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  1. My dads pc has become infected by Anti-virus 2010, and keeps asking him for credit card details before proceeding to lock the computer up. I am not very skilled in malware removal (the worst infection i ever had was a keygen in a ZIP) - what tools will i need to arm my self with on XP SP2, in order to clean this beast off? Thanks.
  2. amckern

    programming start point

    Do you have a problem that you need to solve? Write a program to solve it I use to a pro with batch files, but now use c++ after a 10 week intro into Java (Was a 2 year course at tafe that i failed the first exam in)
  3. Make your batch file, and stab it on a local drive Now chose how you want it to run, and stab a new string that points to your batch file in the relevant key Do you want the batch file to run before, or after the log-in prompt? As soon as windows loads to GUI HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon Do you want it to run for all users, or just for your self? Your self HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run All users HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  4. Strange ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /registerdns Also check your HOSTS file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc for any lines that point to google.com Otherwise, consider adding a manual DNS address in your network addaptors DNS server such as Open DNS or iiNets DNS servers ( &
  5. amckern

    Fast Reply not working

    Yeah fast reply is working ok (after i posted this thread), all but in building and trouble shooting, i'll do a ctrl+f5 next time i enter those boards.
  6. amckern

    Fast Reply not working

    Hey, Any one else having issues with vanilla / safe mode fire fox 3.6, and the Fast Reply box sending you to the forums index when you hit 'add reply'? Adam
  7. amckern

    IT consultancy

    You got KAZ now owned by Fujitsu IBM & HP also spring to mind There is also another service provider that Telstra uses, and is currently taking over the support role of 'the bridge', however its still getting 'transformed', so i cant think of the name at the moment.
  8. Look around for spin rite - official site http://www.grc.com - from what i understand this is a rather good tool at getting the OS into a state where you can back up files - otherwise old school rubber mallet as in 'sticky disks'.
  9. Hi, Juts got back home from removing the malware Used MBAM by its self, and it was found along side 10 other files I also used dial-a-fix, patched to SP3 with all hot fixes (inc ie8, and out of cycle patch) I then ran a complete update with the file hippo update checker Short and sweet, MBAM fixed it, though the scan in safe mode took just on 90 minutes. I taught my dad how to use ccleaner, and windows update (and he performed these once a week), though its a bit more complex to teach him how to use the file hippo tool.
  10. I agree the VIA SBC's are very good - even for older games.
  11. Hey, We have a tv in our bedroom that is as about 8 years old, i would like to open the case and stick a small biscut digital tunner under the back of the cathrode, and jumper the coax connector to the tunner card. The reason why i' jumped on here is that i dont know where i can get my hands on a small format card that will suit my needs, or even if this idea is possible. Comments?
  12. Fine - i'll do something else - i wonder if i can still purchase a VIA SBC for my pcu mod thats been gathering dust.
  13. I might get a DSE box, and rip the card out of it then - i'll see how i go
  14. What version of Firefox are you running around with?
  15. Sounds like the download from OVI is not reconised by either the cert database on the phone, or by Optus - is there a facebook app on the optus homepage on the mobile?
  16. amckern

    Got a Dead Dell

    I would give PC Master a call, they where fixing quite a few laptops last time i purchased some parts for a PC from them. 02 9659 4172
  17. You can always backup to subversion - i been starting to do that with a theplanet account
  18. Hey, I got a EEE 900 from one of you guys a few months ago for my wife, its a sweet small beast but i am now after a laptop for my self to use on the train I have alwasy been interested in the Compaq Presario CQ61Z - however, i want to programm source mods (Orange box) on the laptop, compile, and play test - is it going to be powerful enough? Until the 24th DSE has it for $599.00 HP.com; http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping...ng/CQ61Z_series
  19. Hey, My wife's EEE has a SSD, and its running real slow, i tore off AVG, and it got some speed back - but i have read in the dec issue of atomic that even the file is gone, it still has the data in the SSD cells - i was wondering if i was able to use CCleaner wipe free space to restore SSD cells back to empty and get some speed back? Its windows xp sp3
  20. amckern

    Raid HHD's Formating/Wipe

    There are write arays around - i saw one at cbit sydney 3 years ago - they cost 5-10k each - dep on how many drives you wants to put on it - i would look at something that uses muilty threaded i/o - that way every core on your host machine will be used to write the 0's & will speed things up a littile.
  21. I'm unsure what the brand is - its an Asus first gen 51xxxx (replace the x with random numbers, and letters) Its currently charging the battery in sleep mode, and when its opened next time, it will only be firefox, or ms word.
  22. If you still have trouble grab Dial-a-fix - it has quite a few things that it can work - however it wont fix IE7 or IE8 - its to old for that.
  23. Just be careful, i had this happen to my CPU fan, and it fell out of the heat sink a few weeks latter.
  24. That's rather good - what street are you on? Hunter street - 375m from the exchange LOS, ~460m as the cable lies according to this: http://www.tpg.com.au/maps/ I must have to many jumpers betwen me and the exchange then. I live on the units on the pacific hwy - wireless hub, connected to ADSL 2+ modem, that then goes into a digital multiplexer to the MDF, and then to the exchange - i think the multiplexer they have on each floor is causing the choke.