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  1. karlm

    5770 to 7770 GHz Edition

    Thanks Dasa. I had been toying with the idea of dropping an R9 card in (380X or 390) as I can carry that over to my new rig once I get the $$ to do a new build. Did some synthetic tests this morning, Furmark and Futuremark. I just used the last Catalyst drivers available for the 5770 so I was comparing apples to apples, I didn't mess with the system upgrading to the new Crimson drivers for the 7770, it would be interesting to see if that improves performance, but for now I'll leave it be. Furmark showed the 5770 as a much better performer in that test, albeit running a little warmer, but the Futuremark test was the complete opposite. Fire Strike was not playable by any means, with 16fps being the best of either card. 5770 - 850MHz Core, Memory 1125MHz 1,740 IN Fire Strike (V1.1) Graphics score 1,810 Graphics test 1 8.78 FPS Graphics test 2 7.14 FPS Physics score 5,129 Physics test 16.28 FPS Combined score 763 Combined test 3.55 FPS 7770 - 1000MHz Core, Memory 1125MHz 2,642 IN Fire Strike (V1.1) Graphics score 3,025 Graphics test 1 14.24 FPS Graphics test 2 12.22 FPS Physics score 4,016 Physics test 12.75 FPS Combined score 1,073 Combined test 4.99 FPS It's interesting to see the architecture of the 5770 handles the physics test much better than the 7770. Guess I'll have to put some time aside and do some more benching with updated drivers on the 7770 and also with the CPU O/C'ed. Can't upload screenshots for some reason, but Furmark had the 5770 @ 1013 points, 16fps; the 7770 @ 892 points, 14fps.
  2. karlm

    5770 to 7770 GHz Edition

    Cheers Rybags. Pretty much everything I had thought. Just couldn't be arsed running Futuremark (getting old and impatient these days) and tbh, this rig is still playing pretty much everything a-ok. Guess I'll have to exert a little elbow grease and do that swap ...
  3. Hi All Just a quick one - My main system is still (don't laugh) running an i5-750, at stock speed with 8GB of RAM. I know with a little work I can o/c that baby quite well, just really never gotten around to it. I am currently running a 1GB XFX 5770 on it, but have acquired a Sapphire 1GB 7770 GHz Edition card for nix. I was toying with the idea of doing a straight swap to hopefully give me a little more fps in some older games (mostly titles from 2013 like Dead Space, Dirt 3, etc) but somewhere I read that the memory bus on the 7770 is not as wide as the 5770, and so there is little difference between the two cards. From memory, IIRC, the XFX is running at 850MHz. Is it worth doing the swap, or am I just flogging a dead horse with a CPU/MOBO from 2009? (Holy crap, I just realised I've had this box for almost 7 years!) Cheers karlm.
  4. karlm

    umm. so what exactly happened here?

    Still got the shirt. Mind you, the body seems to have outgrown it...
  5. The other thing to check (hope I'm not stating the bleeding obvious) is the jumpers on the drive (if any). Some of those older drives still had a jumper to select master/slave, and sometimes, as Rybags pointed out, there is a jumper to limit the 32GB/128GB usable size. It seems more likely though that if everything is ok, then the ODD and the new HDD are trying to grab the same address. Try unplugging the HDD and just booting the ODD from where it was plugged in originally. If that works, you know the ODD is still ok.
  6. karlm

    Cake and you

    Not cake, not eactly pie either. But this: http://sathyaskitchenadventures.blogspot.com.au/2007/12/my-mums-dutch-apple-pie.html
  7. Hi All I'm looking to add a dedicated GPU to our HTPC, and I have seen that the GTX 750s have been getting a good write up for the $. However, all the tests I have seen are based on newer boards with PCIe v3.0. The system I'm sticking it into is only v2.0, so my question is will the performance scale linearly (yes I know it will be slower obviously), or am I better looking at a different card for an older system (H61 Chipset iirc). To put it into perspective, I've got a 1GB 5770 in my old i5-750 desktop that I had considered putting into it if that helps. Thanks for your responses.
  8. karlm

    The End for Kogan Mobile?

    Telstra, you suck. http://www.kogan.com/au/km/ For prepaid data (6GB of Data on their Access30 plan), nothing came close. Telstra was twice the price and 1/3 the data. Guess I might have to jump over to Aldi whilst I look for a landline connection.
  9. karlm

    Beware the Sharknado

    and then there's Atlantic Rim as well...
  10. You can get all the hotfixes in one foul swoop using something like this: http://www.wsusoffline.net/ but it will only create a list of the updates - you don't get a description of what each one does, you need to google them unfortunately. Hope that helps some. edit: It's an older list, but then 2000 is an older system too ;) http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/31886-hotf...ndows-2000-sp4/
  11. With WD Diag? Data Lifeguard Diagnostic from their web page: http://support.wdc.com/product/download.as...d=613&sid=3 Bear in mind it depends on the type of drive as to what version you download.
  12. Thanks people, confirmed what I had thought and thanks for the reminder on the ECC RAM. Most mainstream boards don't have support for it as default.
  13. Been hoping to upgrade my work box, which runs a bunch of VMs. I'm thinking of ripping out the mobo and dropping in a new cpu and mobo - it's currently a G6950 (which incidentally now lives in intel's Ark) and the CPU chugs when running more than one VM. So I think just a modest Z77 board, probably something like the ASRock B75 Pro3-M Motherboard or the ASRock Z77 PRO4-M Motherboard, and one of the above CPUs. I'm thinking the Xeon would be better, with the 8MB Cache, but would like some suggestions if other people think different. Cheers.
  14. karlm

    Battery Tech

    Thanks for the replies everyone. aliali - yeah I know, and hence why I was curious. About two? years ago Dewalt came out with out with some LI-ON batteries that were compatible with some of their later model ni-xx tools. I'm guessing the chargers were newer intelligent types to cope with this. I'll just go the route as ernie1 has suggested, which is what I originally had intended to do - the battery packs in this particular drill contain standard paper-wrapped cells soldered in series. Good thing is the specs are clearly printed on the cells, so they won't be too difficult to track down. Price on the other hand may prevent me from doing it ...
  15. karlm

    Battery Tech

    Ok, so this per se isn't 'tech talk' but I am at a crossroads. Like many of us, I don't do computers 100% any more and rely on other income. Namely labouring. Anyway, I have two cordless drills, both of which the batteries are ... stuffed. (I have others, but for the sake of the discussion, I wish to resurrect these.) I know some recent cordless drills actually were able to use li-on batteries, when they originally shipped with or used ni-mh or ni-cad ones. Is there an issue with using li-on with old chargers, and can ni-cad and ni-mh batteries be replaced with li-on ones (assuming the chargers cope) I understand that this is a complex question, but chucking out $1000 worth of drills (which work great, albeit for only 20 minutes now...) seems a waste. At the least, I'll just get some replacement ni-mh/ni-cad cells of ePrey and get them working that way, but my new stuff (li-on) is awesome, so hence the desire to possibly upgrade.... tia.