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    Roll Call!

    Still around! :D
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    Samsung Galaxy Tablet

    Well this tablet is being released on monday here. Specs Below - Dimensions: 7.5 inches long x 4.75 inches wide x 0.5 inches thick - Weight: 0.83 pounds - Screen: 7 inches, 1024x600 resolution, multi-touch TFT - Operating System: Android 2.2 (Froyo) - Connectivity: Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n), 3G HSPA, A-GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 - Applications: Android Market, Samsung Apps - Processor: ARM Cortex A8 1GHz with PowerVR SGX540 - Battery: 4,000mAh (up to seven hours of movie playback) - Cameras: Front-facing 1.3-megapixel webcam; rear-facing 3.0-megapixel with autofocus, LED flash, 720x480/30fps video recording - Video Playback: Up to 1080p; codec support for DivX, XviD, Mpeg-4, H.263, H.264 - Audio Playback: Codec support for MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, AMR-NB/WB, FLAC, WAV, AC3, MIDI, RTTTL/RTX, OTA, i-Melody, SP-MIDI - Memory: 16GB or 32GB, with expansion via microSD Price is $999 outright. Only one plan has leaked so far Optus : $0 upfront, $59 Cap. 10-20Gb data (On/Off Peak) Anyone planning on getting one? I've already pre-registered through the optus site (I have a galaxy s so got the SMS for preference)
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    *pokes head in*

    Been a while :P What's up all? Hehe About to start catching up on posts, but any major news I should be aware of so I don't step in it? :P P.S. Have moved house (still in redfern) Have a new job, Business analyst at CarbonSystems (Emissions reporting software company) Umm... all I can think of for now, but will be happy to answer any questions :P
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    *pokes head in*

    Haha omg BC you are back too? :P Eek late reply, I was ridiculously busy at work! Damn all these new client! LoL Oh and Amiga.. *licks* :P
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    *pokes head in*

    Haha oh dear :P Wasn't intentionally innuendo, but hey, I'll take it (or give it) where I can get it ;P
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    *pokes head in*

    Lol oh dear... :P LoL you already know what's up though :P
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    *pokes head in*

    Hrmm.. I'm normally not that controversial.. lol Inappropriate perhaps... ;P
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    Atomic M33t 12!

    I voted perth so I can make out with Tak :P
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    Atomic m33t XI - Legs Eleven!

    Expect hugs ;P
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    Atomic m33t XI - Legs Eleven!

    I shall be in attendance :)
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    Batman 3

    I would have actually preferred one of his other options (Rachel Weisz). But this is still good :)
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    Flood relief appeal

    I donated through work (they are matching anything we donate +$500,000 so it's the best way)
  13. After reading you page, I can't help but ask... What's a Rouge? :P
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    Any one on here on on Deviant art?

    http://taranthor.deviantart.com Been on there for years :)
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    Uh.... what the ...?

    I'm attributing my disgust to psychological derivatives of society that have led us here today. Some societies don't have the same disgust as me - that's true. The majority of those societies believe in the goodness of a guy who, according to scripture, waged 28 bloodthirsty campaigns across Arabia, slaughtered women and children, then deflowered a 9 year old and founded a culture that to this day stones women to death for merely looking at a man not related to them. Also, these societies have the highest rates of genetic defects. Of the 130 million women in the world who are yearly genetically mutilated, more than 85% come from these societies. Of the 3 million women in the world who are killed or disappear every year across the planet, most come from these societies. Of the homosexuals that are killed for their sex by the state, almost all come from these societies. Forgive me, please, if I don't give a flying fuck what they think. Actually don't bother forgiving me - I don't need forgiveness for absolute disgust and horror at the concept of having to kowtow to primitive religious apes in considering my views. Remember that all cultures need to be understood - not all cultures need to be listened to or considered equal. And some cultures should be completely destroyed. Lastly I'm a Jew. In Israel, before Jews marry, they must undergo mandatory screening for specific genetic diseases that mostly affect Ashkenazi Jews. That's what happens after centuries of incest, up until the early 40s. Hell, I've been tested. My parents are Russian with a background in Ukraine - and Ukrainin Jews are largely an offshoot of Polish and Hungarian Jews who are the largest group of Ashkenazis with genetic defects caused by centuries of inbreeding within a tight community. There is a fundamental scientific argument against incest. There's a health argument against incest. There's a psychological argument against incest. How many arguments do you want? Just because I support the right of consenting adults to do whatever the hell they want to each other in the bedroom, does not mean I support their right to do so when it harms, even in a small, tiny way, the rest of society. If there is no child born of the union, how does it harm society?
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    Tak wants your tip

    Use lube. :)
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    Uh.... what the ...?

    Meh Big deal. Two consenting adults and all that nonsense. As long as no children result, there isn't really any harm done.
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    What have you got from Atomic?

    Sexy time :P
  19. http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/tassi...0-1225960207108 That MP's name is seriously "Sid Sidebottom"? REALLY?
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    Samsung Galaxy Tablet

  21. Taranthor

    Samsung Galaxy Tablet

    Here is a benchmarking of the Galaxy Tab's Cortex A8 against competitors. Explains why you are feeling the speed. http://www.eeejournal.com/2010/05/benchmar...-vs-iphone.html I was comparing it against my Samsung Galaxy S though, which has the same processor. They potentially could have overclocked it for the tab though.
  22. Taranthor

    Samsung Galaxy Tablet

    There are multiple music apps available. I use winamp, you can't change the text size on that one but the text is about 5mm high and buttons are 10 x 10mm. I've used a player before (mortplayer) that has a car mode which you would probably suit what you need :)
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    Nicknames for tech and products..

    intel celery (celeron)
  24. Well asa person who has never even considered going to uni, I was talking to my boyfriend last night about him going back to uni to finish his accounting course and the idea of me going to uni got stuck into my head. Ideally I would be doing 2 majors (both in a bachelor of science) One for something that directly relates to my current job and I consider myself good at (statistics) and one for something that doesn't relate, but I am interested in (either astronomy and astrophysics or photonics) I'm currently leaning more towards photonics though. Uni being considered is macquarie. I know alot of people here have had experience with uni. Are there any particular things that I should be aware of which aren't glaringly obvious as a person who has never been and is now going on 30? Is the choice of uni a good thing? Our should I go to sydney uni instead? Has any done these courses and able to give any advice about them? I'm not planning to start this until some time next year and will probably be doing it part time (at night after work)