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  1. So, I've returned after a long hiatus and finally retrieving my account... Looking around there are quite a few familiar faces. Curious however, it seems Takoma has gone. What ever happened to him :( ? Also, on a side note, I notice you all have titles/etc under your user names, however mine is seemingly absent? Finally, you can like posts on atomic now?! This is a strange new world!
  2. Frizzl

    Roll Call!

    I've popped in again... Not entirely sure how long since my last post, but here I am :) Hope you have all been well...
  3. Had a call last week from an Indian sounding woman, claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Support. They warned me of the infections on my computer, and how they'd help me clean it up. Anyhow in my household there is only one computer still running Windows and that is of yesterday. We have mostly Mac or Linux laptops and boxes. So! The caller asked me to 'click the start menu bar' and guided me through the process to get to the system event viewer basically. I played along (from memory, it's been a while since I'd used Windows, and was pretending I could see certain things on screen). She told me that all those 'yellow and red' check boxes in the system event viewer were viruses/attacks on my computer. The next few steps, I began to lose her, and told her I had a Mac. She told me to "Go to hell and eat an Apple". So not only was she trying to scam me, she lost her shit when someone else played around with HER. I've heard of this scam before, however, as I only got so far, what are the next steps, and what do they aim to achieve?
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    Mining Jobs Australia

    You called them? Ive been exchanging emails but I think that the system is automated by scripts. Im noticing that the replys im recieving are things like ¨You have mentioned you want to be a dump truck operator, these guys earn heaps! One of my friends only fixes them and he earns $240,000! This is a very popular and competitive role, ou r service informs you of what is involved and the best options for you. I can understand your interest as it is a very cool job.¨ - I never said anything about dump trucks. I mentioned the word truck and the name of the person I thought had replied. Fuck that shits dodgey alright with what you guys just told me xyzzy frobozz: thanks for that huge reply, I really needed to know that cos I dont know what the fuck to do with my life but im gonna still do this truck driving course. Now i know WA is prob not a good idea. I like mechanics and maybe thats another way I dont know yet. thanks to the other posters too. They are also excellent replys. I appreciate that well i told you the exact same thing in another postbut im not sure that anything on the forums should say to skip wa for work there is a shitload of jobs around and you would be crazy to hang around over east right now nt is the only other pace to go if you want good work but like i said before get on construction way better than mining dont know if youre a cousy bro but there are fuck loads of them here and theyre always happy to help out someone who like to suck the guts out of crayfish(lobster) and sea urchins You think... CONSTRUCTION is a good industry to get into in this 'climate' :/ ?!
  5. Hi! ... I definitely went quiet mid last year I think. Atomic has definitely changed... I find myself on OCAU a bit more now, but don't have a sense of community on atomic or OCAU to be honest. Either that, or life has taken a priority I guess :) ? EDIT - I see I'm a champion now, I thought I was a guru at some stage :P
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    Mining Jobs Australia

    I work for a mining company, as does my wife. I recruit many people for our mines in WA, my wife heads up recruitment for BHP Iron Ore. I don't know how to say this, so I'm just going to say it. You are going to find it very, very difficult, to the point that I think that you should concentrate on getting skills first, and then try to get onto the mines later. By skills, I don't mean a truck driver's license, I mean actual trade or tertiary qualifications. 1) Mining Australia Website.Do not throw your money away! It is a well known scam. They can't be taken down, because they are legitimate insofar as they will deliver you the promised materials. It's just that the material itself is absolutely, totally and utterly useless. I've actually seen it, and it would have taken a few hours on a word processor, and that's the best of it. The rest is just utter garbage.. DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY! 2) Truck Driving License - Won't be worth the paper it's written on in WA. You will need to get a WA "HR" (Heavy Rigid) license and sit the test again which is not cheap. If you have only had your truck license for a short time, you'll need to get your logbook hours up before you can do the test. 3) Haul Truck Driving - Everybody has this idea that you can just wander into WA, and drive a truck away to riches. Not true. Iron ore mines are the largest employers of truck drivers, and Rio Tinto is in the process of automating all of their Haul Trucks. This means that there's many experienced Haul Truck drivers who have been put out of work and are now looking for work. Unfortunately there are less jobs now then there was three months ago, with big projects being scaled back or cancelled completely, and production slowing down on operating mines. You can pretty ,much get a Truck Driver anywhere, as there's no special skill involved, so they have the luxury of being able to select people with many years of mining experience. 4) Immigration - You'll need to do it yourself. Unfortunately, I can tell you that what we look for first and foremost is people with WA mine experience first, then Australian mining experience second, overseas mining experience third and people no mining experience last and usually not at all. Unfortunately most trainee driving jobs these days are going to indigenous and women.... I don't mean to sound negative, but that's the honest reality of the situation. My wife and I receive literally tens of approaches every week from people like yourself. It isn't easy to get into a job in the mines without an actual qualification. Mechanical qualifications are highly desired, especially Heavy Diesel Mechanics/Fitters. Unfortunately you need to have completed at least 3rd year to get a go as an apprenticeship. Mines are extremely expensive operations to run. For example, our mine out at Leinster has a staff of well over 200 (including support staff) and makes only around $20 million in profit per year. Those figures may sound like a lot, but they aren't. The point I'm trying to make is that there is no room to carry people who can't deliver maximum productivity from the minute they walk onto site. With the greatest of respect, if the most research you've done is Mining Australia, I'd implore you to really do a lot of research. It isn't easy to get into the mines. I've been trying to get an operational position for three years, and my wife and I both work for mining companies! I wish you all the best. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer. If I were you, I'd try to get a mechanical apprenticeship close to you, and in three years revisit the idea. Once you have a trade up your sleeve, the world will be your oyster! Good luck! I couldn't agree more with everything in this post! I work in coal mining, in QLD. BHP and RIO have really wound back on their operations in the last ~3 months or so. Contractors are generally the first to go, and a lot of mines have had their operations closed. These jobs will filter through to the other sites first. Basically BHP and RIO are hiring internally only. For someone who doesn't have a good contact, relevant experience, or desirable skills (trade or degree etc) it's very difficult to get in (basically impossible in the current climate). Basically, everyone has mooched mining for too long. I
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    The weirdest thing, (this post is all over the web) is that the member joined up many years ago. Why :/
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    Black Mesa Source Gameplay Leaked!

