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    Create New Text File from Right-Click Menu

    Maaate... there's obviously a reason why I need to do it this way and I don't think any Atomicans need a lesson in basic Windows usage.
  2. I want to me able to have a menu item in the right-click menu called "Create ReadMe.txt', that when I right click in a folder and choose that item, it creates a text file of the same name, and opens it for me ready to start typing. I'm sure there's probably any easy way to create this or perhaps there's already a utility for it, but my searches are coming up nada. Any ideas, Chaps and Chapettes?
  3. Hi David You have mail. :) Cheers.
  4. scootre

    Atomic's 10th Birthday!

    I left at 10pm. What time did you lot kick on until?
  5. scootre

    Atomic 10th birthday party - the Gigabyte show bag

    Yeah just got home and did that. And yes there are pics on it that I think the owner will be upset to lose -new born baby pics. I've started a thread with a prominent subject line in hope the owner spots it. http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=40112 Mods - close this one please. :)
  6. OK Atomicans... I need your help. Last night at the Atomic Birthday bash I collected my two showbags and left for home. Inside the Gigabyte bag was an SDHC Memory card from a RICOH camera that clearly wasn't part of the freebies. It's possible that it's been dropped from standing height and landed inside one of the Gigabyte show bags while someone was looking at the computers and screens in that small room at the front. Those showbags were under the tables and poking out a bit. Otherwise the card has been dropped in there by one of the Gigabyte people when they were packing the show bags. Either way, someone will be missing this card. I would if it were mine. The pics are of a newborn baby, just a day or so old, in the hospital. The rest of the pics are of one person at a time with the baby: the Mother who has very long, dark brown hair; the father with short black hair and the grandmother who has red hair. All the people are possibly of Mediterranean descent and are sitting on a light beige cloth covered lounge with the baby girl in a pink dress. There's also pics of the baby in what appears to be a Christening dress which is white with both Olive and white coloured satin flower buds around the mid-section. There's not much in the way of EXIF metadata but I can see they were taken with a RICOH R50 camera. The photo in the hospital was taken in 15/08/2010 making the baby about 6 months old now. Anyone know anyway that lost a camera card last night - or has a 6 month old baby girl? I'll not post any of the pics as they are not mine to publish. If we can't find an owner in the next few days, I'll contact Atomic and see if they can ask the Gigabyte people.
  7. This morning I opened the very big Gigabye bag to find one big 3XL shirt. Nice. And, going by the cross-section of Atomicals I saw last night, the sizing would be correct for at least 80% of us. LOL. Certainly it will fit me, so long as my missus doesn't throw it in the dryer... :) Anyway... i rolled up the poly carry bag ready to put in the bin and happened to feel something solid in the bottom of the bag. It was an 8Gb SDHC memory card, rolling around loose. Not in a packet, like. I haven't had time to look at the contents of the card, but I'm wondering if everybody else found one in their bag? Or did it accidentally get dropped in the bag by one of the folk at Gigabyte or by a party-goer, given the bags were on the floor under the tables of puter stuff in that front room. I just thought it was strange, this card sitting there in the bottom of the big bag that otherwise had onto a big shirt in it and so easy to miss. So if nobody else got one... then someone obviously belongs to this one. Edit: unless is slipped out from the Atomic bag in my car? Anyone?
  8. scootre

    Atomic's 10th Birthday!

    I had a great time. It was good to meet some of the Atomicans. And a big thank you to the Atomic Team. Well done and thanks again for having me.
  9. scootre

    OK, so WTF is going on with Atomic?

