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  1. Periander

    Migrating NAS - Compatibility

    Update: Spoke with Netgear, apparently it's not possible to just 'plug the new drives in' to those newer models. They're sending out a replacement PSU.
  2. Had a brownout and our 4 bay Netgear RND4000 now won't power on; but I'm *guessing* the drives are fine. I know Netgear has a proprietary X-RAID that was in use with this NAS. My question is, if I buy a new Netgear NAS, say the Netgear RNDU6000 or maybe Netgear RN31600-100AJS (want to move up to 6 bays), will it just be a matter of chucking in the 4 drives and letting it verify? I believe these newer NASes have a new generation of that X-RAID, and I don't really want to lose that existing data, but at the same time don't want to go through a complex/time consuming restore process.
  3. Periander

    Corsair PSU Reliability

    I wonder... I use a UPS everywhere, whereas I don't think either of these guys did... Hmmm...
  4. Periander

    Corsair PSU Reliability

    Interesting that others have had an issue of late too. There was no other damage as far as I could tell, just PSU gave up the ghost at some point. Just surprises me that I would have 2 fail. I've got 3 other AX models on PCs that I use at home/work, and they haven't skipped a beat. About half a dozen other friends/colleagues/family have Corsair PSUs on my recommendation too, so I guess 2 out of a dozen or so ain't *too* bad... but still. I believe it's hard to get your hands on the Superflower ones here, but I will do a bit more reading on the EVGA ones to see if they are just rebrands.
  5. Not sure if this is the right board for PSU questions; let me know. For a long time now I've recommended and used Corsair PSUs on account of them being highly recommended by Atomic and others. However, In the space of a week, I've had a friend's and a colleague's Corsair PSU break down, (confirmed that they were both definitely the PSU). Both had the AX650 on account it being the cheapest AX model, and being sufficient for their power needs. They were maybe 2-3 years old each. I chucked in a temporary PSU in each, and both are fine, but they are just cheap jobs, which I don't like putting in to decent systems. Given this, my confidence is a little rocked, and I'm considering making another brand my recommendation. I know SeaSonic was reputed to be on par with Corsair as internally they were manufactured together, so maybe I might give them a miss too. Anyone else having problems and/or suggestions?
  6. Periander

    4K 4 4K

    Grabbed a cheap R7 240 and that did the trick. 3D playback is good, and I can output at 3840x2160. Waiting on Timescapes to arrive but found some test 4K content. Played it through QuickTime as suggested but it was still a bit choppy. Maybe I should have spent a bit more a the GPU.
  7. Periander

    4K 4 4K

    Thought some might get some info out of this and/or be able to provide me with some info. So I went to see some rather 'swell fellas', and put down about 4 grand for a 55" LG 4K TV (55LA9700). Or rather, a multi-national conglomerate kindly put down 4 grand on my behalf, on the proviso I pay them back within 50 months lest I incur interest. So far, I'm not entirely sure it was a wise move. My SO had been bugging me about a new TV for a while now, and I was casually discussing the new 4K format and bam, she wanted one; so here we are. The picture quality is reasonable in 1080p, but nothing to write home about; or even on a forum come to think of it. I don't have any 4K content currently. Having no end of troubles getting my HTPC to output higher than 1080p. I don't think it's the receiver because I actually grabbed a '4K ready' receiver at the same time (Yamaha RX-V675). It's probably the low end 4300 series ATI GPU, which I believe doesn't output at the required HDMI 1.4? Also having a lot of dramas with BR playback in 3D, I'm blaming PowerDVD for that, but it may again by the GPU, (I updated to the latest PowerDVD etc. and disabled AnyDVD and set the refresh rate to 24Hz and played with all sorts of settings, but still no dice). So I think I'm going to put in another GPU, any suggestions for something small, cool & quiet? There's a redemption offer for an XBox One included in the deal. Wait time is up to 90 days though; ugh. If you asked me a week ago I would have said I didn't want a next gen console, but as it is I will probably use that as a BR player, (heck, I might even buy an alternate BR player in the interim). I'm getting a HD version of Timescapes so that I at least have something to show off. Can anyone else suggest other 4K content, (doesn't have to be free).
  8. Periander

    Amazing Quadcopter Demonstration

    Yeah, pretty interesting. It was almost emotional seeing him cut the props.
  9. Periander

    RemoteApp Crash

    Thanks, that's given me some ideas. I have to take a generic approach to this, I'm a dev just looking to try and advise a variety of sites who use our software in this way, (it's legacy, and unfortunately it does crash sometimes).
  10. Periander

    RemoteApp Crash

    Does anyone know how users can terminate their own crashed RemoteApp session? Basically we find that if an application hangs on the terminal server via RemoteApp, the user cannot get access to close or restart it, and so they cannot use the application via RemoteApp until an admin forcibly closes the process or their session. Maybe something outside of the box, like another RemoteApp application to force close? Any other ideas?
  11. Periander

    That's about enough rain thanks.

    You know, I didn't really notice until my toilets stopped flushing last night, (had to switch back to town water).
  12. Periander

    Selling your vote?

    I think you meant to quote aliali.
  13. Periander

    Selling your vote?

    I'm in Dickson too, and as I see it there are 3 options for the house of reps: 1. Support Labor as the lesser of the two 'major' evils. 2. Support the Greens as a protest vote. 3. Informal vote. Regards, option 1, I align with Labor on a couple of big ticket issues, like the NBN, but I just can't bring myself to vote for them because of other policies and general shenanigans. They also won't win the seat. I have voted Green in the past as a protest vote, because I do feel strongly about the environment and some of their social stances. However, I now strongly support nuclear power and I can't bring myself to support people who say they support the environment, but refuse to consider a viable option (even if it would alienate their core). To be honest, I'm strongly leaning towards option 3. I will probably also get passive aggressive about it and write 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' at the bottom of the house of reps ballot paper, and tick that box; take that anonymous vote counter! Actually, I really should get a 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' with tick box shirt printed up for the occasion! The other options are well, not really options at all. I have serious misgivings with all of the other candidates/parties available. I will vote in the senate though obviously, as it is somewhere that your vote actually counts. Generally speaking, in the senate, you're voting to block rather than enact; and it's much easier to choose which party you want to be a blocking voice.
  14. Periander

    SmartScreen - Dumb?

    Thanks, I will look in to that.
  15. Periander

    Too Much Money - Display Discussion

    I have a large single Sammy, (I think it's about 30"), and one day was given two smaller (24") Dells. I now run the 3 in eyefinity 5760x1080 on a single 7970. I angle fairly minimally; I don't race really but I do want the peripheral you get for full-screen first person view games, but at the same time want to use the other screens for other games and productivity, (i.e., for multi-boxing Eve or running browsers etc. while playing CK2 or Civ V, or hell, actually doing some work!)