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    APB Reloaded

    Hi guys dunno if anyone is interested but APB is on steam right now. At the moment it's free to play I'm not sure of any details. Just letting everyone know.
  2. Gubble


    I do agree that dynamic narration is what makes the game unique, but I wouldn't say it's all the game has going for it. I've only played a few hours but I find that the way the story presented is great (even without the dynamic narration), slowly travelling and finding out about a world that once was, and what it became. I love how the story is told while you are playing rather than watching some cutscenes. I'm glad to see a game with good pacing and not bogged down in side quests. Gameplay is fun enough for me, reminds me of a platformer mixed with fast paced secret of mana 2 like combat (without the constant pausing for using items and spells), a variety of melee and ranged weapons to suit nearly everyone's play style. Some of the proving challenges can be a little dull and sometimes frustrating, but players aren't forced to do those anyway. I especially like activating those idols to change the difficulty, as you can control what aspects of combat are made more difficult. Overall I think its a pretty good title and you could do a lot worse with $15. I just need more time so I can play more of it!
  3. Gubble

    A gaming reality

    This reminds me of a book I read about a guy who jumped to other worlds. He was trying to save one world which basically let the natives live whatever dream they wanted in a giant tube. The giant tube would automatically take care of the body while they dreamed. and the people didn't ever want to leave their tube.
  4. Gubble

    Kids and 15+ games...

    A few interesting posts around here. This forum topic makes me want to go ask my parents why they never really cared what we watched or played. =\ I'm 22, don't recall ever being restricted in any of the games I played. (or movies I watched). I do recall playing games which were MA15+ when I was in Primary school, Red alert and GTA (I and II). When I was 13 when I started playing GTA III. + the early Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and COD. I suppose alot has changed in say the last 10 years. Mainly graphics and online components of play, which others have already pointed out are a cause for more concern. I don't really remember thinking to myself though "Oh this doesn't look realistic" etc. When I think about it, GTA III and COD I seemed like pretty detailed games(probably looks dodgy now adays though). A major thing is that there was no internet connectivity, well none good enough for online play so I never had some guy swearing at me. Alot of FPS games now tend to online multiplayer, with a bit of a rowdy crowd. Personally, I perceive a massive difference in characters from games or movies swearing to online people swearing online aimed at me, and I know that it would definitely upset "young me" to have online people swearing at me. Kinda off topic. I have a friend, his parents would not let him watch or play any MA15+ games at all until he was 15. Not sure about just plain M stuff though. the poor guy got ragged on by heaps of kids at school when they found out.
  5. Gubble

    Multi GPU question

    Cool thanks for all the replies guys. I've passed the message along.
  6. Hi guys, A friend has a HD 4850 and wants to upgrade his card, at the moment the card is running 3 monitors, with the third monitor being a cloned through a VGA splitter. So the question is, If he buys another card ATI or Nvidia will he be able to have the HD 4850 display one monitor and the new card to display and extend on the other 2 monitors? He is running windows 7 if that is relevant too. Also the reason he doesn't just run Eyefinity was that he doesn't want to buy a display port adapter. Thanks in advance, Ken
  7. Gubble

    Bejeweled 3

    Maybe after I finish Puzzle Quest... Man that game is addictive! Which one Original Puzzle Quest, Galactrix or PQ2? The original one, I haven't played the others ones yet. Maybe I'll give em a go later. I've had a busy year at uni (still am!), so I have a massive list of games to churn through these holidays! I get the feeling puzzle quest won't be near the top of the list.
  8. Gubble

    Bejeweled 3

    Maybe after I finish Puzzle Quest... Man that game is addictive!
  9. Gubble

    GTX 460 or 6850

    I'm in the same boat as you. According to staticice both 6850 and 1gb 460 are start at roughly the same price $215ish at the moment. Most benchmarks from what I've seen show similar performance. I'm leaning toward the 1gb 460 though, even if it's a bit more power hungry. I figure I can use it for PhysX later down the track when I decide to upgrade my GFX card/computer.
  10. Gubble

    Mumble - Open Source Ventrilo alternative

    I remember checking it out a while ago but couldn't get it to work at the time. At the moment I'm just using Teamspeak 3 which tends to do the job well enough. I'll probably look into mumble again when all my exams and assignments are over.
  11. I'd wait a couple months, and decide when the 69xx series are out. Even if you do decide to get another 5970, there should be a price drop. edit: Unless you REALLY need it right now =P
  12. Gubble

    Mafia II

    Quick Random question. I looked on the box cover of mafa II and there are 4 people. I can see Vito, Henry and Joe. But who's the 4th guy?? is it Eddie?? =\
  13. Gubble

    What headset should I get?