    Well... here's my take on it. I've been a member of these forums since the very early days - I'm guessing 7 or more years - and very much enjoyed being here. I used to love the tech forums and particularly, the Green Room. Most of all, I spent a lot of time in the Trademart and bought and sold quote a lot of gear. But a sequence of events saw me go from many daily visits and lots of posts on the site, down to maybe 2 or 3 visits a month for a look. And I now rarely, if ever bother posting at all. Not long after I stopped being a forum regular I cancelled my subscription to the magazine which was difficult at first because I've bought every single issue since day one. The sequence of events leading to my feeling this way has included the treatment I got from a certain well-known, recently banned user. Having seen his actions and been at the receiving end, I can only say it's about time. My presence in the Trademart has pretty much disappeared due to the attitude of a particular mod who seems to be "running" it. I've never, ever had a ban noticed on this, nor any other forum. But I don't like being treated like a piece of crap and, apparently, not because I'd broken any rules. It only happened a couple of times to me, but this and witnessing the way others get spoken to at times - especially if they're reasonably new and they've neglected to read the rules, then it was enough for me. People will continue to break simple rules in any forum. But if you want people to come back then you have to have people moderating the forum who have a little tact. Has it occurred to Atomic that the very popular Trademart forum has been reduced to a barely subscribed environment? Compare the Trademart forum of 5 years ago with what they are today. And then go take a look at the very high subscription level of the Overclockers trading forums and ask yourselves why. The final straw came when I bought some RAM from some two-bit prick who sent me something different than what I bought. Of course, that one had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Mods or Forum at all and at no time have I expected any intervention from them whatsoever. It was my bad luck. It can and no doubt has happened to others here too. But it was the last straw for me and only because of the other things mentioned above. I do miss having the magazine though I've replaced it with subscriptions to other mags as well as others that can be delivered to my iPad. I'd hope Atomic can consider this delivery form which would probably prompt me to resubscribe. In any case, this is the way I feel about it. I don't blame David or the staff of the magazine at all. They are a great team. They're just trying to run a business and on the side, give their personal time to this forum which, unfortunately, has run off the rails of late. Most of all, I think a lot of people fail to see that the forums are here as a privilege and not an entitlement. Though I think a select few of the moderating team could try looking at their position in this light as well. I think it's time for some new blood in the forums and Mod team, perhaps. But how to get people to come back... well, that's a greater challenge. I do wonder how many people have stopped reading the magazine because they are sick of the what the forums have become.
  10. scootre

    iPad version of Magazine?

    Just dragging up this thread... I was wondering if there had been any further consideration of this? From the threads discussing the Zinio and GoodReader (magazine) reading apps in the iPad forum on Whirlpool, it's apparent that people are really enjoying the ability to download and read their favourite magazines and newspapers on the iPad. I know I am. I get the Sunday papers delivered quicker, easier and, though not as important to me, cheaper via the brilliant PressReader app. And best of all, it passes the WAF test. We're subscribing to all sorts of magazines that's I'd never considered before. APC Magazine are already doing it, and about to release a subscription model: http://apcmag.com/ipad.htm And as has been mentioned in this thread, Wired Magazine is available in iPad form as well. Like it or love it, the iPad is brilliant for this type of use and there are plenty of people who'd jump on it if released in digital form. And for such a great bleeding edge technology magazine as Atomic is, it'd be a shame for it to get left behind.
  11. scootre

    What awesome hostnames do you use

    For the firewall, servers and main systems: Garrison Spire Palisade Presidio Rampart Then for others it gets boring... HTPC1 HTPC2 Names of people -laptop Ditto -iPad Ditto -iPhone All up about 20 connected systems and devices.
  12. scootre

    ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ Can we unicode in thread titles?

    It's like the day the nerds discovered ASCII art all those years ago.
  13. scootre

    A Real Life Master Thief

    That was a great read. Thanks.
  14. scootre

    F1s Lewis Hamilton is a street hoon!

    So in Victoria, with the anti-hoon laws, does he lose the car for a certain amount of time or for good?
  15. scootre

    Posts not appearing until later

    Funny I was thinking the exact same thing. OP, do you mean that the post appear in the thread delayed, or do they show a different time from when you actually posted it? Heh heh... I'd had a similar thought. Weird bunch we all are here. No, I mean there was someone who posted a bid on an item in that thread and it didn't appear at the time he (she?) posted it. It was this post by jdee71: http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?s...st&p=591427 Instead it appeared hours - up to a day, later - from what I can see. I remember looking at the thread yesterday, the day after jdee71 posted and the post was not there.