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  1. so i got a couple of 2nd hand servers off ebay recently, however they only come with a dual core sittng in a single socket. i have looked around for a second cpu for the other socket, but it seems to be that every one that sells them do not sell the hsf. do you know where i can pick up a a socket 603 hsf from for a dell 2650/2850 4U server?
  2. Hi, I brought Crysis 3 on pre-order through origin long before the specs where published - now i need to upgrade in order to play the game. As you can see i am running a Mini-ITX build (SilverStone SG06), and need to upgrade to a DX11 card. I am running a 550W PSU (max voltage for this form factor). I plan on keeping mg 64GB SSD, and my 1TB HDD. I am looking at a upgrade (please recommend): 4GB Ram All in one motherboard (EG, W-LAN built in) DX11 Video Card Dual core w/ HT ivy bridge - or is better to get a quad core straight? My i3 is quite happy in Dual w/ HT A lighter pair of head phones then the Sirus SGH-4000 (Stereo Headphones perfable) Upgrade budget up to $700
  3. amckern

    Upgrade Mini-ITX Build

    I'm saying that installing 8gb of ram on a 32 bit bitch aint going to see over the 4gb point, minus video card ram due to poor eye site in the language it talks.
  4. amckern

    Upgrade Mini-ITX Build

    4gb max- only running 32 bit win 7 (dream spark) I'll have a look at the parts, any other recommendations? And yeah sorry - only a 450W PSU - http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=21390
  5. I was meaning computer readable data
  6. I found an interesting image on wikipedia's DVD page - http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=....svg&page=1 It got me thinking - if you could press a vinal LP - how much data could you store on it? They are double sided 22 min for playback
  7. I am looking at upgrading my CPU from an i3 550 as loading new games is taking longer then i expect, and do not want to invest in a full rebuild. I know that the LGA1156 supports first gen i3, i5 & i7 - but can i install 2nd gen i core in it? If not, what would be the best CPU i could upgrade to? The computer only has a micro-atx 250W power supply (installing a 2nd stick of ram stops it from booting) so i would expect first gens to have the same power needs? Link to mobo info: http://www.zotac.com/index.php?option=com_...268&lang=en
  8. I installed the 500w, and got a 64gb ssd off ebay, playing steam games like a king now.
  9. amckern

    When do to many drivers start to cause an issue?

    Thanks for the feedback Master - thanks for the edit, i picked up a cheap DSE 4 port hub a few days ago.
  10. I work in a phone shop, and its much quicker, and easy to plug the phone into a laptop to charge it then digging around in the bottom of the cupboard for a wall charger. The side effect is that Windows 7 ent has to install a driver for each and every phone that connects to the machine (i am up to USB Modem 76), when will to many mobile drivers become an issue? Some phones might connect once every few months, others like ZTE (Telstra) phones need a driver for its self, and all its bits, like modem, sd card, etc.
  11. I suspect 100GB/si would not be possible, as vinyl is a type of plastic, and has no ability to store magnatic data
  12. Sounds like a good way for ASIO / CIA to send read once files? Whats the strange noise i hear from next door - oh don't worry, Boris is just playing his new record from his handler.
  13. Cool - looks like a LP has no pits & lands - so it would not be possible to use it in the same manner as you would a CD
  14. I was just going off details my TAFE teacher told me on Monday, the SSD's tend to bottle neck based on the CPU speed, and you would experience load jitters - i'll have to inform them BULL SHIT!
  15. My question is, would a SSD be stable in this sort of build? Your only looking at a 2.23 dual core celeron?
  16. Sweet - i'll see if PCCG can order them, as sadly all my local PC stores are now closed.
  17. As you can see by my signature, i have: SilverStone Sugo SG06 Case [micro atx] i3 530 Zotac H55 wifi ITX mobo Seagate WD10-EADS 1.0TB Hard Drive 9800GT 2GB GeIL GV34GB1333C9DC (it says 4gb, but wont boot with 4gb, due to not enough juice from the PSU) Teac DV-W28S-R DVD+/-RW I am reluctant to upgrade, as this PC pushes good FPS on all the FPS killers, even at large res - only thing i want to do, is improve load times of games - ie LA Noire takes 3 mins to get to the title screen - ME3, takes 90 seconds to connect to EA severs
  18. fine, i'll have to keep an eye on trade mart and see what comes up in first gens. I am quite restricted to what i can put in the box, as i said its a 250W power supply, and sits inside a sugo case (quite tight) - if i get a new mobo, i would also need to get a new power supply, that would mean, its just better to start over.
  19. Nah no issues with streaming - was playing two AVI's over the wireless the other day - one to live tv, the other to a windows 7 netbook
  20. My problem is that my my wireless is only transmitting at about 25% when all other wireless devices in the house are off (or in stand by mode) - would it be better to connect the NAS to the DHCP server (modem) or keep it connected to the wireless router?
  21. Yes I have an tried using the TP-Link high gain antenna (Looks a bit like a female bed toy) and has no real effect. One thing i suspect might be causing trouble is the Hard Drive on both ends are WD Caviar Green's (one is a 1024Gb, other is a 2048Gb) and i suspect they are limited to 5200RPM could this reduce the effectiveness of the transfer speed?
  22. I would love to get a wireless all-in-one but becuase i use Naked DSL, i am VERY limited on what brands / models i can use - the last one i purchased worked 100% ok for ADSL, but would NOT let me enter iiNets SIP. I also dont want a BoB as i know they use to be a real PIA
  23. The router is a D-Link DIR-625 - modem is Belkin F1PI241ENau
  24. I am unsure if the NAT is disabled on the wireless, i basically said for it to though put all DHCP requests, and then the dam thing disappeared on me. Thanks for the advice on the other detectable networks, i live in a town house, and can see 3 of the routers next door, becuase the router its self is around 20m away from me, i would expect it to be able to see more - is it possible to set dlinks to use an out of country transmission type - ie channel 13? Would this resolve some issues, or is 802.11 a 2.4Ghz service by design and you cant use a higher or lower band?
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    Can't PM? Can't get into Trademart? Read Here!

    Trying to spam your way into trademart is pretty much a great way to get banned, not get trademart access. Those who create posts purely for the purposes of increasing their postcount will have their count docked by significantly more than they post, or will just be banned outright. Posting in this thread purely to increase your count over the 128 mark is not a good thing, and will be noticed. While I don't have too many problems with someone who has x thousand posts already making a post to shuffle themselves into position, newcomers who aren't already part of the community need to join in properly in order to enjoy the benefits of trademart. It's not that hard, and can be very rewarding.