    Content pulled, such an annoyance! EDIT - Found a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSpIfY4r5-s...eature=youtu.be
  9. Frizzl

    Post your Projects!

    I currently have an old Landcruiser at home I am fixing up to become a camping / weekend sort of trip ute for a bit of fun. I also have my 4x4 Hilux which JUST shit its gearbox, so I'll be changing that out some time soon also. These two jobs currently are consuming most of my time, as I only travel back to where they are located every second weekend or so...!
  10. Frizzl

    Infinite FUN

    When the music saddened towards the end, I was legitimately worried for the slinky's survival as he grew tired :(
  11. Frizzl

    Diablo III

    Firstly, yes I have posted up on OCAU asking for one as well... BUT! I'm active on both sites :P Unfortunately I'm still waiting for my copy of D3 to get delivered (over a week now) so I was wondering if anyone had a guest pass I could use to get myself started on the game (or at least a taste). Obviously I'll pass mine on when I get the box as well :)
  12. Frizzl

    When does support become spoiling?

    Seroiusly? Where? I mean, not which company, but what kind of job? Like I said, I found a few casual jobs when studying engineering, but they were too erratic to easily live on. Eventually just had to bite the bullet and get full-time work. I was working retail. Granted I was a decent enough salesperson that I made a bit of commission, but I worked every Thursday night (late night shopping) and Saturday and Sunday all day. Plus I'd try pick up a week shift as well if my uni timetable made for it... Much prefer full time engineering now though :P
  13. Frizzl

    When does support become spoiling?

    So what you are saying is as per my previous post, you got at least three years of preparation time, so your scenario bears no relationship to mine? I know that substance-bashing is a favored sport around here, but I'll tell you this my friend. On discovering I might be without a roof in 5 days, which is fully 0.004% of the amount of time you had to prepare for your situation, I explored every option. The only one available to me was to put my degree on hold and find a higher paying job. Two weeks before exams, that means fails on every current subject. Special circumstances etc, you can defer exams and that sort of thing... All these things generally take is explaining your situation to the uni. I finished my BENG Mechanical last year, so I do know what you're going through (and I worked a minimum of 20 hours a week while studying). I just find it hard to believe that if your parents kicked you out of home, you'd lose your degree. It might slow your progress or make things a bit harder, but I have faith you'd find a way to get it done. Getting off this tangent though, part of the fun that is uni life, is living cheaply, with a bunch of mates... Pantries stacked full of Mi-Goreng and tins of soup are a welcome sight... don't forget the cheap cask wine :P !
  14. Frizzl

    When does support become spoiling?

    You're kidding right? If you're in Australia then that is just bullshit... So much support from the government, get a part time job and HECS. Sure you might not be able to buy yourself a nice car etc, but you will definitely be able to get by and still have a decent time socially. Hardly impossible, and there's flexibility to defer etc until you get shit sorted.
  15. Frizzl

    When does support become spoiling?

