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  1. rayman82

    XML Question

    Hey guys, I've just set up a form using Microsoft Infopath. It's generated the form as an XML format. I now want to create a site so I can display that form for any user that wants to use that form. Any idea how I can do that? Cheers
  2. rayman82

    Creating a table HTML

    Hey guys, Not very good at HTML here. But I'm just wondering if HTML was able to allow me to set up tables and allow user's to input data and do calculations like in Excel? If so does any one know if there's a sample code I can use to test it. Cheers guys,
  3. rayman82

    Automated Outlook 2010

    This may sound silly, how about restrict the setting to be configured for weekends only?
  4. rayman82

    Automated Outlook 2010

    Hey guys, I haven't seen this feature on MS Outlook 2010 before, but I thought I'll double check it anyway. Is there an Outlook feature where I can set up my Out Of Office to kick in automatically every weekend? I've checked this feature on both Exchange Server (2010) and Outlook 2010. Cheers, Ray
  5. rayman82

    Flashing Samsung Galaxy SII gone wrong

    Hey guys, Thanks a lot for the tips, just some heads up made some progress thanks to CaptnChrysler. However, I'm now facing another problem. Whenever I tried to fail any firmware (Including Gingerbread 2.3.5) It fails in ODIN. I've made sure the Kies is disabled (even uninstalled). Tried different Gingerbread 2.3.6 and it still reads FAIL in ODIN. It even Soft Brick itself at one point luckily read somewhere allowing me to unbrick it. Any more suggestions guys? Cheers
  6. rayman82

    Flashing Samsung Galaxy SII gone wrong

    Did that... We have three laptops; tried the Samsung drivers just by itself and the Kies drivers on all three laptops but still the same problem.
  7. Hey guys, Got a problem here hopefully someone can give me a hint on what's going on. I've was running a wireless update for my firmware on my Samsung Galaxy SII (GT-I9100G). Everything seems fine until the phone rebooted itself it and it got stuck on the flash screen. I left the phone on the splash screen for nearly an hour and realise nothing was happening so I decide to restart my phone. After several restarts I decided to get into the Android system recovery (VOL UP+Power+Home). I've wiped the phone several times but nothing seems to work. After doing some searches on the Internet it was suggested that I should try and install the firmware again through ODIN3. Here lies the second problem. I've followed the procedures however ODIN doesn't seem to be able to pick up my phone in the program. I've installed the Samsung USB driver several times already (Uninstall the previous version/restart/install new driver/restart) but ODIN is still unable to pick up the phone (tried several versions of ODIN as well) Anyone got any suggestions on what should I do to get my phone working again? Kind Regards,
  8. rayman82

    Internet Explorer Question

    Hey guys, Got a quick question for you. One of our user who's part our domain was asked for the network username and password in IE. One of our techies accidentally put in the system admins credential and ticked the "Save Password" box. We want to get that box again but couldn't find it anywere on IE. Apart from changing the system admins password so the user needs to put in the credential again. Is there a way we can get that box again? Thanks alot!
  9. Sorry wrong section. Mods can you please delete this post?
  10. rayman82

    Yet another VMWare question

    Hey guys, Several staff in our office on Tuesday reported their time on their Virtual Machine didn't adjust to the daylight saving time. Tried troubleshooting the situation and found all those user's fat client (the PC where VMWare is running on) the time wasn't right as well. I adjusted both time on both the fat client and the Virtual Machine and thought it was a case close. Until the next day where the same users called back saying the time has reverted back again. On the Virtual Machine, when I type in 'net time' in the command prompt it tells me: Current time at \\(server name) is 10/9/2011 9:32 Local time (GMT+11:00) at \\(same server name) is 10/9/2011 10:32 I've checked the computer CMOS time and is correct however it still wouldn't synch with Virtual Machines time. Anyone got any suggestions?
  11. rayman82

    Virtual Machine performance.

    When the user is connecting from outside the office they use MicrosoftRDP. Our user suggested if he can be switch back using Citrix again; however doing it for only one user seem unecessary.
  12. rayman82

    Virtual Machine performance.

    That is the only method at the moment to diagnose what the issue is. However, he wouldn't be back at Buraddo any time soon so can't perform that. Thanks for the suggestion regardless. That is our alternative if there's nothing wrong with his speed and connection. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, Recently I've across this issue at work. Our user's connect their desktop through VMWare. They also use the same method to connect when working from home or outside the office. I have one user when he connects from countryside NSW he gets horrendous performance issues (application, documents etc takes a long time to open and load; this could be contribute due to speed). He's connecting it through Telstra broadband (didn't specify which type) I took his laptop recently and tested myself. Connected to his desktop remotely through wirelessly and landline and both times the connection speed was pretty good. Did the same thing from home with his laptop as well. The frustrating thing is that when we used to connect through the Citrix environment there wasn't any issues like this. I can't do a speedtest on his connection because his not there at the moment, but are there any suggestion as to what's causing the performance issue for this scenario? Kind Regards,
  14. rayman82

    MS Word spell check

    No that's not checked...
  15. rayman82

    MS Word spell check

    Does it pickup the errors when you manually hit the spell check button to check the document? ... either it's greater than or less than, not both. In some programming languages "<>" is the 'not equal' operator. Like != etc.Or you knew that and were having some fun? No it doesn't, even when manually activating Spell Check it just go right past it...