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  1. Wow. I am a fucking noob and sorry for the bumb.
  2. ArcaneMagik

    Jesus. Just a family man?

    Maybe it's just Jesus fanfiction from the early Christians. 50 Shades of Jesus.
  3. ArcaneMagik

    Comfy cars!

    I'd say look at a Ford Mondeo before the Falcon. They have their 2L turbo engine now, which is pretty efficient compared to a Mazda6. Rear seats fold flat so you get huge space in the back.
  4. ArcaneMagik

    Performance; How to increase it.

    SSD and Windows 7 will get your extra time.
  5. ArcaneMagik

    why i hate the future our children will live in

    There is so much bullshit out there that you would think that HAARP is secretive and doesn't say anything. http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/factSheet.html I am trying to track down an interview I saw with an Australian scientist who does most of his work with HAARP. The ionosphere is interesting, and it's one of the few chances to study it. Since i can't find it through all the rubbish generated by the conspiracy community, I won't bother looking for it any further.
  6. ArcaneMagik

    why i hate the future our children will live in

    lol chemtrails.
  7. ArcaneMagik

    why i hate the future our children will live in

    Ah. Learning Science is harder than making shit up.
  8. ArcaneMagik

    the mark of the beast

    Since the bible is as prophetic as any other book written by man, short of the works of the Science Fiction greats, I think I won't be concerned.
  9. ArcaneMagik

    D&D NEXT

    Clarification: Cats are slashing on the first hit, and then bludgeoning for all future hits.
  10. ArcaneMagik

    Dumb Game Time

    Black Pizza featuring White Stripes. it's their colab album... That would work right?
  11. ArcaneMagik

    Oppressing gays? No cash for you!

    So when will they be removing the tax free status of religions that oppress gays in their own country? Also what makes Homosexual sex 'immoral'?
  12. ArcaneMagik

    Yay Texas

    Yay for a Christian State.
  13. ArcaneMagik

    Ultra Reliable PCs / Servers

    Fill it with as many LED fans as you can. They would love that.
  14. ArcaneMagik

    Mars Monday

    Personally I want to know the details surrounding the 168kg of tungsten masses used to offset the balance of the lander section after they are jettisoned prior to the parachute being deployed. Inert masses need attention too.
  15. ArcaneMagik

    Mars Monday

    Not nuclear powered, that would require sustained fission reaction. Its a radioisotope thermoelectric generator. Also it is not prepared for martians riding it like a rodeo bull.