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  1. kRaZeD_

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Not my actual one, but one of them. 29cc 1/5th scale off road buggy. King Motor 002, so its a clone of the HPI one. Fuck does it go good! Does wheel stands for gods sake.
  2. If you look at the difference between a celeron and a P4 with HT there was a MASSIVE difference in performance. Yes, we ALL know that the celeron was as slow as a Hyundai Excel - they were priced like one too - but I made the jump from a 2.4Ghz celeron to a 2.4Ghz P4 with HT and everything was faster. From basic desktop stuff to games and encoding. I could have more than 5 windows open in the browser of choice...
  3. kRaZeD_

    11 year old delivers his sister !

    But... They were 12 weeks premature. 12 weeks = 3 months yes? Hence they would have been more smallerer then at 9 months.
  4. kRaZeD_


  5. kRaZeD_

    Missing vin/compliance plates

    An LS series motor I hope...
  6. kRaZeD_

    I'm proposing to my girlfriend tonight

    Jack Daniels perhaps?
  7. kRaZeD_

    Logitech Z5500D specs?

    As long as you keep the volume down and exercise caution you will be fine... If it sounds like its going to go kablam then turn them down, simple.
  8. kRaZeD_

    Stairway to Heaven

    Atleast if beer turned up I know my prayers were answered. These nutbags pray to a false saviour who does nothing. You sir, are the man!
  9. kRaZeD_

    This is just weird.

    id still tap Christine Roth! Still got a womans face and tits. You would tap this? YOUR FUCKING COOL! Or is that fucking disgusting?
  10. kRaZeD_

    Speaker rattle, any way to fix it?

    At a guess the way to remove the driver from the enclosure would be to unscrew the front... And at a guess the screws would be under where the grill clips in.
  11. kRaZeD_

    The sea is my wardrobe....?

    That is so impossibly hard to read I cannot bear it. I suppose it doesn't help that I have flu like symptoms and my head hurts...
  12. kRaZeD_

    PC game updates

    L4D is broken... The zombies hardly ever win in co-op!
  13. kRaZeD_

    Speaker rattle, any way to fix it?

    I know you are getting another one off ebay, but I would say its because the speaker has been over driven. Perhaps the speaker some how received a shit load more bass than it normally would?
  14. kRaZeD_

    With V7 imminent, even MS can now admit Vista's flaws

    I prefer this one... for two reasons. Because of the boobies and the lolz? In that order?