The recovery from Acronis went perfectly.
  3. thanks mate. that makes sense to me now.
  4. Nesquick you rock. I've always appreciated your opinions and knowledge. I'm stoked you spotted my thread and took the time to help me out. Enough pissing in nessy's pocket... moving on... So it'd be a crazy messed up world if everybody just did what they were told and never questioned anything... so... Core i3... I thought they were really entry level cpus... we have one in my wife's super cheap Compaq laptop so I always thought they were a bit pov but now I'm looking at the details on PCCG I see it's a pretty decent little processor. I'm a bit puzzled about the GPU bit though...? Why does it say dual core + GPU and have a GPU clock speed (733MHz)? Ok I just found that H55 chipset has onboard graphics and they use the GPU that is built in to the i3 CPU? The Samsung HDD has a 32MB cache while the WD Green 1TB ($65) has 64MB...? Oh but I think I just answered my own question the Samsung drive spins at 7200rpm. Being "green" and low power... I assume that the WD spins at 5400? I'll confirm that but yeah I reckon that'd be the case. Speaking of cases.. that is a small one. I do like Antec cases... I have a P180 that I have been very happy with. BUT.. is the PSU in that case pretty decent? Will it still cope if I add another HDD further down the line... Oh and an optical drive. I forgot to get one of those. I should add one of them. I might swap the motherboard for the Gigabyte GA-H55M-D2H for $99 since a) I am familiar with Gigabyte (and quite happy with my P35-DS3-P which has happily ran my Q6600 at 3.2Ghz for a little over 3 years). And b) it has HDMI. The kid is getting a TV for his birthday/xmas at the end of January and it will be within reach of a 5m HDMI cable. I have no idea why he'd want to connect his computer to a 22" TV instead of his 24" monitor but he might one day.... In fact we might have to rotate monitors and give him my Samsung 22" (which will nicely match his Samsung 22" TV) and I could have the 24" Nesquick has quoted for me. So if I swap the motherboard and add a lite-on DVDRW I get $1052 or $1092 if we decide to get a blu-ray drive. Plus shipping Standard Shipping (averages 2-5 days) $43 Express Shipping (averages 1-2 days) $105 Pretty frikken sweet computer Nesquick. I owe you a big favour. As for the 3D support, that card seems to have a lot more going for it that just 3D. That said, we have a 3D TV in the lounge room. I'm pretty sure the kid wouldn't mind if we dragged his computer out to plug it into the big screen if we found a 3D game/product that we wanted to try :)
  5. Hi folks, I need to replace my kid's computer. He's had my old P4, Radeon 9600, 1GB DDR machine for a couple of years now and it's time to upgrade. For one, the P4 makes a crazy stupid repetitive beeping and doesn't boot (perhaps the ram is borked?) and he's gonna need something to play Portal 2 next year as well. That in mind, he is only 7 and money is tight so I'm after bang for buck. So I am well out of the loop with hardware, but a quick poke around on the MSY website (they are in Canberra now) came up with the following: CPU Intel Core i5-760 2.8Ghz LGA 1156 209 Motherboard Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 P55 LGA1156 USB3 DDR3 129 RAM TEAM 6GB Kit (2Gx3) DDR3 1333 82 Storage WD SATA 1TB HDD 62 GPU Gigabyte 1GB 6850 PCI-E VGA Card 203 Monitor Acer 21.5" G225HQBD 5ms DVI 144 Case Antec 300 Three-Hundard Gaming Tower without PSU 55 PSU Corsair VX-550 ATX Power Supply Unit 97 Keyboard Logitech Ultra Flat USB Keyboard 19 Mouse existing MX510 0 OS existing Win7 0 Total 1000 Please excuse the shitty formatting. Now unfortunately pretty much all of those items are out of stock on MSY's website, but it was just a bit of a guide anyway. While I do like the idea of picking up the hardware locally, I would be ok to use PC casegear or U-mart if I had to. I'd probably even go to the computer market (that's how tight money is) but I like the idea of *some* customer support in case of faulty products. I have found u-mart to be pretty average with service but I imagine they are all better than the computer markets. I also came up with a $600 machine just to see what I could get really cheap, but I want this to still be playing new games in a few years time. I don't expect bitchin frame-rates in 5 years, but I'd like to still be able to buy my kid a game and not be too concerned about it working or not. So how is that build? What would you swap, keeping it under a grand?
  6. radioBirdman

