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    The longest exposure

    .25mm pin hole
  2. amckern

    Easter show 2010 pics

    Anything that would stop shakes over a longer exposure is fine, otherwise you are going to end up with blurry lights in the background - even if you place it on the seat next to you. I am prob using all the wrong words - please excuse me if i am (My background has been large scale live video production such as concerts) EDIT: NPOV
  3. amckern

    best way of watching movies over a network

    If your sharing over windows - windows, i would recommend you ditch windows, and install DSL with sambar server, and use sambar server to be your file server. Also on your server box turn everything off your IRQ settings in BIOS all but your network, and disk (ie, disable floppy, USB, USB for DOS, LPT port etc)
  4. amckern

    Easter show 2010 pics

    Rather good (i like to make blurry photos even with the 'shake' mode enabled on the camera) but some advice; Center your objects, if they are off center, then the viewer will be taken the 'white space' - the horse and cart are 100%, but not center, and therefor i'm asking my self, what are we looking at? The old lady's - nice again, but washed out due to the natural light - if your going to take a photo with the subject in full sun, find an angle where the sun will light the subject in a good way, and not wash them out - if you stood in the door leading to the stables you might have had a better shot, but could have ran into your own shadow entering frame as well. Robo - did you black, and white balance before you went with the night photos, or did you use the same day balance settings? Lower iris, and slow shutter speed on a tri-pod would be the best for this type of photo. Motor-x - best of them all - no comments.
  5. Hey, We brought our son one of those 'keyboard' toys for Christmas, and he is starting to belt out tunes on it (i mean his mum has taught him some basics, and he is going from there), i would like to promote his ability by upgrading to a keyboard synth (and save my ears from the high pitch low bit synth in the toy). Because he still a baby, and loves to smack the things around, i am after one that will withstand being thrown out the window, and having the keys stood on becuase he 'can'. Offer me brands, models, and a street price please.
  6. amckern

    mouse works but....

    If you got a 42 inch TV, i would recommend using a small screen res, and sitting back near the lounge chair.
  7. amckern

    mouse works but....

    Have you considered turning off hardware mouse? http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-repli...cfm/910981.html
  8. Ok, it was the windows cardspace service - i'll reinstall .net 3.5, and see what goes - cant get rid of cardspace, its part of the dam framework....
  9. My computer boots fine, however, 9 out of every 10 boots it will have very slow response, and not show all the users in task manager http://www.picfury.com/2n/img/untitled-1032.gif I have performed a SFC /scannow, ran a chkdsk /f, and also ran SpinRite (www.grc.com) - still getting the same issues - has any one got any idea whats going on?
  10. Hi, Thanks for the advice - one thing that might be slowing me down may be the realtek sound drivers, i have not updated them for a long time, and i suspect that the system started to throw these issues after i installed them... F@H Core is a start up process, but runs in Idle state, so its only 50% becuase the system is doing nothing I can load small foot print apps fine, such as Word 2000, or outlook 2000, or even Notepad etc, but when i try and load IE8, or FireFox 3.5.2 they take a long time, one thing however, is i can load Left4Dead2, and play fine. Is windows XP still using SOCKS, maybe this is broken?
  11. Windows XP Pro SP3 (Fully patched) Microsoft security essentials Windows Firewall Netgear WG311v3 wireless card ECS MB that supports Intel Pentium D 3.4Ghz Nvidia 7900 Pro
  12. I have the season 2 battle star galactica 6 dvd set (picked up from JB around 7 months ago), i have finally got to disk 4, and it keeps stalling in my DVD player, my 2 dvd roms on my home pc, and my DVD rom @ work. Will the distributors replace the disk for me - if i go back to JB and say, hey disk 4 is not working, i dont expect them to rip open a new season 2 set and say 'here take this disk' - after some cost free advice, and then will consider my options - no visible scratches, or cracks on the dvd, and i also gave it a genital buff with a soft lint free cloth
  13. amckern

    USB Issues

    There is some info in older copy's of Atomic(early-mid 2009) What happens if you kill the primary, and then make a new one with the hole unallocated free space?
  14. maleware bites, andti malware is the best tool - i saved my parents computer with it - just dont forget to run it in safe mode.
  15. amckern

    1 faulty DVD in a box set

    Strange??? Its good to hear other good customer service story's from these guys - lets hope they keep it up over the next few years - not many retailers will swap an entire box set to fix a faulty single disk now days.
  16. amckern

    Bioshock ...its here!(NO plot spoilers)

    The game was to short, and the end map was no arena (ended to shortly for me) Love the bit where you get to Lamb Jnr, and run around as a Adam eater.
  17. amckern

    1 faulty DVD in a box set

    All sorted, was much more easy then i expected, as the department manager opened up a new set, and gave me disk 4 - very happy.
  18. amckern

    1 faulty DVD in a box set

    You....what? Firefox spell checker had no idea what i was trying to spell. Thanks for the advice, i might have to hunt around for a digital copy of the 4 epps that are broken, as i do not have the recipt, and it was a good 7 months ago - i'll go to jb and see what they will do - but i am sure i wont see much action from them.
  19. Hey, My son is 10 months old, and at the moment loves crawling under the chair i have my modem, and wireless router under. I want to stop him from unplugging everything, and also stop the ability of jabbing up to 50V of DC in his mouth when he chomps on a cord. If i was to build a basic box from wood (19mm pine), would i be blocking my wifi g signal by any massive amount?
  20. You can fill a nuke oven 1/4 full of metal, as long as the other 3/4 has enough solid, or liquid to diapate & obsorbe the rays - i would recomend that you dont consume the 3/4 of stuff after your done, but its still safe. Hell i stick gold in the nuke oven (its stuck on some of my more fancy plates), and dont see the world ending up like a devide by 0.
  21. Thanks guys - i am currently building a toy box - i'll stick an off cut in the microwave as explained above, and see what happens.
  22. I think the only ones that would do that are ECS boards - most name brands such as Asus only have a single chipset, and this only support the one type.
  23. amckern

    Wife purchased notebook ... help

    I think i should take your wife with me when i go shopping - good price IMO
  24. Crossfire is only on ATI cards SLI is only on nvidia cards How many games that you use at the moment have the option to turn hardware physx on?
  25. Grab a copy of autoruns and stab it in each location that pops up - that's where i got the 3 keys from anyway.