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    Grain alcohol in Australia

    I've acquired a big pile of lemons and, naturally, the first thought that came to mind was DIY lemoncello. I've looked at some recipes and what I need if I want to make it properly is grain alcohol--190 proof. In the US, they sell a product called Everclear. That's what I'm after. Supposedly ethanol-based alcohol is no good as it has sugar in it. Can it be legally purchased in Australia? Where do I get it?
  2. Saponification

    What whisk(e)y are you drinking?

    Yoichi is something special. You can try it at Chez Regine. Haven't had the 12, tho'. Only the 15.
  3. Saponification

    Your fondest Atomic memories

  4. Saponification

    Atomic Meet 13 Planning Committee

    yeh, sure is. it's changed hands a couple of times since at0mic had it's last meet there personally, I don't like the venue, but, sydney being what it is, there are many, many viable alternatives that the meets have been held at already besides paddies. personally, I reckon the Lansdowne would be a great venue for it, it's freakin' enormous, the food's cheap, and, very good ($7 ribs!!!) the beer's not overpriced.......but anyway, I'm probably jumping the gun here. hopefully you guys will decide to hold it in sydney, so I can go. IDEA!! why not have a meet in every city at the same time? we then could link them all........everyone would be happy. ;) Do they have White Rabbit?
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    What whisk(e)y are you drinking?

    I've come to prefer American whiskey to scotch. Some favourites that are in varying stages of emptiness: * Whistlepig rye. Easily the best rye I've had. * Van Winkle Old Fashioned rye. Also very good. Makes for a very nice Sazerac. * Russell's Reserve 10. Rye-heavy bourbon. * Buffalo Trace. As much as the Old Fashioned is a rye drink, making it w/ Buffalo Trace is a good idea. It's also readily avaliable and reasonably priced. * Elijah Craig 12. Stumbled on it heavily discounted. Score. Quite sweet--maybe even a little sweeter than Woodford Reserve--but a nice enough drop to get away with it.
  6. Saponification

    What of Atomic?

    figured I'd put this up here, not just on facebook. but, yeah. anyway. to Ben and Ashton--I figure your eyes will land on this eventually--thanks, a thousand times and more, for that first real honest-to-god writing gig. that big break, really. the xbmc tutorial. tolerating a hundred shit versions until you got one you were happy with. all that feedback was gold. and then the games articles and the .edu column, which lasted I don't know how long--I mean, it was an idea Ben and I discussed when he was still there, not as editor but in that role that came next (benevolent overseer? I forget what the actual title was). truly learnt a lot more from Ben and Ashton and then Logan and David than I did in an actual writing diploma. a mark is one thing. hugely positive or ... not so positive feedback from someone that basically pays your rent is worth a little more, on more than just the monetary level, than some end-of-semester marks. the magazine itself did so many crazy things that all the other big players in the Australian marketplace--maybe globally, even, I don't know--were largely ignoring. case modding and everything else--all those guys buying a Lian Li and hacking at it with a dremel and blinging it up, fast and furiously, with perspex and neons and extra fans. altho', as more of a gamer and general geek than anything else, I always enjoyed gearbox and the interview section a whole lot more. and, yeah, those oppurtunities. Q&A w/ Jimmy Wales. super cool. not being told to fuck off when I wanted to focus more on the ... philosophy, I guess, of AI and less on the actual technology. the community it inspired was something else too. I remember back in the early days, PCPP vs atomicmpc. and being a PCPP reader and forum whore at the time, too. met so many great people. many of them are now great and important and close friends. and those beerathons and everything else: might not be the most social person, even among this crowd, but that was all great. let us know if and when you're down here David. there shall be expensive food and beer and etc.
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    Batman 3

    You mean like the one where, seemingly, no one really panics or attempts to escape the city?
  8. Saponification

