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    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    As we are talking about bikes I figured that I better post my latest purchase. A Specialized SL3 in htc colours. The team i'm riding for this year is sponsored by Specialized so it cost me very little, which is nice. Should pick it up on saturday. Obviously mine doesnt have anothers name on it.
  2. shrubb face

    Solar Panels

    didn't you hear? they don't make solar panels in Australia any more. Best you can do is to buy high-quality chinese ones. I got some friends who work for a solar electrical company on the northside of brisbane, they make a point to go with reliable panel manufacturers with verifiable quality assurance processes, same goes for the inverters, they aren't meant to be cheap AND last more than 5 years... http://www.silexsolar.com/ There is still one Australian manufacture on the market. I only know because one of my mates is an engineer there.
  3. shrubb face

    Cycling on roads

    The majority of "hard-core lycra wearing treadly riders" (sic) do have 3rd party insurance. Any rider who is a member of Cycling Australia or their relevant state body has automatic 3rd party insurance. The most basic license available from Cycling Australia is a 'Ride it" license, its approximatly $77 dollars and covers you for the relevant insurance.
  4. shrubb face

    Want a free slurpee tomorrow?

    I was out of a training ride this morning and dropped into three different stores on the way back through sydneys eastern suburbes, then newtown and marrickville. The poor store attendants looked so over the whole thing and it was still before mid day.
  5. shrubb face

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Tame Impala - Desire Be Desire Go
  6. :( the group set on my road bike is worth more than that on its own. Don't even get me started on the price of my track wheels. Making the switch from a hybrid to a roadie will make all the difference in getting your endurance up. Plus you will find that your average speeds will increase dramatically and therefore your time in the saddle will decrease.
  7. shrubb face

    I lol'd pretty hard at this

    I like how perfect its right angleness is.
  8. shrubb face

    VeeToo Roll Call

    29024 Although i only post once a year now. So i dont know if i really count.
  9. shrubb face

    I need help finding rings like these please.

    You should be looking for a place that does jewellery findings. Try places in sydney like "House of jewellery", and A&E metals. Or failing that learn to make your own, they will ultimaly look far better than a mass produced cast setting.
  10. shrubb face

    What Are You Cooking?

    Spicy lentil, celery, carrot and bean soup. Ok so its all i had in the fridge / cupboard, but at least it smells good.
  11. shrubb face

    Multiplier Changing

    The processor has a built in energy saving feature which drops the multiplier and hence processor speed, when there is little activity. This means that it not only saves power but also runs cooler. If you open cpuz then run a intensive application in the background, you should see the multiplier return to the number which you have it set in the bios, in this case 9.
  12. shrubb face

    calcium caseinate

    Low fat cottage cheese...
  13. shrubb face

    calcium caseinate

    If you are looking for a natural source of caseinate protein cottage cheese is very high in it. Though this does mean you have to consume about half a tub of the stuff before bed which can be a bit weird at first. I havent tried the commercially available suppliments, but im sure they are just as effective although just like most most sups they probably aren't cheap. Though as with all suppliments you wont see any results unless you put in the hard yards during your workouts, its sadly not a wonder drug.
  14. shrubb face

    Atomic Mafia - V3 style

    I'm up for a go.
  15. shrubb face

    Finally bought a motorbike

    I very briefly thought that photo was of a RSV1000, and i was about to make a comment involving learners and to much money. You will have lots of fun on the rs125, its a good little pocket rocket. Just remember to always do the rebuilds when they are due, and it will last you a long time. Oh and most importantly, stay up right. Otherwise you will have to morgage your house to buy new fairings.