    The AD700's can be had for around $200 from www.headphones.com.au Maybe not that comfortable if you have a small head. Sound quality is great, although some people find it too lacking in the bass department. as for a mic you can pick up a zalman clip on one, use couple cable ties with the AD700 so the wired don't tangle up. (The above is my setup at the moment.) The Beyerdynamic:DT234Pro is also a good set. probably not suitable if you have big ears(ears make contact with the foam inside.), Comfortable otherwise. Sound quality is not quite up with the AD700 but still good. and the mic was fine. I also hear 5.1 aren't as good as normal stereo headphones, gonna have to dig up arguments. EDIT: Found it, shamelessly stolen from a thread in overclockers.com.au by a user called Snufkin. hmm come to think of it i think he runs headphones.com.au ------------------------------- "Surround sound" headphones are produced by companies that have very little, if any, experience in audio products, let alone headphones. They are then marketed based on buzzwords rather than quality - "5.1" is a bigger number than "2" therefore it must be better. One of the (many) things that makes a good pair of headphones is how well the drivers are matched. The less drivers, the easier it is to match them. Matching 2 high quality drivers results in high quality sound. Not bothering to match multiple low quality drivers results in very low quality sound. Multiple drivers divided by the value of the headphones = lower performance for the price. Having 10x$10 drivers will not result in $100 headphone sound quality, in fact it won't even result in $20 headphone sound quality - see next point. Multiple drivers inside an enclosed space creates acoustic problems - sounds cancel each other out/create resonance/clash etc. Stereo headphones combined with a decent soundcard (not onboard) and a game that has good HRTF support will result in EXCELLENT and very natural (see next point) sounding positional audio. Stereo headphones will produce a more natural and realistic sense of positional audio - so rather than something sounding like it's coming "from the front right driver of my headphones" (a la "5.1" headphones) it will sound like it's coming from somewhere in front of you and to the right. It can take a little longer to get used to using stereo headphones for positional audio because they don't exaggerate so much, but once you do it is extremely effective. Stereo headphones will produce a clearer, more detailed and more accurate sound - when you have a lot of sounds going on, it will be easier to separate them from one another, rather than sounding like a blurry, muddy, jumbled mess of noise. "5.1" headphones are absolutely terrible for music, and ok for games. A decent pair of stereo headphones will be excellent for music and excellent for games. Of course, a good source is a must to get the most out of decent stereo headphones. There's probably more that I've forgotten, but I've covered this many times And yes, I have had experience with both - I play a fair few online games and used to play quite seriously in the past (I've run games servers, played in local comps etc), so I take my gaming audio fairly seriously. I've tested all sorts of "surround sound" and "gaming" headphones, and I have a pair of every one I think was worth keeping, ie: none. ------------------------------------------------
  14. Gubble

    Another build thread

    Awesome thanks for the recommendations man. I read that sticky alot =P, you keep it nice and up to date. Yeah I'm just gonna chuck in an 8600gt for now. It'll stop me from firing up any games and distracting me hahaha. Again thanks, Now I just gotta get paid =D.
  15. So my computer is taking me ages to crunch some numbers(Woo excuse to upgrade.) I have some idea on what to get, but I'd like to see what other people's thoughts are. Any suggestions are welcome. Currently the PC will just be used for calculations, But at the end of the year it will be used for gaming and some photo editing. I'd also like to try a bit of overclocking in the future. But right now what I'm after right this moment is CPU, RAM,Motherboard, Case, Power Supply and a HDD. the rest of components I was gonna use are just spare parts. As for budget well, I wouldn't wanna spend more than 1k. I'm looking for bang for buck stuff really. A the moment I'm thinking: CPU: I5-760 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3 (Shamelessly ripped from the parts guide sticky) RAM: I have no idea what brand, type to get (There are so many!!! =O, at the moment the program is using about 3gb of ram so I'm considering 4gb+) Case: Again I have no idea, I'm not one to really care too much about its looks(Oh I went there!), It would be handy if the USB ports were on top of the case, as my computer sits on the floor. Any suggests are welcome! PSU Atomic's kit guide recommends OCZ ModXStream 600W. At the end of the year, when uni is over I'll be buying a midrange video card and possibly another hard drive or 2, and possibly a bit of overclocking. so I'm trying to take that into consideration. Would the stated PSU be able to handle that? HDD Samsung F3 Anyway let me know what you think, and how I can improve on it. Cheers, Ken