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  1. Nchalada

    What's on your mind?

  2. Nchalada

    Where's Issue 142?

    Periander, you obviously don't watch The Big Bang Theory :p
  3. Nchalada

    Come hither..

    That's an easy one. Doggy-stepladder :)
  4. I tend to wrap the cable once around my monitors stand also, and it works like a charm.
  5. Nchalada

    GA-P35-DS3P Issues...

    huh... ok, guess now i have to afford a psu lol
  6. Nchalada

    Mouse Mats

    I've got an A2 sized green generic cutting mat, upside down as in the rulings and writing is on the bottom, bought it for $2 at the local Reject Shop. Works flawlessly with my G5 laser mouse, and the various red led optical mouses that I've used.
  7. Nchalada

    GA-P35-DS3P Issues...

    PSU is a Codegen 750W (Yes, I know, I am cheap, but had powered the same rig albeit in AMD form for a couple years previously), and already had the latest BIOS flashed when I bought it from OCAU. When I picked it up, it was running flawlessly, the bloke had just plugged everything in to test it, including power. May be just me :/. OTOH, surely changing the PSU wouldn't stop the mobo from wiping the BIOS every power failure?? Note: This only happens on a full power failure, or turning off at the switch on the back / pulling the plug, not on a shutdown / reboot.
  8. I had this issue on my GA-P35-DS3P board. Turned out to be it didn't like the WD external drive plugged in before booting.
  9. My motherboard is driving (and has been for some time) me to distraction. After a blackout, tripped breaker, etc, I am unable to turn the computer on straight away. I have a very similar setup sitting next to my main rig as a media server, and can turn that on as soon as power is restored, but with the main rig, I have to wait between 4 - 8 minutes, for what feels like letting the power trickle through from the PSU to the board. After it has *finally* decided to let me turn it on, the BIOS has reset itself to defaults, and I have to go in and fiddle again to get the system to where I want it. YES: I have pulled the battery, and replaced it; I have taken the entire thing to bits and reseated all the components. NO: I have not reinstalled the OS because I figure it's a hardware problem. Any ideas? Rig is in the Sig
  10. Nchalada

    .NET redistibutables

    Sorry in advance for the bump to an old thread, but you may find Autopatcher to be a big help for this. It downloads all the updates from MS, and then allows you to install most of them without rebooting after every patch. It may take up to 3 times to patch all the way, but it's a lot easier to set the program up to just go, then go make dinner / watch TV etc, than to stand over said machine and using the IE based *shudder* updater. Plus, it allows you to select / deselect what you want, and doesn't install patches that are already on the computer. Nchy PS: It is extremely portable, you can run it on your home machine, stuff it on an USB drive, take it your friends house, plug it in, copy to the desktop (purely for speed) and run it there. It doesn't seem to bother the program where the Autopatcher folder is put, as long as the folder structure under the root (for the program) is the same as the program is used to.
  11. sounds to me worth waiting for the bargain bin :/
  12. Nchalada

    Windows Live and Steam ids

    STEAM: Nchalada No WLG for me :)
  13. Nchalada

    Scary earthquake?

    According to someone on an IRC channel i'm currently in, it was 7.9 on the Richter scale. Good luck Japan
  14. Nchalada

    RSS Feed

    Just wondering why the RSS feed always has multiples of articles in it, sometimes up to 6 different ones that point to the same thing, and all worded almost exactly as the last. Cheers Nchy
  15. Nchalada

    Just finished at 12-year-old game?

    This game stutters every few seconds for me, yes, everything's updated etc. , dx, drivers, game itself, yadayadayada... It's not like this is an ancient computer i'm playing on...