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  1. the_icon_of_sin

    Power Mac G5 - is it worth spending time with?

    I picked one up for about $400 nearly four years ago through work (messy customer return - purchased twelve months prior, we unbelievably took it back and swapped it for a Mac Pro), and it's served me well ever since. It's a dual 2.3. Currently serves mostly as a media player - I have a 1TB and a 2TB hard drive sitting in it hooked up to our TV, with a nifty little wireless keyboard/trackpad combo used to control it, though I also control it remotely from my MacBook :-)
  2. the_icon_of_sin

    What's happened to this place?

    I second the question - I wandered back into the forums to check out Trademart, and then find that I have to make a couple of extra posts before I can get back in because of some technical change... and then there's hardly anything that I can post something substantial to in order to make my rare posts actually contribute something meaningful... Well, this is one. I might lumber off to the Apple forum and see if there's anything there worth adding my (rare) two cents to... *waves*
  3. the_icon_of_sin

    Is it my imagination...

    ...or can you no longer update your subscriber details on the Haymarket website? Seeing as I'm about to move house, I've been updating my address details for all my services online where I can (yeah, thanks for not being helpful on that front Telstra). I go to the Haymarket website to update my details (under the Members section if I recall correctly) only to be greeted by a message telling me to email Haymarket! Now, I'm not overly fussed if I have to do this (indeed, in the time taken for me to type out this post and mull over what has taken place I could have emailed Haymarket with updates to my details), but last time I was on the Haymarket website I could login and manipulate details! Anyone?
  4. the_icon_of_sin

    When do you Sub/Re-Sub?

    I usually re-sub when the price is right... Case in point: I re-subbed around issue 100 when the price of a 2-year sub was $100 :-P
  5. the_icon_of_sin

    PC Mods That Should Never Be...

    Love it or hate it, I hope today's CTRL+ALT+DEL strikes a chord with many in the community :-) Note that I put it in Green Room rather than Building, Troubleshooting and Modding because I thought it was more of a joke, and looking into the threads in there, it looks like they're all serious threads, so I didn't want to put something in that was a pisstake. http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/comic.php?d=20090909
  6. the_icon_of_sin

    Cyanide and Happiness have outdone themselves

    Goes back to why he couldn't catch the bus in the first place... ;-)
  7. the_icon_of_sin

    Epic quotes.

    "A philosopher once said: When faced with untenable alternatives, you should consider your imperative." - Admiral Helena Cain, Commander, Battlestar Pegasus
  8. Actually, he was only knocked out during that attack :)
  9. the_icon_of_sin

    Looking for: Unsigned music artists worth listening to.

    It might be worth checking out the iTunes Music Store every week... they put up a free song for download by a music artist that I've never heard of. It's hit and miss, but the price is right ;-)
  10. For what, the parties kicking arse bit or the banging your girlfriend bit? /runs
  11. Perth-born through and through. Invisible member of the PAC. Studied at UWA, now work full-time for state government.
  12. the_icon_of_sin

    Red Rock Deli

    I was buying my cereal of choice at Coles yesterday - Uncle Toby's Instant Oats. Now, you've got the normal ones, which are about $4.50, and you've got Oat Temptations, which are about $5.50. To the best of my recollection, they were both available in packs of 12. Now imagine my surprise when I noticed that the Oat Temptations were now only available in a pack of 10. Still at the same price. I went for the cheaper 12-pack, but I think next time I get round to buying them they'll be packs of 10 :/
  13. the_icon_of_sin

    Womans gets cityrail back

    Sounds like Perth's SmartRider. :-)
  14. the_icon_of_sin

    Womans gets cityrail back

    The one I'm aware of is Friday 13th February in Melbourne - in response to the debacle that's Connex in Melbourne's extreme heat...
  15. the_icon_of_sin


    Ricardo Montalban, best known for his starring role on Fantasy Island (but for me more for his role as Khan in Star Trek) has passed away aged 88. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,24915275-23109,00.html RIP.