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  1. Boosta

    Let's try it again

    My words will have little sway here, but I need to express my feelings about this. You mods are seriously the biggest pack of sooks I have ever seen. How hard can it be to mod a forum that has barely a few hundred active members? And banning a longtime CONTRIBUTOR to these forums over a joke, Taken in the context of the thread a blind man could see it was a light hearted attempt at humour. I can't imagine why you wouldn't just ban so the so called imitator and issue a suspension or even more reasonably just a warning to NJ. Hiding behind your pissy rules/FAQ only serves to make you look like douchebags. Why the fuck should anybody be banned if all they have to do to get back is kiss the feet of a god? Fuck that! I'd tell you to stick your forums up your arse too if you did the same to me. No wonder this place is so dead.
  2. Boosta

    Long Division, can you do it?

    Thats pretty damn close to how I do my maths. I wouldn't say I'm amazing at it but I can usually beat the other blokes at work who reach for the calculator using a ridiculous formula like that in my head.
  3. Boosta

    Steam-powered Console?

    If indeed it does exist, I believe it will be a user friendly but also loungeroom friendly PC. Something that makes PC gaming easier for the masses. It's not an easy sell, but from day one it should have a bigger catalogue of available games than any console to date. I hope it's true and I reckon it's a pretty bloody exciting prospect.
  4. Boosta


    I have 2 dogs and a cat. First up is my 12 year old female Jack Russell, Flick - Next up is my 5 year old female cat and resident hunter, Taji - And finally my 4 year old female Doberman, Odessa -
  5. Boosta

    Favorite smells

  6. Boosta

    Steam Broken?

    I fixed it by going into settings and turning off steam cloud, then shutting down steam, renaming the appcache folder to appcache.bak restarting steam and turning off steam cloud again then all my games worked fine. Turned steam cloud back on yesterday and everything is still sweet.
  7. My TV has 3 HDMI inputs and it says to use the 2nd HDMI port if plugging in a pc. I can still get a signal if I use other ports, but if I use the recommended port it gives me a few more tweaking options. Thats on a Samsung telly btw. Maybe its something like that.
  8. Boosta

    New Speakers

    I doubt you will find much for under $500 but something like this might be a good starting point- http://www.jbhifi.com.au/jb-hi-fi-home-aud...kers-sku-99630/ For an extra 100 you could turn that into a 5.1 system: http://www.jbhifi.com.au/jb-hi-fi-home-aud...kers-sku-99630/ 5.1 I find to be most useful in games, movies can be pretty neat with it as well but I don't consider it a neccessity. Same goes for a sub, nice to have but they are usually big and can be difficult to place, plus decent floorstanders have plenty of bass. It's also a pain in the arse to properly setup a 5.1 system. and not worth having it if you're not going to utilize it properly. But $500 bucks will get you some pretty nice bookshelf speakers and if you are in a small room a pair of bookshelf speakers may be all that you need. I think Caelum might be able to recommend you a nice pair.
  9. So I had a rather strange occurance this evening. I'll preface this story by letting you in on some details of my setup - A Yamaha receiver feeding a 5.1 speaker setup. The receiver has 4 HDMI inputs and 1 output. 3 of the inputs are in use by an Xbox 360, a PS3 and a HTPC. The output is going to a 40 inch Samsung TV which returns audio to the amp for free to air tv watching via an optical cable. All the HDMI devices send audio to the amp and then the picture is passed through to the TV. I turned on my Xbox to play some Skyrim after watching some telly but I noticed the amp wasn't receiving a signal from it. Then I realised that the controller wasn't syncing properly either. My first thought was that the Xbox had gone to god, Which surprised me since it's a newer 'slim' model and is less than 6 months old. I disconnected it from the power but it didn't have any effect, I also tried to sync a different controller which didn't work either. I then turned on the PS3 just to remove the amp from the equation but lo and behold the amp wouldn't receive a signal from that either. Same deal with the HTPC. I then switched the amp off and on again but still no signal. Then again with the TV but still nothing. Just as I was about to get the warranty information out for the Xbox and amp I decided to reset the surge protector that all this gear is plugged in to, and suddenly everything was back to normal. No idea what the cause was but I hope it doesn't become a regular occurance. All of this gear minus the TV is less than 12 months old so you would think I'd get at least a few more years before problems start cropping up. Bloody technology! EDIT: Seems the amp is the culprit after all. The Xbox won't fully power on if it cannot get a hdmi handshake. So with about 2 weeks warranty left on the receiver I'm beginning to have intermittant issues. :(
  10. Boosta


    Yeah, that sucks. It's like they stole the crafting system out of WoW but forgot to take the convenient bits.
  11. Boosta

    Audio stops working through HDMI.

    Yeah same issue for me on a 4850. Only does it when coming out of sleep if I have the receiver turned off. I usually give it a minute then I right click on the little speaker icon on the taskbar and re-enable the hdmi out on the video card as the default playback device and it fixes it. That is on Windows 7 btw.
  12. Boosta


    Anybody playing on 360 that can tell me how it runs? I'm playing on PS3 and it runs pretty awful. Thinking of swapping it over for the 360 version if that is better performance wise.
  13. Boosta


    Cool game. Shits all over Oblivion in terms of atmosphere. The voice acting and character models have come a long way. The audio is also pretty amazing. I'm playing on PS3, doesn't look too bad overall but it runs with a fair amount of frame rate drops.
  14. Boosta

    Did I nearly kill a carpet python?

    $100 says it was a Tiger Snake. They are fat and slow and dumb and aggressive. Also the fact they love water, and you have the little creek nearby. Tiger snakes always have different markings and the many I've seen in my years fishing have always looked different so that's probably why you cant find a picture that looks the same as what you saw.
  15. Boosta

    GTAV Trailer

    That Jetski would be perfect for carrying small children.