    PS3 Audio Issue

    is your TV capable of outputting 5.1 over the optical? I read somewhere recently that even high-end Samsung TV's could only output 2 channels with the optical out. No that's bullshit. That was using ARC not optical. Forget what I said about Samsung, but it might be worth checking that your TV and your sound system are all capable of doing 5.1. Oh and I think you need to select more formats on the PS3 and not just DTS. Not everything you play/watch/listen to will be DTS. My PS3 is connected to a Yamaha RX-V567 which (I think) is capable of all the audio formats around and I have the PS3 on HDMI and 'auto' and all of the audio formats are selected, but if I choose 'manual' instead of 'auto' I can pick and choose the formats. I think you need to select more formats here, not just DTS.
  7. radioBirdman

    Two topics for the price of one.

    this thread rules.
  8. radioBirdman

    God Hates Fags...and Comic Con

    hahaha that's great :D
  9. radioBirdman

    Shintaro HD DVB-T set top box

    JB has a few HD boxes for 80 - 100 bucks. The TEAC for 99 has USB input for media playback, which is pretty neat for a cheap STB. Mind you I think I saw a HD box at Dick Smith for closer to 50 bucks. Could've actually been SD though... I'm not sure.
  10. radioBirdman

    Audio Issues with HDMI on laptop

    I sell televisions on the weekend and last weekend I had a customer (young tech savvy kid about 19) who told me his Sony television won't accept HDMI audio from his computer. Not sure what mobo he had, but he said the mobo had HDMI and it's a known issue with certain Sony TVs. He mentioned 3rd party programs that fix the problem for him, but I sold him a bigger & better TV anyway :D Have you googled the TV model number along with "PC HDMI audio" or similar? That might get you onto one of said 3rd party programs?
  11. radioBirdman

    Weeds Season Six

    Yeah I didn't hate 4 & 5 like a lot of people seem to... SUre it was different to the earlier seasons, but it was still a great show... Season 6 airs on August 16th according to that trailer... Uncle Teevee Torrentz always has great reception at his joint....
  12. radioBirdman

    Weeds Season Six

    What he said ^^ In fact my wife made me replay that scene by the pool three times the night we watched that last episode... Cracked us up :D And I LOL'd at Nancy... 'joking..... mostly joking.....' There was a good teaser on the Weeds facebook a month or so back too....
  13. radioBirdman

    iPhone 3GS battery problems

    bugger bugger bugger. A replacement will have the new baseband that can't be jailbroken afaik :( (Not with Blackra1n anyway) Maybe I should wait till iPhone 4 is out and then claim... Do ya think I'd get an iPhone 4? or nah... they'd give me a reconditioned 3GS wouldn't they...
  14. radioBirdman

    Leave Jessi Alone!

    Its a good thing people fuck up an 11 year olds life? 11 year olds shouldn't be getting on youtube threatening to make brain slushies outta haters with glocks.... and when they do... they're asking for some shit.... I don't think anyone's life should be terribly 'fucked with' but it'll learn her not to make dumb threats on the www.... Funniest post I've read in a long time. POTM. funnier than kicking the sandcastles over in your vagina....
  15. radioBirdman

    Leave Jessi Alone!

    Its a good thing people fuck up an 11 year olds life? 11 year olds shouldn't be getting on youtube threatening to make brain slushies outta haters with glocks.... and when they do... they're asking for some shit.... I don't think anyone's life should be terribly 'fucked with' but it'll learn her not to make dumb threats on the www....