    Batman 3

    Spoilers ahead. I thought it was very good. Flawed, yes. That whole Star Wars = Begins, Empire = Knight, RotJ = Rises sits nicely with me. Some pacing issues early on. A bit of overcrowding. Too many about to do too many things and then, cut, we're off somewhere else with someone else. Like an old car on a winter morning, it takes a hour for the film to warm up and get into gear. And, I mean, there's this interesting thing--not a flaw, but interesting--that for what is really a huge chunk of a Batman film, Batman is largely irrelevant. The conclusion is brilliant. Some great action setpieces--even Bat's initial return was good--that sat alongside the actiony bits from the initial Nolan outing and its Strikes Back moment nicely. I mean, filming that battle in the street with those hundreds of extras rather than having a few guys and then waving a CGI wand to expand the size of the crowd? Nice. We lose a couple of those unimportant storylines soon enough--the guy aiming to take control of Wayne & Co.'s little bit, for instance. Sure, even me, with a very basic grasp of the Bat mythology, picked up on the hints at the Talia twist, predicted the back-breaking and all that. Huge parts played out as expected. Think Hardy did a nice Bane and, maybe because I'd heard so much about the voice issues when those snippets of footage were screamed at some comic con or film fest or whatever a while ago, I went in listening extra carefully and everything, paying super close attention, but his Vader schtick (hey, there's that Star Wars link again, right?) or whatever it was supposed to be, I didn't feel like at any point he was difficult to understand, altho' there were a couple other scenes in the film where the music was just a bit too loud and came close to drowning out the dialogue. Anne Hathaway was a great Catwoman. Sexy goddess of sex, too, without being all over the top as some other portrayals of Selina. Really dug that she did so well when the nerd community came out all hostile and negative when it was announced she was playing Cats. It's flawed. Yeah. But, really, Dark Knight was flawed. I remember coming out of that being really impressed by some of the action setpieces and that super cool intro, the bit in the banker with the robbers capping each other one-by-one until, hey, no, I was told to kill the bus driver, which I guess is kind of what that Wall Street (er, Gotham Stock Exchange) scene was aspiring to be, kind of, as well as that amazing Joker making 2Bs disappear, but thinking, yeah, it was flawed. I mean, it only jumped from good to great in my books on the second or perhaps even the third viewing. I suspect that, like hector seems to suspect, that maybe once the dust settles and everyone sort of gets over the novelty of it all, sort of like losing your virginity, that you realise it's not all or even mostly awkward gropes in the dark. Rises has some of the very same flaws. I mean, just as we didn't get much of Two-Face as, you know, Two-Face, not enough at all, even, we didn't get enough of Talia showing her true colours. Even tho' the guy, Aaron Whateverthefuck, who played Two-Face did a much more compelling job than the crazy-railway-suicide-dream-within-a-dream-etc lady. And, yeah. Editing. Sometimes it seemed, even in that killer final 45-60 minutes, that Batman was basically everywhere at the same time. That, forget the Batwing/bike/mobile, he'd been poking around the Wayne Corp. R&D Department one afternoon, moving shit off dusty shelves and all, maybe looking for a left-handed wrench or something, and stumbled across a Star Trek-style teleporter. And that bit with Gordon just being led by some clueless goons to meet the boss, then tumbling into the water, then all ... that other shit? That was a bit much. I mean, I got that someone had to get eyes on the fucker. And it seemed weird that even tho' it was, you know, fucking Gordon, no one initially took him seriously when he said a bunch of bad dudes were down there, doing bad dude shit. But really. A simple 'they just tried to assassinate him in fairly regular assassination circumstances because maybe they thought he was a threat' would've been enough. Still. Great Bane/Cat work. Bale was, well, Bale, doing his Bale thing with that sort of overdone but still totally necessary voice. Thought it was cool that Joseph Gordon-Levitt's cop got to shine, even tho' that 'your full name, Robin' line was a bit much, altho' I guess the impact of that was somewhat dampened by how, when he goes into the cave, he gets mugged by bats, suggesting he's going to keep the bat caper going. I mean, he's going to be Batman, right? Not Robin or Azrael or whoever else. Batman being distinct from the new, clean slate (thanks to the magic fingerprint plot device gadget) Bruce Wayne. So a huge, voetsek ham-fisted--shit, it's not even a wink or nod, it's more like ripping open its bodice and lunging for your cock--acknowledgement of Robin kind of somewhat sort of detracts from that. Dug Liam Neeson's wink to how, no, really, ol' Ras is actually immortal, well, at least kind of, even tho' Nolan himself didn't choose to go down that road, given it'd be at odds with the whole 'a man can die, an idea lives forever' thing he'd built up since the swordfight on the ice in Begins. Dug, too, the wink to Killer Croc. That throwaway line about how, maybe down there in those sewers you'd maybe find a giant alligator. Nice.
  9. Saponification

