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  1. IT WAS THE RAM ! bought some new Kingston DDR2 1066 (which turned out to be DDR2 800 that they have rated to be overclocked to 1066) and it boots 1st time every time. Going to try return the original to Crucial.
  2. Decided that the problems I was having with my rig (failing to even post on cold boot, then increasingly worse issue of hanging after boot to Win7) were due to Motherboard issues, so after much searching I found a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R (probably the last in Perth) and bought it yesterday. Installed this AM and it posted 1st time, booted to Win7....however they system hung after about a minute. No problem I thought - motherboard driver issues. I booted into safe mode and tried to install the drivers, but it would hang when the autoexec on the driver disk started. Then had an issue with the GPU oveheating (my bad - loose cable had fouled the fan). That fixed I tried to boot and the system hung on the Gigabyte post screen. A few restarts later I managed to manually install the chipset drivers. Restarted and it booted to Win 7 and seemed fine ...... for about a minute and then the system hang happened again. restarted and system hang on post screen again. Restarted and I got a dreaded series of beeps which translated to power error. Switched off for a few minutes and restarted. System booted to Win7 again and once again hung after about a minute. Restart and I had the same sequence - ending in the power issue beeps. Previously suspected Motherboard, PSU and RAM, but decided Motherboard on the balance of evidence. Am I wrong and it was the PSU/RAM after all, or is this another issue. HELP ! Edit: Have switched over PSU for a 450W Corsair I had in another system. Needed to disconnect drives, but it booted 1st time and stayed stable for about 5 mains before a BSOD and then ... the same symptoms. Decided to try a clean install and changed to a different drive (disconnecting the original). Also changed Kb and then mouse. Setup ran till I had entered some selections and then ....system froze. Restarted and sure enough, got the power issue beep. Switched out Video Card to my old 8800GTS. same problems. Currently trying all Ram separately in different slots (it all passed Memtest a few days ago, but I am just trying anything now).
  3. After running flawlessly for most of yesterday with the 3 sticks in place, I started it up this am and immediately got the power error beeps. Shut down and started up again immediately and got the power error again. Switched off at PSU for about 30 secs and started up....Hang before during Win7 boot. Started again and booted in to Win7 OK Dont have any spare compatible DDR2 to try so it looks like I need to buy some more - I have tried most other things now. Could be the board, but considering I was having similar issues with the Asus board, it is probably something else. I did get the Ram through Nintek so maybe bad Karma.
  4. Timings were OK, but found the voltage was set to only 1.8v. Upped to 2.2v and after trial and error I have found it is stable with 3 sticks. Put the 4th in and it hangs in Win7 after a few mins.
  5. Had a system do this once and it was a problem with the Cooling on the CPU. The shutdown was the board's own overheating protection kicking in.
  6. After lots of research I have found that this seems to be a common fault with Asus P35 boards. Seems that they dont like many types of RAM and dont play nicely with them. There are many suggestions online - from constantly reseating RAM, disabling various settings (such as the JMicron controller) to convering sections of the board in tape. Nothing appears to be a 'fix' however. Last night I updated firmware on the board and then notice that my DDR2 1066 Crucial Ballistix was being recognised by the board as DDR2800. I changed the bios from 'auto detect' ram to DDR2 1066 and the system failed to post. A reset then came up with an error that overclocking failed. Reset back to Auto and is posts - though the cold booting and freezing issue remains. Question now becomes..... new board or new RAM.
  7. Had an issue with my main PC for about a year now where it will not boot from a cold start. I switch on an everything spins. But it will not post - no beeps, no picture, nothing. I reseated and checked everything and all seemed OK. I found that if I switched off the PSU and left it till the capacitors drained (all lights off), then it would boot fine. Once it had boot, my PC worked without any issues at all. Thus, apart from the minor annoyance of having to switch off at the PSU, I have not been too bothered.......however....... Over the past few days I have been having further problems. Twice on a cold boot, system has booted in to Win 7 and then frozen. No BSOD or any error. Just frozen. The reset button fixed that. This morning after getting 1/2 way through its boot sequence it froze on a black screen with a high pitched squeal from the internal speaker. Reset button again and all is now fine. I am thinking that whatever has been going wrong for the past year is getting worse and want to fix it once and for all. Given I have checked RAM (Crucial Ballistix), Vid Card (Inno3D 8800GT) and reseated and all seemed OK, I was thinking this is probably an issue with the PSU (Corsair HX620) or my Motherboard (Asus p5K-E Wifi). I dont mind replacing either, but cant afford both. Any ideas / suggestions ??
  8. imp

    Sony notebook Win7 drivers ?

