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  1. Well, it's official now. Ministerial Release Interesting decision to retire C130H early...
  2. tailgunner

    Does anyone here have Cities XL 2011 on steam?

    I've got 2012; I can do that for you. But you'll owe me a blumpkin.
  3. tailgunner

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    Once the date is set I'll be able to say yea or nay. I will definitely head down if the the date suits though.
  4. tailgunner

    The Retro Census 2011

    I've recently picked up a Master System 1, an original Mega Drive and a Saturn. Spent the last weekend opening them up and soldering 50/60hz switches to the lot of them (and replacing the Saturn's battery). I'm running the Mega Drive through RGB SCART on my 72cm Loewe CRT that I picked up on ebay for $10. Fantastic picture; I feel like a kid again but the graphics are even better than I remember! I've got about 20 games each for the Master System and Saturn, and about 60 for the Mega Drive. I just picked up an action replay cartridge for the Saturn, well worth it for the import games and memory pack. Got all the guns, control sticks and gamepads for all three of them so I'm pretty shopped-out at the moment. I've got a boxed 32X coming in the mail, but I've yet to even see an original Mega-CD offered up for sale. Plenty of the second models around. If anyone sees one, let me know:) I've found I've got about 80% of the games I want. It's getting hard to justify spending over $50 on some of the rarer or more popular titles. The minister of war and finance has not decided yet how she feels about the new hobby; I've convinced her so far by purchasing games from her childhood for her to play.
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    Everyone has the right to express themselves in any manner they please. However, if you don't wish to come across as stupid, ill-educated or ignorant, I'd suggest avoiding or fixing sloppy errors—even if you believe that the errors have become "standard usage". Of course if you don't care about the opinion people might form of you, it doesn't matter. Cheers.
  6. tailgunner


    Cheers! Appreciate the tips!
  7. Whilst the C-27 is no herc replacement, numbers-wise that's essentially what it's doing. We've no plans to acquire any more hercs, and we'll be rolling back the H fleet as C-27 is introduced (if it happens). $60 million is also way off the fly-away price for the J model, it's closer to 9 figures. I reckon the J models we currently own will be the last hercules we will operate. Especially since they justified the 5th (and 6th) C-17 cost by scrapping plans for and additional 2 Js. The super king-airs that replaced the caribous as interim light-transport/pilot-currency machines are doing a great job and I wouldn't be surprised if they keep them as an additional capability once whatever battlefield airlifter (likely C-27) comes along. Realistically, the caribou would never have survived any attempt to fly it in a modern battlefield environment, so the fixed-wing battlefield airlift capability is one we lost well before its retirement. What it did do, and could do better than any potential replacement, was operate in and out of ridiculously small strips on the side of hills in PNG. Unfortunately that's one thing we wont really be able to do again (except with helicopters obviously). Good thoughts, but Super Tucanos do not appear to be really in the running for Project AIR 5428 (the pilot training replacement project). We will most likely be looking at T6-2Bs or PC-21s. Both of these would replace the 4 Squadron forward air control PC-9s once selected. They could be fitted very well for CAS/FAC but this is not a capability that the current Defence White Paper identifies as us needing. Neither is any sort of gunship transport, so I severely doubt that anyone has even considered the ability to modify C-27 to suit this role to be any influence on a purchase decision. As chrisg aptly pointed out, helicopters are far more suited to this in our small defence force. A400 on the other hand, don't believe everything you hear. Its testing is going very well and it will be an enormous increase in capability over C-130 for the countries that have ordered them. In fact the UK are champing at the bit to get them, as their C-130s—even the 'new' ones—are apparently getting on in years quicker than anticipated. The delays and extra cost in production have been its main issue. It can pretty much lift the weight of a fully-laden hercules by itself. This is a BIG aeroplane, and it looks like it will still be significantly cheaper than C-17 in both up-front and operating cost, and not even double the cost of C-130J once it goes into production (contrary to your links). I will admit everyone's still crossing their fingers that Airbus Military can deliver it at their quoted cost.
  8. tailgunner

    MS Flight - new era or doomed dodo?

    Great post, corinoco! I am also waiting with bated breath for this one, time will tell!
  9. Chris, to keep our H models flying for another decade they would probably need re-sparring, but it would be a lot cheaper than other options and as you said they could basically fly forever. They would also need some avionics upgrades ie TCAS. I've been flying them for a few years now and would love for them to stick around for another 5 or 6, but that probably won't happen. The Indonesians will be still flying our old aeroplanes in 30 years time, just wait and see! I reckon that airshow demo is what sold the C27 to our politicians, rather than sitting back and deciding what our capabilities really need to be. Fucking great show though!
  10. The need for C-27 is questionable for Australia IMO. The H model hercules that are due for retirement between 2014 & 2016 could be flown on, and be more versatile, until the end of this decade or later. At that stage the J models will be on their last legs, and we could replace the whole lot with something larger, like A400. A lot of the army's kit these days doesn't fit into a Herc, let alone a C27. The US have basically completely scrapped the project as well, reducing any interoperability benefits that may have existed. Still, it's a good tactical battlefield airlifter, with a lot of systems in common with the C-130J (hence the J in C27J), so I can see how it'd be a reasonable purchase for the RAAF. It just won't deliver any real, percievable increase in airlift capability.
  11. tailgunner

    Grand Theft Auto V announced

    LA Noire will be out on 12 Nov for PC. Shame about Red Dead Redemption, doesn't look like they'll ever release it.
  12. tailgunner

    Someone got the arse-end of the deal

    I love this thread.
  13. tailgunner

    Video Game Survey

    Hey, Ricky! I love your stuff but this survey was rubbish.
  14. Quite a few actually. But not recently C-17A. Our fifth will be delivered later this month; the fastest acquisition from decision to delivery that I can think of. But that was an off-the-shelf purchase of an already established aeroplane. Still, at over $2 Billion, that shit's not cheap!