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    Crazy fun times at the goodna bus station...

    Its Goodna mate, Nothing would surprise
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    in your opinon: whats the best Anti-Virus?

    Well, other people have linked to the tests showing the detction rates, with Avira and Avast coming out on top. As well as that, they tend to have a better features and customization options than many of the paid programs. I disagree. While Norton is an impressive effort, it is still lacking in some areas. Detection rates are not the sole metric for what makes an AV good. I dont usually believe what I see in alot of online test as they are usually run to show a specific result in favour of their prefered program. In my case i have for many years now used nod32 and it has found alot of the viruses that the cheaper and free programs has missed on a large number of systems. I cannot offer an opinion on Avira as i have never used it, but i will now based on your recommendation have a look at it. In NOD I Trust :)
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    in your opinon: whats the best Anti-Virus?

    This obviously is not true, as shown by pretty much any credible comparative test or review done. This view also contradicts your use of such programs as Spybot S&D, Malwarebytes and Hijack This. Yeah Ok, I ment for the AV only. The free programs we use for spyware only not AV protection in real time. I would like to see your comparative tests but. I am just telling it like i see it in.
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    in your opinon: whats the best Anti-Virus?

    After many years running an IT repair business and seeing alot of home & business computers infested with single & multiple infections it became quite clear which antivirus programs worked and which ones didnt. There are also the performance factors. For many years Norton (Symantec) was considered to be the best. Although it did a good job of protecting your system it was a performance slug having a huge ram footprint. In most cases you get what you pay for. In the case of free solutions like avg, avast etc you pay nothing and thats about the amount of protection you get - nothing. But dont get me wrong its better than nothing at all. I have been a user and reseller of NOD32 for many years and it has never let me down. It has a low ram footprint so it wont effect peformance, picks up and cleans up many of the viruses that others miss and its reasonably priced. Best of all unlike most antivirus which wait until the virus is on your system, Nod32 can detect the virus in the TCP/IP packets before it gets onto your system and offers the ability to terminate the connection. In some cases it can clean the infection from inside a zip or rar file and still let you get the file/s you wanted. Great for thoese legitimate no cd patches your after. In our workshop we use nod32 to scan all our customers computers data before we work on their machines or connect them up to the internet. Nod32 has never let me down or my customers who use it with a 99% resubscription rate. Other programs we use include: Spybot search & destroy, spyware doctor, stinger, windows defender, malwarebytes and Hijack this To kill alot of viruses we also use Windows PE & Linux O/S to delete repropogating files.