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    Wireless Antenna's

    Only thing near my router is a corded phone I am currently on channel 13 of region 1 - i have used the default one, and also gone the other end of the spectrum (channel 1) and still drops out. I have betwen me and the bed room My computer monitor 1x 110cm LCD TV 1x bathroom (floor to roof tiles) 1x hall with 2 big glass and frame prints facing each other 1x bedroom wall The thing is i can see next doors signal (and its running much stronger then mine) and its about 20m away from me with more stuff between there router and me.
  2. Hi, Over the past 3 or 4 weeks i have been having very slow, and constant drop outs with my PC's wireless LAN (provided through a RALink adapter on the mother board) I am getting on average 30-100kb/s downloads (from ISP server), and speed test is giving me a connection of 2.96 (to Optus Sydney) I have an Acer net book (d255), and sat it in front of my PC, and ran a speed test from it, i am getting 1mb/s downloads, and a speedtest.net result of around 8.9 I have upgraded my drivers, and ensured that the dual ariels on the PC are not touching the AC power cord (inducing noise) and a free from other obstacles - yet i am still getting very slow performance. Is this a sign that the adapter is dead? I don't have the ability to install a wireless card as the micro atx board only has a PCI-E X16 (in use by my video card)
  3. sadly the h55 only comes with the 1x pcie-16 would any one recommend a wireless usb or dont even think about it??
  4. amckern

    Asus Transformer

    According to an old whirlpool thread - http://whrl.pl/RKON6 - it seems to be that achieva and synnex is the distributors for Asus - consider contacting them?
  5. amckern

    Acer Aspire One D255

    Yeah, i only been using windows 7 on this netbook, so not up with the correct words. I am looking at sticking an sd card in the sd slot for use with Windows 7 Readyboost
  6. Hi, I am looking at some upgrades for my Acer Aspire One D255, one of them is a 6600 mAh bettery (3x as much life as the default) - $80 new off ebay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/9Cell-Battery-ACER-...W-/180646607296 The other one is a SDCard for speed boost - any recommendations - or cautions?
  7. amckern

    What's an 'Eon-a5.1b'

    Sounds like its an EON Rev A 5.1 (Sound card) Not much more help seeing i have NFI who HN is.
  8. amckern

    What starts with your PC?

    Ok, what do you use? Why do you use it? And what has it found on its watch dog status? These answers will help me make the switch.
  9. amckern

    What starts with your PC?

    LOL As if you would waste time to download bloatware (AVG 7), or spend money on anti-virus (Norton, NOD)
  10. amckern

    What starts with your PC?

    I use that as well, but msconfig makes a nice to read window.
  11. amckern

    What starts with your PC?

    I would disable ctfmon, but my father in law needs the Asian fonts (and ctfmon) to play his chess game. If you want less memory usage, you can also mess around with this; http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=31622
  12. amckern

    What starts with your PC?

    I run lite
  13. Windows runs fine, and everything seems to be stable, but i have just opened autoruns from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals to remove the start up key for skype (it loads with trillian) - i found that i am missing MANY driver services - whats going on?
  14. amckern

    Unable to find a stack of driver services

    %windir% goes to c:\windows (correct folder)
  15. amckern

    Unable to find a stack of driver services

    I suspect that i may have removed one of env vars then
  16. amckern

    Virus or not?

    You can always submit the executable to something like virus total and see what it returns.
  17. When atomic did this MANY issues ago they had to get a bulk order from 3m becuase they could not find any at retail. Mayb contact Dan?
  18. amckern

    Fake ram module?

    I would for the customers sake add a few extra bucks to the bill, and get some Samsung OEM sticks - they do what they are told, and tend to live for a long time.
  19. You might want to get your hands on an Astaro box, or download there VM Ware white box. You dont need anything current gen, go to the computer market, and pick up on of those 200 buck 2nd hand computers. http://www.astaro.com/
  20. amckern

    Past build made here

    I'm finding that there is some real bad ram at the moment - i brought a 4gb kit from PCCG, and one of my sticks was also faulty.
  21. Hey, I need to install East Asian support for my father in-law on my desktop, when i built the machine i installed windows from my USB stick, and have NO CD-Rom (i have steam). When i attempt to install the support the wizard asks me for a i386/lang folder, i cant find this on my XP USB, or in the SP3 installer (Found something on announaces.org) Has any one got some advice?
  22. amckern

    Windows XP - Install East Asian with out cd

    I ended up downloading a windows iso, and used the files from that. Thanks for the help.
  23. amckern

    office emails

    Click the big ares office logo, and then click options
  24. amckern

    office emails

    Office 2000, XP, 2007, 2010?