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  1. the dude

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    Shot this a couple of summers ago on a cheap ass cam but you get the idea of how I de-stress.
  2. the dude

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    *Waves* Gday Twinny, Bags, Hector,Thylacine, Garph, Chales, Tak, Plebs, Director,Tick, Seahund, Robzy and Evelyn. Man its been a looooong time since I saw those nicks. Master_Scythe: dude when I stopped coming here around 10 years ago this place was f*cked. Full of spammy brain dead 13 yr olds and Haymarket making a quick dirty buck by charging to get in the door. Charging for a place built by us over many years into the powerhouse it became. Did anyone fix that stuff? My last post before this thread doesn't even show up in my profile haha... it's been a while. Wanna give me a fast summary of what's happened in the last decade pls ?
  3. the dude

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    Gday there old friends. 10 years is a bloody long time and like a lot of you much water has passed under the bridge. Me ? Well its a bit of a story. As you may remember I left to start my own site dudeworld.com.au and it's still going strong. It makes me beer money from eBay ads on some of the content and I'm happy with that. 7 yrs ago I went through a terrible divorce and dropped off the online planet except for facebook (family and friends). I've moved house 4 times since then getting back on my feet, chasing work and a girl. Married that girl last year and now working in an open cut mine driving monster trucks in the Hunter Valley. Currently driving a Jeep Wrangler and riding my 11yo Harley Nightrain so that keeps me happy. Only see 1 of my 4 kids regularly so that keeps me sad. I hate my manipulative evil Ex but that's ok too. Can't wait to watch her go under all 22 wheels of the karma semi haha. Karma never loses an address eh? I'm on the whole happy enough, just taking things a day at a time and still love doing mad ass radical shit when I can. My last cool exploit was shooting aerosol paintcans, a railway light and a mobile phone with a 12 Guage shotgun at TD'S place. Man that was fun. You know.. I really miss talking to you guys and girls. The sheer intellectual value, the good hearted banter and the willingness to help others in need. We really had something special back then. Cheers, Richo.
  4. the dude

    Places to buy decent boots in Australia

    http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trksi...-All-Categories I reckon ebay stateside is your best bet mate. The dollar is good at the moment.
  5. the dude

    Post of the Month!

    Thanks for the rap ! Stoked to get a mention and a hearty congratulations to Nesquick for taking out the win ! /hands out frosty beers to the other runners up.. maybe next time eh? I would have like to have contributed more to my thread but I was kind of engaged in some serious warfare protecting my other online interest and my time here on atomic was almost non-existent. Thanks for the commiserations 1Shot :)
  6. the dude

    Some atomic history up for grabs...

    Wow... I think the last time I saw that signed shirt was when I drew my digital 44's on it in spirit texta. I was crapping myself about not stuffing it up because nearly everyone else had already signed it haha !! Thanks for posting the pic man. Those shirts you're parting with are made from unobtainium man :)
  7. the dude

    Car people: need engine advice

    the dudes best guess: Your screw is more than likely an air bypass bleed. It allows either slightly more or slightly less air to bypass the throttle plate when its closed. It allows you to adjust idle mixture. If adjusting that is making your stumble better/worse then I'd bet you have an air leak in your intake system. When you smash open the throttle you get a high vacuum condition inside the manifold (as the motor tries to spool up) and if there's a leak, this is where you're going to see it. The backfire will also be attributable to a manifold leak (running lean on over run). make up a spray bottle of v.small amount dishwashing detergent and water, start your car so its idling like crap, start spraying around all your manifold joints from the back of the air sensor (near airbox usually), one at a time untill you have wet them all down right up to the head. You'll know if you have found the leaking joint because the idle will get faster / smooth right out. Some folks substitute wd40 for the soapy water, whatever, your call. You might even find that you 300 buck idle sensor is actually ok...... edit: oh.. I'd also find someone with a timing gun, check the timing and change out that fuel filter before I started looking for leaks if I were you. GL dude.
  8. the dude

    Spraying car panels

    It could well be far cheaper to source another excellent nick door in identical color from a wreckers rather than cough up for a whole side respray... let your fingers do the walking.
  9. the dude

    Epic quotes.

    "By all the rotten, pox infested, skanky whores of Guntha's 3rd moon!!" TD the blacksmith (from the story Violet Prime)
  10. Haha truly some classics there and a good read / laugh, thanks for sharing you guys. I actually found my first ever post and I was cracking a joke :) http://archive.atomicmpc.com.au/archives.a...;c=1&t=1215 Waltish: its not my intent to try and differentiate folk by their temporal input here, it was a personal quest of mine and I thought others might like to find their first post here too. Personally it goes even deeper than my first ever post/thread on atomic... they are my first ever writings to the internet period. Call me nostalgic but I'm kind of stoked that they still live on in an archive. I have noticed my original bluey the alien av has gone mia :(
  11. the dude