    Interesting. I'm 23 this year, my brother is 21 and my sister is 17. My family is comfortable enough, that my brother and sister both have new cars bought for them, and my brother's rent is paid for. My parents wanted to pay for my degree and buy me a car, and their most recent offer was helping me with a house deposit to make it 'even' between us all. Still, turned that down.. I've looked after all that myself, as well as supporting myself out of home and getting a job etc... While my siblings... work very few hours and complain about it, and don't exactly work for the things they want. Speaking first hand, I'd say that my work ethic is because I understand the value of money a little more, simply because I've always worked for what I want. I've also found with relationships, I've dated girls that have had almost nothing given to them, and others who have everything given to them... I've always found those that look after themselves to be far more mature in life. At the end of the day, I'd say best thing is to be there for them when they need you rather than giving them everything, but you know your children better than anyone else :)
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    From Gaming room to Green Room. Dick Smith Sale

    Why do you feel that way towards Dick Smith? From all reports, this was an internal memo to clear stock, not an advertised gaming sale...
  17. Frizzl

    Anyone here tried absinthe?

    I've gotten very drunk on it before... Generally at my age though, most people are interested in getting as drunk as possible, without necessarily enjoying it, but, have a read of this http://blather.net/blather/2004/08/how_to_...k_absinthe.html . From the reading I've done, the amount of wormwood in it is not significant enough to get you to hallucinate. You'd be dead from alcohol poisoning well before that point :) I've had it in a few European countries as well as here (that shitty green fairy bottle included). There's definitely a difference in the qualities, just like any booze really... Anyway to wrap it up, I wouldn't really say you're missing anything :)
  18. Frizzl

    Knife Party

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention...! I saw these guys at Future Music Festival a few weekends ago, absolutely went off (as you can imagine). I can't say I'm exactly into the dub step scene, but definitely like these guys.
  19. Frizzl

    The Atomic Cycling Thread

    Haha, it was definitely you! I should have said hi... Interesting to see how I went on the gateway over the weekend, was a lot easier than last time I'd tried it, so obviously my training is doing me some good :) and re: my gear... Unfortunately at my age my disposable cash income isn't incredibly high haha. But at the end of the day I make do with mostly second hand parts (as you said, a lot of Cadel wannabes spend a lot of money during/after the tour). Anyone interested in getting into cycling, I'd definitely suggest going this route! Also, no matter how good your gear is, (this goes for everyone) make sure you get a proper fitment from a reputable bike shop. Shouldn't cost more then $50-100, but can make a world of difference. They'll adjust your stem height, seat and cleats, and can make a world of difference.
  20. Frizzl

    The Atomic Cycling Thread

    I had that link sent to me through email today at work... Considering it :) Now I'm sure of it too. Last year for the BMW Ride for Life, at the end of the day you were at the bike racks next to me. I remember the blue Giant bike and from a few various pictures I'd seen on Atomic. Didn't say hi because I wasn't entirely sure it was you :/ If I enter the Brissy to Bay I will let you know however! Re: the DuraAce stuff, my group set is about a 2007 vintage, and is only 9 speed, so definitely not DI2... At the end of the day, I hardly think it's the equipment holding me back however :P
  21. Frizzl

    The Atomic Cycling Thread

    I am a Toowoomba/Kingaroy based rider, and get to Brisbane for a lot of the larger rides (recently completed the Coot-Tha challenge). Here's a pic of me at the finish line :P Averaged 25k/hr, including the mountain (which I'd never ridden before). I was also slowing myself a little for my dad and his mate. Anyhow, I usually average about 30km/hr these days! I also did the mountain in 12:40 which I'm quite happy with for my first run... I'm confident I could shave about 1:30 off that time if I knew the route (e.g. how to pace myself) and I wasn't doing 80k in the same ride :P When I first started riding (about 1 year ago) I would have been hard pressed to get 20k/hr. Didn't help my bike was a 54cm frame, and I am 6' 4" :P I also got hit by a car who didn't give way in a roundabout... that put a dent in things for a little while. I now ride a Trek Madone 5.5 60cm frame, with full DuraAce components, just like everything (cameras/music/computers/cars) I like to buy and play with the gear as much as use it! I have a number of mates into downhill riding, which I'd also like to look at :)
  22. Frizzl

    How many partners?

    Don't tell stories about things I've told you, in actual life or on the internet. I really don't want to have to block you again. See how being a hypocrite works? ' I've been away from atomic for a while (life and such)... and two of my most interesting posters to read aren't exactly chummy. What did I miss? :(
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    Is this sentence ambiguous?

    Wouldn't an apostrophe still present the issue of... boyfriend - possessive or boyfriend's - boyfriend has ?
  24. Frizzl

    How many partners?

    21. 1.5 years ago it was 3. After a particularly bad relationship, I went on a rampage :) I am now, a little confused as to what I want though...