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    The keyboard does remain infuriating (altho' you'll come to tolerate most of its quirks, just like you presumably have with Android's less charming behaviours), altho' I think iOS wins out in other areas.
  10. Saponification

    Game of Thrones Season 2 discussion (spoilers)

    It makes sense, tho', cutting the 'hint' regarding the Red Wedding. On screen I suspect that it'd be too bloody obvious what the 'hint' was getting at and would ruin the surprise. I think they've made up for it by having Catelyn warn Robb, numerous times, about upsetting Walder Frey and breaking oaths. The Winterfell thing was interesting. My girlfriend, who hasn't read the books, just assumed the fire was set by the Ironborn. Maybe the cause of the fire was left intentionally vague--perhaps early in season three we'll catch up with Theon again (I know, I know, the books ... but they're not going to fuck him off for 2-3 seasons). And, given the lack of Karstark execution, too, I suspect Robb losing a lot his support will form a central plot point for season three ... one that'll lead nicely into the Red Wedding. I mean, it's not like he has much else to do between now--getting married to Jeyne/not-Jeyne--and then (i.e. becoming a cockentrice). I wonder if we'll get both Weddings in season three, as much as the showrunners have said something about one wedding per season (surely they can't drag out Joffrey's engagement for two years--this isn't Lost). Having finished Storm of Swords only recently, I wouldn't be surprised if they got one and a half seasons of television out of it, as opposed to two complete seasons. Keen to see Mance and Vargo.
  11. Saponification

    What Are You Cooking?

    Pork belly. I've got the spit going (actual timber, not Heat Beads) and I'm about to start cooking a rolled pork belly. Haven't done much too it aside from roll and truss it. Just spread a half-arsed paste of parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper on the fleshy side.
  12. Saponification

    What Are You Cooking?

    Was perusing eGullet and stumbled on a recipe for lamb meatballs from a New York steakhouse called Beacon. I don't know anything about Beacon aside from this: their meatballs are very good. The mixture: 1.5 kg lamb mince (reasonably fatty), 1/2 cup finely diced onion, 4-5 cloves of garlic (minced), 1 tsp ground cumin, 2 tbs fresh parsley (minced), 1 tbs fresh mint (minced), 1 cup bread crumbs, 1 cup (strain it first) Greek-style yoghurt and 1/2 cup pecorino. The meatballs are then aged and cooked in tomato juice. Also, a Mai-Tai. 2 oz Appleton 12, .75 oz lime juice, .5 oz 2:1 syrup, .5 oz curacao and .25 oz orgeat.
  13. Saponification

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    This stuff is fucking amazing.
  14. Saponification

    Game of Thrones Season 2 discussion (spoilers)

    It's also possible for Vargo to just have a bear already (his pet Rancor, pretty much) and to feed some red shirt to it. Jamie doesn't do enough for them to cut out the part where he and Brienne get caught and Jamie loses his hand but eventually comes back to save Brienne. They've played fast and loose with so many things that I'm sure they can work around this issue without needing to introduce a whole lot of minor characters. The show runners have already said they can't afford to cast someone and then just pay them to sit around doing mostly nothing until they become important a season or two down the road. We're hearing enough about the Brave Companions--Tywin mentions they're a threat in the most recent episode--in dialogue that we're bound to meet them soon enough. Like in, say, episode ten when they deprive Jamie of a hand.
  15. Saponification

    Game of Thrones Season 2 discussion (spoilers)

    Looks like Jamie's story will end with him losing his hand. And I reckon Jon will meet Mance.
  16. Saponification

    Slow-cooker and casserole recipe suggestions?

    With Rabbit you have to be very careful in cooking in a slow cooker. Try soaking the Rabbit in Cold Salt water for 1-2 hours before cooking this removes any bacteria in the carcass. Im thinking of doing this too. but not telling the family its Rabbit. thats how my parents got me to eat rabbit for the first time. And what are people supposed to believe it is? I mean, I'm just saying that rabbit pieces don't look like they've come from any chicken I've ever seen. Unless you want to get all hardcore and bone and mince the rabbit.
  17. Saponification

    Slow-cooker and casserole recipe suggestions?

