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  1. -M-

    How colour blind are you?

    I have perfect colour vision! It's about the only thing my eyes are good at.
  2. It's really interesting to see what everyone's been up to and see how things can change in a few years. :) True, though I'm pretty glad the trip between Australia and Eurorpe is now a 24-hour plane hell instead of a 9-month sailing boat hell like when Europeans first came there.
  3. The question about taxation was a bit confusing in that the options don't cover all possibilities. For instance, my guess would be that changing taxation (depending on how it's done) will often change what kind of alcohol people choose to buy but not necessarily the quantity. It's been interesting to see the differences in Sweden with regard to alcohol since I moved here. They have quite high taxes on alcohol and a government-run monopoly bottle shop which has really restricted hours - only until 6pm weekdays, 3pm Saturdays and closed on Sundays. Which I find really invconvenient and annoying and as a result we've ended up having to plan in advance a lot more and keep a lot more alcohol in the house, just in case we get invited to dinner or a party and need to bring some. At home I pretty much only bought alcohol when I had a specific event to consume it at, since I don't drink much at home unless we have people over. I know we have some problems related to alcohol in Australia but I think on the whole we have a pretty good balance between personal responsibility and regulation in the public interest.
  4. Yes, yes we are. Yeah, I am pretty sick of planes at this point but we're coming home for Christmas so that's another 48hrs+. But I love trains and they are a good way to get around here if you are not going too far or have the time. Just sit in the train, watch the countryside go by, wander down to the dining car for lunch, then by dinnertime you're in another city, in another country, and have no idea what any of the signs mean. Much easier these days though with smartphones.
  5. We (my partner and I) moved here because I got a job here. The plan is to stay here for two years as that's how long my contract is for but after that...who knows. There are a lot of things I like about living here and some things that I might not want forever but I think are good to experience. Being able to just go visit random cities in Europe for a weekend is pretty amazing and I'm enjoying learning a new language. The weather at the moment leaves a lot to be desired, especially seeing photos of beaches and things from people back in Australia. But I'm hoping it will snow soon, that would be fun. /waves :) Haha, it's a bit exaggerated for comedic effect but there is a lot of truth in it actually.
  6. Thanks to Nich I am here for the first time in I don't even remember how long. So, hi! There are a lot of names still around that I recognise. Atomic must have the highest longevity of any community on the internet, I think. To make this thread actually have some content: I was trying to remember when I was last here and it struck just how much has changed in my life since then. I finished uni (twice), moved to Sweden, have an actual full-time job for the first time and am all around quite a different person than I was back then. So to pick a nice round number, what's happened to you in the last five years? Is your life radically different like mine or has it stayed much the same? And either way, do you think that's a good or bad thing?
  7. -M-

    Help MrFriendly learn to cook!

    If you want to learn about *why* you do things the way you do, along with some good recipes and lots of really interesting information about cooking, how to do it, the equipment you do it with, the ingredients you use etc. try Cooking for Geeks: http://www.cookingforgeeks.com/ It's a fantastic book and I'd recommend it to anyone with an interest in cooking, but especially if you're a geek because it explains it all from the perspective of someone who's really interested in how things work. Plus it has a recipe for making ice cream using liquid nitrogen.
  8. -M-

    Munchkin anyone?

    Munchkin is fun! Needs more Sydney though. :P
  9. -M-

    What are my academics?

    Maybe it's your academic clothing (i.e. gown and hood). Like civvies. :P
  10. -M-

    Broken collarbone

    Audiosurf! It's awesome and you play it to your own music, and only requires a mouse. Read, draw, write, learn a language, play board games (though this requires more people), go walking, go out places - art galleries, museums, movies, pubs, shows, concerts, take up photography, go skating/rollerblading if you are competent enough at them to not worry about falling, go fishing... Plenty to do. :)
  11. -M-

    Anyone into Martial Arts?

