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  1. glitch

    Cross browser navigation issues

    Thanks GTAV6 I am glad you are still around, it has been years since I frequented these boards, but you are still here doing great work :) OK first weirdness is the fact in the source file there are 2x// in the js, but only one when I view source on the rendered page, adding a 3rd "/" delivers 2 when you view source 0_o (which is how i have it now) Fixed the leftbar nav... Still wondering. Many thanks for having a look though :) ps:works fine in opera for me :-/
  2. glitch

    website production company - ideas

    pcicecube As a freelancer that is the kind of work I do; small 1-5k sites for small/medium businesses. (yes I use open source CMS, but i don't typically use templates) As Kikz said, if you want to have a stab at it, atomic will help, if you want a company to do it I can point out a couple, or if you don't mind waiting I could have a look at it for you in a month or so (full-on at the moment). All the best with it. |G|
  3. Title kinda says it all Dropdown navigation works fine in modern browsers... but is an absolute pile of silly in IE7 Please look and help; http://preview.aiemnet.net/
  4. glitch

    Domain Choice

    sorry, i should have been clearer... this is me at the moment http://www.gdstudios.com.au/ but it is getting old and is no longer a good representation of me, or my services I am a freelance web/graphic designer, the site will be my portfolio/business site. |G|
  5. glitch

    Designing a new logo in Photoshop CS5

    Well for a start... no logo should start in photoshop. they should start in Illustrator as a proper vector. Thus infinitely scalable. I do like your second logo the most, but if that was my name it would be hard not to play on the whole "Mingle" thing. Keep going, you are headed in a good direction, but dont be afraid to try something different. |G|
  6. glitch

    Domain Choice

    Hey Guys I am in the process of going from a "Business Name" (GD studios) to my name "Luke Farrugia" thus I am changing domain name but I am having trouble deciding what to go with. Ordinarily I would use my name but my name may be a bit long and difficult to spell for many, thus the other options. What would be your choice? lukef.com.au lukefarrugia.com.au lfdesign.com.au lfd.net.au
  7. glitch

    Lightbox + image gallery stacking problem

    Thanks go out to Sneddo for Helping me figure this one out, turns out I needed to add ,'wmode','transparent' to the script... |G|
  8. glitch

    Atomic logos..

    I think i see a pattern emerging here... someone needs to teach fredz to use Illustrator... Not me... but somebody... |G|
  9. The topic really says it all but here is a slightly more complete history of events... 1: Built site for client in my VERY early days 2: Just now she comes back because she wants lightbox images, does not have the budget to do a great amount, but lightbox is doable. 3: I implemented it http://www.pirolab.it/pirobox/ The problem: In all browsers but Firefox the lightboxes are popping under the flash objects. This is normally solved by adding <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> unfortunately this is not the case... can someone please point me in the right direction, i am geting tired of beating my head against this particular wall. Thanks in advance. |G|
  10. glitch

    Web Designer needed in BNE

    ooh. if only i was a little further along in the experience stakes, this is ultimately where I want to be, I am a designer (operating as a one-man-band) so the thought of having a job where design is ALL I do is incredibly appealing. but as I said my experience and the fact i am 4 hours drive from brisy aren't working in my favor ;) |G|
  11. glitch

    thoughts on which mac to get

    Thanks for the well rounded replies, they are appreciated... By your comments I think I can safely put away the mbp idea... the most intense work i do is photoshop (particularly when working with large files ie: I was working on a 1.2gig .psd last week, that made the mac cry) and some final cut. Upgrading the current rig is a possible thought, but I suppose the only drawback there is what if the motherboard dies and I am left with a bunch of cool yet useless components? Paranoia I hear you say... there is a modicum of logic: for the first time since owning my MacPro over the last month I have had the whole system hang, needing a hard reset 3 times, and I have noticed the northbridge running at 87C I know this could be a new thread, but that seems too hot to me? (google info is in some cases conflicting) so I am just starting to wonder about the system as a whole... As for the iMac, i *could* go that way, but I already have the 2x 24" screens and plus the lack of upgrade/expandability... I think i'll stick with the other options. conclusions so far; Ideal: upgrade and get several years more usage other possibilities: New MacPro, discarded ideas: MacBook Pro, iMac Any other comments or thoughts?
  12. glitch

    thoughts on which mac to get

    I am a graphic/web design freelancer (I live mostly in the Adobe Creative Suite) at times my work also extends as far as final cut/motion etc I am currently using an '06 MacPro which has been an absolute legend, and though it is still charging along, it is getting tired and I often make it cry with the things i ask it to do... So early next year I suppose... I am planning to upgrade, the logical choice is to get a new MacPro and be done with it, however with the affordability and grunt available in the MacBook Pro range, i am considering that path... Maybe a highly spec'd 15" ($36XXish) how would such a machine cope in comparison to the MacPro? also can i plug my 2x 24" samsungs into it? if not what would i need etc? interested in your thoughts. |G|
  13. glitch

    Opinions and feedback on my site.

    Firstly for someone new to the web game, Very well done. MUCH better than my early work... but for the sake of constructive criticism... The alignment seems out here, push the second row of links down to fit neatly on the background and likewise move the page title down so it is fully on the next section (you will have to move the content down in that case too... (maybe consider omitting it if it looks strange or putting it somewhere else altogether) that will stop it looking so cluttered around that section.... other than that High-fives all round. Cheers! |G|
  14. glitch

    Download Tables

    Hey everyone... Some of you may remember my last thread asking for CMS advice, I eventually settled on Wordpress due to the stability, wide userbase, plugins etc, and a general loathing for joomla. In short, I now have the theme ready and waiting... I am now at a place where I need to insert all the info/downloads, there are several hundred files up for download, if I can avoid manually entering each one I will, but I am prepared to do that (and half expect that to be the only reasonable option at this point). I have found a great plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/downlo...er/screenshots/ but i cannot seem to have any more than 1 table whereas i need one for books, one for studies another for articles etc, and if it was sortable/searchable that would be great. And it needs to be user serviceable ie: the client can add downloads etc Can anyone offer any advice, i am sure there is information on this sort of thing but this being somewhat new to me, i am not totally sure what to search for, i know what i want it to me but not what to call it... |G|
  15. glitch

    Happy Birthday Caelum!

    your birthday? really? well... happy birthday mate! |G|