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    Monitor Distortion

    Is that what the retailer told you? If you live in NSW, check out the fair trading laws at http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/ The law is almost the same in the rest of Australia, just Google fair trading Qld, fair trading vic, etc 90% of the time store policy means jack shit, its worth less then the paper they have the words printed on. If the retailer has no idea what your talking about, tell them to 1) Contact the Chamber of Commerce 2) Tell them you have the paper work completed to take action against them at the fair trading tribunal - and tell them it can last up to 2 weeks. If they are a sole trader, hammer on them that they will need to be at the tribunal every day - and as such have to have the shop closed (Not good for income).
  2. amckern

    [Help] Worn out 'play' disk

    Hey guys, I have a BIG problem, and don't know what to do. I play Sim City 3000 heaps (Almost an addict), and my play disk has cracks as deep as the Indian trench. Because of this the safe disk DRM cant read its own sector, and as such i cant play the game. What can i do??? Should i contact EA and ask them for a replacement disk? Should i hunt down a 2nd hand copy on ebay or amazon? Should i 'try' and find a NoCD? Thanks, Adam
  3. amckern

    Monitor Distortion

    Could be noise across the monitor lead, try and keep the speaker & and any USB cables away from the monitor lead.
  4. amckern

    [Help] Worn out 'play' disk

    Cool, it works. Sadly its the same as other NoCD's i have downloaded from the same team - they crash to desktop with NO warning after around 3-4 hours.
  5. amckern

    [Help] Worn out 'play' disk

    Thanks, I'll take a look. You also do know that warez / cracks are against the AUP, so if this works, admins can remove, or lock if needed...
  6. You can always run driver cleaner over it - http://downloads.ammahls.com/drivers/DCProSetup_15.zip
  7. Check the output res on a CRT (or computer LCD), the LG TV may not support the res that the HTPC is trying to pipe (XP screen is 640x480 - windows normally defaults to 800x600 when new video devices are installed). try this with the TV connected to the dsub (Classic start menu with classic control panel, on xp pro) Start>s>s>enter>d>d>enter>tab 4 times>right arrow 4 times>tab once>right arrow once>enter> This will go to 900x600 OR 1024x768 (Might work) Press left arrow if you did not install the drivers, this will drop it down to 640x480
  8. The write life is about 8 years - however, it has no NCQ, so it takes MUCH longer to write to the drive (think of filling your 16GB Thumb drive with MP3's) Windows has a very small page file on the system disk (even if you disable it) - about 5-20MB's - so if you want a reasonable speed computer, then please think about installing your o/s on a platter HDD.
  9. Thanks for the info, i only work with 50V DC (POTS testing) so i don't know enough to give heaps of info, i know a little to offer common advice.
  10. Set up the unwired modem to assign ip's via DHCP, and then set up your router to use DHCP as well, plug your router into the modem with 'lan #1' or internet (i'm using a netgear that is design like this). If your having issues connecting to the internet, dont forget to open your ports
  11. Any thing that needs to be read at a very fast rate, such as GB sized databases with 100+ users should be put onto SSD's Basically, anything that can be made read only - and have very little writes would live on an SSD very happy (and keep the write payload & the flash life lite) Keep in mind that SSD is designed for 'read', and not 'write' - look at the original benchmarks in Atomic 97/98 on the Samsung, and Intel drives.
  12. I work with electronics everyday, but never used a circuit diagram, it looks interactive though, keep in mind your Parallel & serial - if you got it in para, your going to have the same current feed everything, so the more you have on the line, the higher the resistance, and as such, the LED's at the end will be more dim.
  13. I would not recommend it for a digital data system such as SD, but SpinRite dynastat mode may fix it. http://www.grc.com (Hint TPB)
  14. amckern

    Fakefactory's Cinematic Mod for Half-Life 2

    http://www.3fl.net.au/downloads/index.php?dlid=1854 - Base http://www.3fl.net.au/downloads/index.php?dlid=2112 - Patch 1/2 http://www.3fl.net.au/downloads/index.php?dlid=2113 - Patch 2/2 They got it up on 3fl Well wroth it - would be nice if they injected this into substance?
  15. amckern

    Steam now has automatic, regionised download servers

    Optus don't care any more - move to BigPond, or another worthwhile provider (hint@iiNet)
  16. amckern

    I'm worried about my hard drive.

    Use Spinrite (www.grc.com) BTW there is a free version around some place & it should fix it up - otherwise nab your xp cd & go into console mode & type fixmbr - might work as well.
  17. Hey, At work we have a data base drill down that gets exported to a CVS file every day. I use this file a few times a day, but recently the drill down has busted the cell limits of excel in office 2003. Is there any way i can open this file with standard office 2003 tools? I don't want to use open office, because it has not passed the policy's at work for software applications. I DO NOT have access to the raw database data, I only have access to the CVS. Thanks!
  18. amckern

    Busting excels cell limit with office 2003?

    Thanks As the storms around the country start to pick up, this file is going to jump by around 20MB a day - today's drill down was 210MB. I'll try the CSV splitter & see if it helps - thanks for the advice.
  19. amckern

    cant install 3d mark vantage ?

    Hm strange - do you have DEP enabled (AKA Execute kill bit in BIOS)
  20. Hey guys, I am doing some programming on the latest version of SvenCoop but the donations code is rather long (Well over 1200 lines for just steam ids) - I am wondering is there some way I can compress this table / perform some Optimizing while keeping it human readable? The worst thing is that it has been attached to a very commonly accessed file (Although at the end like any good less often used code should be) An example of some of the code is shown; NB. Steam ID's replaced with **** //--------------------------------------- // { WONID, NAME, TASK, LEVEL }, //--------------------------------------- { "****", "Sven Viking", "SvenCo-op Team Leader", WONID_L5 }, { "****", "Mad Jonesy", "SvenCo-op Core Team Member", WONID_L5 }, { "****", "Sniper", "SvenCo-op Core Lead Programmer", WONID_L5 }, { "****", "(GIT)r-man", "SvenCo-op Sound Guy", WONID_L5 },
  21. Ok thanks for the response, i assumed this may have been the case.
  22. Hey, I have ventured into something I don't know anything about - wireless My downloads are 64kb/s my uploads are almost at 650kb/s - it seems like the upload / download paths have been swaped Now because I am living in a shared house, I don't have access to the wireless router or the modem - but I understand that the ISP is Optus. Help!