    Yeah, competitive isn't necessarily bad...it's competitive and unsporting and inconsiderate of people who are smaller or less experienced that sucks. If you go to watch any sparring classes, have a look at how people spar with people lower than them vs. with people their own level or higher up. We are taught that when you spar with someone lower than you, you are in the role of the teacher, and your job is to have them learn something, and depending on their level, even act as a bit of a punching bag for them to try stuff out. Definitely not to show off how much better than them you are and beat them up. Gradings are different - then it's pretty much senior people wail on you to the limit of your ability time, and your job is to defend yourself and survive. Of course, when it's you against someone higher than you, you go all out. And if they're doing it right and go hard but at your level (or just above to challenge you), it's lots of fun and very educational.
  12. -M-

    How educated are you?

    Opera hates checkboxes and I cbf opening another browser so I didn't vote, but I'm 24, have two bachelor-level degrees (one with honours), and am currently working towards my PhD. My degrees are in computer engineering and maths. As for helping me in the real world, I don't know yet. I'll let you know if I ever get to this 'real world' you speak of. I have a feeling I am never leaving uni. What's even worse is that the idea doesn't really bother me...:)
  13. When you read something like this, your first reaction is usually "How could they do that?" or "I would never do that" but you'd be surprised. It's something we studied when I did (one semester of :P) psychology. There have been a lot of experiments on this sort of thing - look up 'deindividuation' if you're interested - and it turns out that when presented with an emergency scenario, people turn into useless, apathetic zombies. :) It's partly because in a crowd, no one feels personally responsible, and partly because it's an unusual situation and so no one is sure what to do. In that kind of a scenario, people instinctively look to other people to copy what they are doing...except everyone's standing around looking at everyone else. Often it just takes one person to take action and suddenly you have a crowd full of helpful people. At the end of our unit on social psychology, the lecturer gave us some tips for if we ever find ourselves in such a situation. The main thing is to pick people out and to give them specific things to do. E.g. "You in the blue sweater, call 000" or "Girl with the red hair, can you help me up?" etc. It at once breaks the inertia of people not knowing what to do, and makes people feel individually responsible again. That said, even though it's been established in studies that most people will not act, or not act promptly, in such situations, it doesn't really excuse the behaviour. But maybe if more people understood why this happens, it would happen less. I hope that if I'm ever in a crowd watching someone get hurt, I'll remember that it's unlikely anyone else will help and do something myself. edit: oops, should really read more of the thread *before* posting, tantryl and others already said this. Still, I think the practical advice my lecturer gave us is helpful in avoiding this kind of thing happening.
  14. -M-

    Anyone into Martial Arts?

    I do Seido Juku karate. It's not very sport oriented at all - in fact one of the reasons it was started was to get back to more of the art and less of the sport - but definitely gives me a good workout, especially sparring classes. I don't think there are any dojos around Newcastle though. My advice would be to pick a dojo rather than a style. Find any that are around your area and go watch a class or two. Find people who are about genuine learning and self-improvement for everyone in the class, not about who's better or stronger or whatever. Find a dojo with people who are respectful, courteous and friendly, and with a teacher who cares about their students. Ultimately, if the culture of the dojo sucks, it doesn't matter how great the style is, it won't be that enjoyable being at class, and enjoying it is what will keep you coming back. Sure, you will need to be self-disciplined too, but if you don't enjoy it, that's a hell of a lot harder. "Man, that workout out hurt but I love this shit" will bring you back. "Man that workout hurt and I hate this" won't. Other things to look for are how practical the style is, if you are interested in the self-defence side of it. Do the teachers explain *why* the moves are the way they are and how you would apply them in real life? Do they do full-contact sparring - this doesn't have to be particularly dangerous if they use protective gear but is vital to you learning how to apply the techniques you've learnt in a real fight - or only points or no sparring? Of course, if you're just after the art and the discipline and the fitness, you can ignore these points, but for self-defence, that's the sort of thing you're after. If you find a dojo that fits all of the above, you're onto a good thing and never mind the specifics of the style.
  15. -M-

    Fractional Reserve Banking

    Like in the clips I put in the post right above your you mean? ;P So no one else should post in the thread because you've put those videos up? I just wanted to give a short, simple explanation for those who don't have the time or aren't interested enough to wade through lots of videos. If I've got anything blatantly wrong, please correct me, as I asked for, but if it's essentially on the right track then I don't see what's wrong with me putting up that post.