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  1. Greymist

    How many games do you have on your Steam account?

    155 according to steam calculator
  2. Greymist

    Steam Specials Thread

    They have a weekend special of the Codemasters racing bundle for $34 which includes Dirt 3 and F1 2011. I'm in process of downloading Dirt 3 but can't get F1 to start.
  3. Greymist

    DVI VGA Adapter

    You should be able to use the DVI/VGA adaptor on the video card and then use a VGA cable into the KVM
  4. Greymist

    Bringing back [AC-DC] for Battlefield 3?

    I would be interested in being part of the clan, I haven't played much multiplayer before as I found the public servers I visited full of fuktards. I usually play the assualt roles but would be willing to help our where needed.
  5. Greymist

    3 x New Monitors

    Thanks TheFunj I will go with the Samsung S24A450BW as they are 1920x1200. I found that I could put 3 in the cart and got the same discount but it mentioned on the cart page that it was a maximum of 1 for home users. I also tried with business and it would let you buy 2 but the discount mentioned didn't work. Because the S24A450BW comes with a completly adjustable stand I will not buy the ergotech monitor stand. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Greymist

    3 x New Monitors

    I would rather spend between $200-$300 per screen and could go to a maximum of $400 per screen if there was a something a lot better. I'm spending over $3,000 on the new system without monitors as you see by this link. I paid around $400 each for 2 x Viewsonic 1680x1050 monitors last time I did a monitor upgrade though I was only gaming on one screen.
  7. Greymist

    3 x New Monitors

    Thanks for all the help. I had a look at the Dell monitor U2312HM but the website shows that there is a limit of 1 per customer for that model. bowiee do you have any first hand knowledge of the Asus VS248H as I couldn't find any reviews on the product. I've only used BenQ, Viewsonic and LG monitors and the last 2 I bought where Viewsonic.
  8. Greymist

    3 x New Monitors

    No I will stick with 2d for the moment as after lots of research I don't believe I would see a great benefit for the extra money spent. The other reason is that I can't justify anymore money spent on the system as its already around $4,000 and I'm in enough trouble already.
  9. Greymist

    3 x New Monitors

    Hi, Can someone recommend me 3 new monitors for NVidia surrond, there will be 2 x GTX570 cards The main purpose is to be used for gaming and they need VESA mounts as I will be purchasing a Ergotech Triple Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand. I'm looking at spending between $200-$300 per monitor and would like at lest 1920 x 1080. Cheers, Greymist.
  10. Greymist

    New Build

    The items where quoted by a local shop and I didn't check all parts last night. I did some research and was looking at the I7 but after checking tonight I can see that the I7 2600K doesn't give you a lot more than the 2500K. I had a look at the UD4 version of the motherboard and found that both PCIe slots will run at 8x instead of having one slot running at 16x. I had a look at some websites that mentioned that having PCIe slots at 1 x 16 and 1 x 8 didn't make much difference but would having both at 8x make a difference. The cost of the PC once you include the monitors is already over what I should spend and the cost saving on the CPU and motherboard wouldn't save enough to include 2 x GTX580's, would having the GT580's make that much of difference for the large monitor or would it be fine to include a 3rd GTX570 later. I will replace the cooler with the D-14. Would the ram G.SKILL DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) PC3 -17000/2133 be okay to allow the memory to run at the 2133 and would it make much of a difference to the running speed. Thanks for all the comments so far.
  11. I've got a list of parts from a local supplier to build a new PC. The PC will be used for mainly for gaming but I also use the PC to view iview on ABC, play DVD's and Blu-rays, pc network building and management. Currently I have a Q6600 PC with 1680x1050 dual monitors and like the effect of being able to use 2 separate monitors. Parts: CPU: Intel CORE i7-2600K HSF: Noctua NH-C14 MB: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD7B3 CASE: Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 PSU: Enermax Revolution 1250W HD: WD Caviar Black 1TB SSD: OCZ VERTEX 3 MaxIO 120GB RAM: G.Skill 8GB(2x4GB) DDR3 PC16000 GPU: 2 x EVGA GTX570 Nvidia Superclock SND: Auzentech X-FI Bravura 7.1 OPT: Pioneer Blu-Ray Burner - BDR-206BKR OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 MONITORS: 2 x Dell E2011H Portrait Mode, 1 x Dell U3011 I will only be using the Dell U3011 to play games on as I understand you need 3 monitors the same resolution to split the game.