    Some things to play with: -- dried beans of various kinds -- pork shoulder/neck, belly (minus the skin), hocks and trotters -- stock while you're at work/asleep -- oxtail, chuck, brisket and other cuts of beef (make a strong beef stock then use that as a base for oxtail soup--it's 98% hands-off in terms of effort and is really nice) -- broths for noodle soups (think pho or ramen) -- shoulder and other potentially tough cuts of meats such as lamb and goat (don't neglect mutton, either!) -- ragu and things of that nature -- soups. sometimes. nothing like a vegetable or mushroom soup, as by the end of the cooking time your vegetables and mushrooms will be flavourless pulp. the smoked ham hocks/etc in there? great. but much else? bad idea. you're best setting it up so, say, if you want to eat at 7pm, you add some of those things at 6 or later (or earlier, depending on what they are). -- you still want stock If you're going to cook chicken in there, or duck, I'd be going for the old, tough birds and cuts like the legs. Forget about breasts. And, to be honest, forget about rabbit. Even the wild stuff. Just because it's low and slow and wet doesn't mean it can't be overcooked. I'll second Nich's suggestion for game: boar, camel and 'roo (I've yet to experiment with tail, but that's the stuff you'd be looking at--not the fillets you buy at the supermarket).
  18. Saponification

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    One does not simply leave The Local Taphouse for another venue. They do if it's for a venue with 200+ whiskies on the menu. In Mordor.
  19. Saponification

    So, has anyone actually tried a Pizza Capers Inferno?

    'We liked the gimmick of Blair's Death sauce and similar products so much we engaged in wholesale theft.'
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    What Are You Cooking?

    Various things -- slow-roasted (in the 12 hour sense) beef shin. Was kicking around ideas for what to serve it with and figured, hey, normal times and all, shin is sliced and sold as 'osso bucco' ... so the logical pairing would be some risotto a la Milanese. And, oh, there's the tomato component ... so I'm slow roasting some cherry tomatoes, too. -- bread bread bread and bread bread bread. Have to take some bread to work on Wednesday, so I'm making the dough now and letting it mature. I find that dough made and then baked straight away is a bit boring (we're talking about a standard no-knead white bread dough here), but when it's sat for the best part of a week it's pretty fucking good. Am producing four loaves/batches of rolls: a plain white (altho' I'm sorely tempted to jack this with, say, cheese and bacon), a smoked bread (a misnomer: you don't cook it in a smoker but instead smoke a portion of the flour--I'm hitting about ~1/3 of the flour with mesquite smoke), an olive bread and a rye bread. Wanted to make a nice gluten-free one, actually, using the Reinhart recipe, but turns out soy flour and physilwhatever husk are pretty fucking expensive. Sure, I'd have boat loads of those ingredients left over, but I can't find imagine using them all that often (they'd expire before I probably even opened the packet again) and didn't really want to spend a total of $25 on baking a single small loaf of bread. -- will, maybe later or possibly early tomorrow, get started on the Momofuku pork buns
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    Dear Nich...

    Nich is the goddamn Batman?
  22. Saponification

    Independent Huh?

    Translation: the ship is sinking, but I might still get out of this. I'll support the ALP in parliament if and when it benefits me.
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    The Avengers movie

    It was okay. The first half was sometimes a little slow, altho' the trademark Whedon dialogue meant that wasn't a huge issue. I mean, Whedon is one of those writers who can kind of get away with being self-indulgent. Unless, you know, he pulls that shit on the people in charge of programming at Fox. The action scenes were good--fun, over-the-top silliness. The alien 'threat' just ... wasn't. If you hadn't seen the other Marvel films, particularly the weakest of the lot (it was Captain America that introduced the magic cube of magic, wasn't it?) or had a particularly bad recall of the history of magical items of magic in cinema, you'd maybe be a little lost about where the glowing box came from. But. You know. It's not like that glowing box of doom is anything but an excuse. I'd rate it on a similar level to the original Iron Man, which until now was easily the pick of the Marvel films.