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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried the manual version in this one "http://lallouslab.net/2009/06/14/resetting-ntfs-files-security-and-permission-in-windows-7/" and it looked promising..... but after restart I am having the same problem and nothing has changed. Still dont seem to have permission to access files and folders
  2. Building a new PC and wanting to transfer over some of the data so I plugged in my old SSD C: from PC1 into the new build. All OK and transferred over some files. Put it back into PC1 and now Windows fails to load properly. Seems that the permissions on some folders and files have been changed. I cant right click on folders and likewise, the windows menu just brings up the spinning wheel of death. I can access file explorer and have tried manually changing some folders, but after 2 hours I have barely touched the surface. I would like to get PC1 to boot again - still need to use it. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Just upgraded my Son's old Q6600 system with a new motherboard (Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H), CPU (i5 4690), and 8Gb Kingston kit. The rest is the same as his old (working) System. Corsair HX620 PSU, Radeon 5870, Samsung BR burner, Samsung Evo 830 and Samsung 1Tb HDD (HD103SJ) All works fine .... except the system will not recognise the 1Tb HDD (at all - not in the bios or otherwise). I have tried a new SATA cable and checked that it is working. I have tried a different SATA port, tried different SATA power plug. I have pulled the drive out of the system and tested it in another PC and it works fine. I have tried setting the bios from ACHI to IDE. I have tried resetting intrusion detection (something I found trolling forums). Nothing is working. When the HDD is physically connected, the system seems to try to recognise it as there is a delay on the splay screen. When disconnected, the system simply flies. Boots in a matter of seconds. Cant think of what else to try. Any ideas??
  4. Current firmware on the drive is 1.03. This seems to be the only firmware available - the Asus website has no firmware available. Its a rebadged Liteon according to some forums so possibly this is the reason for the 03 on revision. I found it hard to get the 50Gb disks - no one nearby selling them so I got these disks on Ebay (Japanese suppier). They have TDK printed on them and are being recognised as TDK on DVD identifier. Quite possibly fake, but they have gone to a lot of effort to do so.
  5. Purchased a new Asus BW-12B1ST Bluray Burner with my new system and have been testing it out. Seems to burn 25 Gb BD-R disks fine (tried Ritek and Imation). Purchased some TDK BD-R 50Gb over the net and so far the failure rate is 100% (8 out of 8). I have tried different burning aps - Nero, Imageburn, VSO. All firmware is up to date. DVD identifier detects disks as TDKBLD-RFB-000 and all burning aps will only allow 4x. Failure generally seems to occur at around the 50% mark (although some of the earlier efforts were at 30%). I am guessing an issue transitioning to the 2nd layer, however is this a hardware, software or media issue?
  6. imp

    So who's got a kindle touch?

    Bought one for my wife for Christmas from the US - Paid around $130 for it delivered. I researched them at the time and there was really no comparison to the others. The non-touch version was a pain to use in search mode and the older keyboard version was big and dated. My wife thinks its great and has been recommending it to friends.
  7. I have been offered a Sony Vpc-cb35fg as a replacement for another Sony laptop. I have looked online and the specs seem good, but it looks as though this is an old model. Does anyone know when this model was superceded? Any opinions on whether this is a decent machine?
  8. imp

    New Win7 64 install on SSD wont update

    Just had MS link up and try to install SP1. Managed to stump the guy. According to him, issue appears to be that SP1 does not like my user profile being on the data drive. My User profile wont fit on the SSD as I have too many documents etc. His solution...... another clean install of Win7.
  9. imp

    New Win7 64 install on SSD wont update

    Thanks for the suggestions. I had tried clearing Win update previously, but gave it another go. No change unfortunately. I have the full SP1 downloaded and on a disk. This gets the same error. In frustration I turned to Microsoft Support. After a week of being to try things I had already listed as having failed (I dont think they actually read my emails), I was finally told to perform an in place upgrade. This got to the point of starting before I got the error message saying that it could not continue as some directories were not on the boot drive - I am assuming my data directories which I have on my data drive. I am now waiting for their next suggestion. I dont think Win 7 likes SSD set ups.
  10. imp

    New Win7 64 install on SSD wont update

    I found that installing updates individually and just persisting works for most of them. However, I still can not install SP1. I have tried all suggestions I have found online (even down to removing RAM). I have clean booted, flushed and reinitialised Windows update, tried installing from Win Update and from a DVD iso. Clock is set correctly. I have disabled my antivirus and then even tried uninstalling the whole package. I have checked the win install using the sfc utility. I have installed the update readiness tool multiple times. I have tried in safe mode, diagnostic mode, any various boot configs. Each time I try to install I get an 'invalid parameter 80070057' message. Sometimes I get a message saying install was successful..... but this is just to instil a false sence as when I reboot it comes up with a message immediately saying install failed. Currently SP1 is showing it needs a 13.6Mb dl in Win update, so I am guessing this is just one small part of SP1 which is refusing to update. Getting increasingly frustrated with this. .....
  11. Bought a SSD and did a complete clean install.........and it is still experiencing the same issues. Still random and unrepeatable. Have had the video driver (Standard Win downloaded version) crash a few times, but it recovers from this quickly. Also found the backlight on the monitor switching off just as Win7 finishes booting every so often - dont know if it is related (switching the monitor off and on fixes it easily anyway). So now I have replaced the graphics card, RAM, and drive. I suppose PSU is next, otherwise it is the motherboard.
  12. imp

    New Win7 64 install on SSD wont update

    100% Legit copy of Win7x64. Clean install. No other programs installed. No alterations or registry changes. Tried repeated installing a few at a time and it seems to work mostly. Still got 1 security update and then SP1 that refuses to update.
  13. Bought a OCZ 120 Agility drive for a clean install on my aging system (after experiencing some issues with that I think was drivers on my previous install). Win7 installs and runs fine. However, when I attempt to update it goes through the motions with 100 odd updates and then brings up the error message that almost all failed. I have tried multiple times, and have even reinstalled Win7 again (clean install) but the problem persists. I get error codes: 8007371C 80070057 9C47 When I click on Windows help for these codes I get a different code answer saying I can not install as I am on battery power ....... WTF! this is a desktop system. Any suggestions?
  14. Not overclocked. Just noticed that my CPU meter gadget is still ticking over when it crashes. Ran a full diagnostic on the boot drive overnight and it passed.
  15. Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R , Q6600, 8Gb Corsair XMS2, Powercolour HD5850, Corsair 620W, 1x Samsung 1TB + 2x Samsung 500Gb HDD, Pioneer 212, LG Bluray Combo, TT Armour, Logitech G15 and mx1100. System is a few years old, but with various parts upgrades. Problem started about 2 weeks ago. System will freeze. Mouse moves the cursor, but cant click on anything. Keyboard seemingly dead - Ctrl Alt Del does nothing. Only cure is the reset button. There is no BSOD. I cant replicate it - other than I have twice started up and then left it after boot for a while (so under no load at all and running cool), before returning to find it frozen. Has happened whilst using Itunes, or whilst playing MW3 (under load) or whilst doing nothing. Sometimes runs fine for a few days, and then does it multiple times (3x this evening). Ran a full AV scan overnight and it was still up and stable in the morning with no issues. I have run Memtest - no errors. I then replaced the RAM regardless (wanted more ram anyway). I have replaced the Graphic card (working upgrade bought from a friend). I have reinstalled drivers. Disabled some start up items. Any ideas?