    I have a Sony vgn fz35g notebook running Vista - 18 months old. Having some problems (surprise) with Vista so I was waiting to upgrade to Win 7. Ran the compatibility advisor and it said all was good except for the graphics drivers for the Nvidia 8400M GT. Downloaded generic Nvidia drivers, but they would not install - said I had to download vendor drivers only. Of course there are no Win 7 drivers on the website and Sony has not responded to an email I sent last week. Anyone know a work around???
  9. imp

    Sony notebook Win7 drivers ?

    Wont accept the Nvidia drivers - error saying that my card is not compatible and I need to contact Sony. -- Will check out drivers on http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/ tonight
  10. I am over in Denmark on holiday and have discovered that Australian service is not as bad as I had thought. My Father in law decided to put broadband on in their Denmark house. Ordered it 3 months ago with TDC – the Danish equivalent of Telstra – and finally got connected a few weeks ago. However, despite specifically asking about compatibility, they found that their alarm system started going crazy – it has a phone connection to dial back to base, which suddenly was not working. Broadband was disconnected whilst they tried to work out the problem. Family decided to change to a mobile phone based alarm to solve the problem. Then took over a week for TDC to reconnect the broadband. Time passed and no word from them. Connected up the router and broadband was working – though no phone line. Eventually discovered that they have been switched to a VOIP connection and set this up OK (this is why the alarm system phone line was not working). Strange that this was not mentioned previously nor did they see it as a problem with a hard wired alarm. In setting up the email, we discovered that the original account password would not work. Phoned them up and was told they had reset the password (nice of them to mention it). However, they can not do this by giving a temp password over the phone or via another email account – they have to send one via post! A few days later the password arrives. We try it, but it doesn’t work. A phone call or 2 later and we discover they have sent the wrong password. Another will need to be sent via post. A few more days pass. Another password arrives, and this time we manage to get the email at least receiving, but can not send. Settings are checked and re checked. Website consulted. All is OK, but not sending. Rang helpdesk. They said that to fix the problem they wanted $50!! When we said this was ridiculous and asked to speak to a supervisor, they hung up. Rang back and spoke to someone different who said they could not try to fix it, but we could chat to a tech on their website. They gave a web address and hung up. Web address was incorrect! Eventually found a link which downloaded their tech support software. Installed and ran the software. It was an excellent piece of code which told us........ the email was not sending and we needed to ring the helpdesk !!!!! I decided to ignore all instructions and to try some educated guesses re settings. Sure enough, I got it all up and running. It seems that the settings they had sent and that they had published on their website were WRONG. Main issue was that the SMTP server was incorrectly named. I wonder how many they catch and charge $50 to fix that problem!
  11. wouldnt work on a Naked DSL line, but definitely was my 1st guess.
  12. imp

    Best Cordless Gaming Mouse.

    I have finally had enough of my G7 freezing every few minutes and am now looking to buy a new gaming mouse. Given the limitations of my desk arrangements a corded mouse is not going to work so I am stuck with looking at cordless options. Nothing seems to be marketed as a cordless gaming mouse anymore so there is not much to compare. I am considering the MX1100 which is at least 1600dpi, but would prefer something more dedicated to gaming if possible. Suggestions?
  13. imp

    Best Cordless Gaming Mouse.

    I am currently reduced to using my son's 3/4 sized logitech basic optical mouse (painted to look like a soccerball). There is a huge difference between this and a proper gaming mouse.
  14. imp

    Best Cordless Gaming Mouse.

    Thanks for the link - I did a search before posting but this one did not come up. The new Razer looks nice - but probably months away from getting to Aust.
  15. My G7 is still running - just. Has the usual issue of stalling for about 5-10s every so often - especially when the battery is low - Usually happens just as I have my sights lined up and I am about to pull the trigger. Been waiting for a replacement. Dont want corded, but need something fast. Loathed to switch to the dark side, but might have to give MS a go if Logitech cant come up with something at least reasonable.