    The hunt for better PC audio

    komuso, logic and bags: thankyou for your most valuable input, you guys are obviously well educated in the sphere of audio ! The normaliser algorithm routine in audacity seem to be of the peak level type not the rms type. The peaks remain in proportion to the average levels and the results are a definite gain in my system. Perhaps I should have stated right from the beginning my aim to to improve the rear track separation (RR+RL and front to rear) in my '70s quadraphonic amp setup. Its using either a passive decoder or a 1/2 logic decoder (can't get specs) and I'm using QS (RM) stereo to quad circuitry. Giving the decoder circuits a louder clean stereo image to work with has definitely helped with rear track separation on my rig, probably by allowing the primitive decoders (in some respects) to utilise a better signal. I also apologise for my confusion regarding bandwidth and dynamic range. I was under the impression that they were one and the same as I've often read them used almost the same contextually over the years. I stand educated, thanks. @~thehung: you are correct in your assumption that old tape gear exceeded 16khz, in fact a good high speed 30ips 1" tape with exacting head alignment was technically able to reach 30khz. However... in the 70's (which is the audio I'm working with) 99.9% of studio's high end mics could only hit 18khz with a rapid attenuation over that. Apply tape compression (like you state) and the bandwidth shrinks, add a plethora of studio effects and the bandwidth shrinks, add noise reduction and the bandwidth shrinks.. see where this is going? You are quite correct in stating that recording to tape adds compression and warmth but the engineers of the day also swore black and blue that dolby noise reduction did the same. It worked by first compressing the audio and then re-expanding it according to frequency band (I think there were 3 distinct bands it used). Each band got a differing amount of expansion applied to it. The net affect was low noise floor at the expense of a little added compression and subsequent bandwidth reduction. I would still like to try a 70s / 80s hardware rack mount expander in my rig to suss out the effect. If I can get my mitts on one I'll let you guys know the results. From what I understand about electronics and amplification, the closer you can run every amp stage in the chain to near maximum output without signal clipping the better (cleaner) the final waveform, hence superior audio. I am far from an expert on the subject but audio (hi-fi, musician, dabble in recording) has been one of my hobbies for over two decades now. Nich: I use 320kbs cbr because it is the best mp3 my system can manufacture and has been for a number of years now. If higher bitrates were supported I'd be making those instead. I really can't comment on vbr mp3's because the only ones that were in my collection were quite old and had definite quality issues from the encoders steering logic; right at the start and end of heavy passages where the bit rate is rapidly rising or falling they went tinny sounding in the mids. I pissed them off as crap and just stuck with CBR ever since. Thanks heaps for the MAD plugin update link I'll have a read, give it a try and get back to you.. have you given it a shot ? :) awesome replies gang !
  12. Once before I tried to do this many years back but the atomic server was wobbly back then when you asked it really hard db queries and would crap out or stall. Now a days the archive sees f/a load so its prime to search for stuff. Your first ever thread here is a defining moment if you've stuck around for a while, it takes on significance. Thanks to squall strife for posting these links in another thread; If you need some tools to go back in time; The roman era: http://archive.atomicmpc.com.au The paleolithic era: http://archive.atomicmpc.com.au/archives.asp The dawn of time: http://archive.atomicmpc.com.au/archives.a...c=1&p=31390 (I found this one :) - The very first public record of the atomic forums from 27/01/01. There were many test posts still live in the system when I joined up but those have been axed at some point in the past. I found it easy to fast forward or rewind through the forums by directly editing the postcount number at the end of the URL. I found my first thread (finally) http://archive.atomicmpc.com.au/archives.a...;c=1&t=1244. It surprised me actually, my first one was seemingly a full month before I could recall joining and my first post a month or two before that sometime (still haven't found that one) but it will either be march or real early april 01. Wow. Even funnier is the content... omg... when 20 gig 5400rpm hdd's were the biggest, meanest baddest boys on the block and I had 2 of 'em (but they had died and I was getting dicked around with under warranty haha)... man that was 8 years ago now... Anyway... what was YOUR first ever thread here? Can you remember or (like me) do you have to go and dig for it in the old atomic siberian salt mine?
  13. the dude

    Link to Atomic 2.0 or Prior?

    Here's a few blasts from the past. http://web.archive.org/web/20020526123447/...tomicwaste.net/ http://web.archive.org/web/20021006235847/...eneral_grygiel/ http://web.archive.org/web/20020209190748/....com.au/trev99/ http://web.archive.org/web/20020214114625/...2001/index.html
  14. the dude

    7 years later

    7 years... bloody hell.. how time flies ! So what do you reckon your most memorable times here in the past 7 are TD ?
  15. the dude

    The hunt for better PC audio

    Logic: thanks man ! So normalisation affects the volume of the track within set parameters without adding to the noise floor. Thats nice ! Rybags: Ok I get that now, thankyou. I am unable to explain the mechanics behind sonic differences in the tracks, only speculate but I swear the sound is better. Try it for yourselves and have a lisening test.. I need to know I'm not going bonkers and having some kind of delusional episode here haha ! Owkaayy.. now to my next point. Expanders. After some research into dynamic range it would appear that these babies are what I need to do the job. Have any of you guys ever used a software expander to increase dynamic range on audio ? If so what software did you use for the job ? Will using an expander push my signal into clipping now I've just used normalisation on a given track? I have many questions haha ! Also, many thanks to the kind folk who have posted in this thread to help clear up my misunderstanding. p.s. Do you guys use anything else on your rips to make them shine ?