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    2x OCZ Vertex 2 60GB in RAID 0

    anyone knows the difference between Agillity 2 and Vertex 2? From what I know they only run slightly different firmware on identical Sandforce controllers.
  2. atomidude

    2x OCZ Vertex 2 60GB in RAID 0

    SSDs have been around for a couple of years now but I am yet to read about systematic catstrophic failure on a large scale. On the other hand mechanical hdds failure is quite common. If you buy an SSD today only if you're sure it will last you 10 years well, wait another 8 years to find out how they go. fact is, SSDs are faster, cooler and safer than their mechanical cousins. Price is not that much of an issue anymore if you compare run of the mill SSDs with Raptors for example.
  3. atomidude

    2x OCZ Vertex 2 60GB in RAID 0

    Can't post the WEI yet because I'm still to transfer the OS to the new SSD Raid 0, but otherwise I'm having a lot of fun with the two Agility 2 SSDs :) Well worth the $300 I spent today on disk upgrades!
  4. atomidude


    Got two OCZ Agillity 2 60GB SSDs today for $300. This is how the ATTO test for a RAID 0 set-up looks like. The HDDs are hooked up to the ICH10 controller on my EX58UD5 Gigabyte mobo. I love the concept behind the RevoDrive and I believe that is the way to go for multiGB/s speeds. However, have a look a what these puppies can do: Not too shabby for $300, ha?
  5. atomidude

    A mobile Patriot Inferno!

    more tests :)
  6. atomidude


    I want one! Will try getting one 120GB derive early next week. My freaking netbook has much faster disk access now with the Patriot than my i7 OC-ed desktop and that is not normal, is it? :D
  7. atomidude

    A mobile Patriot Inferno!

    Got the laptop in the Optus contract so yeah, the SSD at $299 was waaaay more expensive. However, I've also got over $5,000 worth of software on it so an SSD to keep it safe is not over the top, not at all. I absolutely love this thing :) Here's a sample of browsing speed-reading Google News.
  8. atomidude

    A mobile Patriot Inferno!

    here's my Aspire 1410 puppy in action :)
  9. Got a 120 GB Patriot Inferno in my humble Intel U230 1.2 GHz powered Aspire 1410. Running Win 7 64 bit and 4 GB RAM. The way this thing moves now is simply ridiculous :D
  10. atomidude

    laptop with GPS and satellite imagery

    you can use Google Earth with almost any GPS receiver. The other day I selected NMEA and Magellan Explorist and the GPS receiver connected over Bluetooth to my laptop worked just fine with Google Earth. I was driving 80km/h and the map was following me, keeping my position in the center of the screen. As said above, just increase cache size to 2GB, browse the map before you go and you won't need an internet connection. In fact, I didn't have one handy when tested this stuff.
  11. atomidude

    The TOUCH BOOK or Netbook reloaded :)

    It ooks like the Crunchpad is going to be release in November. No news yet about the Touch Book, despite Always Innovating, the manufacturer, promised that shipping will start in July... On the other hand, as you may all know, rumours about the iTablet are intensifying by the hour. Financial Times is betting on September now! Other reputable sources suggest a launch date for the oversized ipod touch right before Xmas holidays or early in the new year. Boy, soon we wouldn't know what to chose! :)
  12. atomidude

    Atomic Netbook Owners Thread

    Best mouse for these things is a Bluetooth one. no receiver required :)
  13. atomidude

    The Android OS comes to the PC

    Well, I would use it just to check Android out before buying a $900 phone :) You know, let's say you are interested in certain applications written for Android phones, it is quite useful to test them before you jump and buy that Hero thing. I agree, it will take quite a while until Android is a serious contender on netbooks.