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  1. TinBane

    [PC] World of Warships

    So, any details on Sharnhorst? Is it a high tier BB?
  2. TinBane

    [PC] World of Warships

    Cheers dude, I thought AP against super-structure usually lead to over-pen and zero damage. I'll try that one out!
  3. TinBane

    [PC] World of Warships

    Man, so sick of Tirpitz :P Accurate guns, and if you close to "brawl" with it, a nice big pack of torpedoes. My New Mexico gets constantly "bracketed up" so MM can place all the Tirpitz players in a match. Like, literally every game I've played with NM, has Tirpitz. :/ Can't wait for the British. REALLY want Rodney :) (your mention of the big 7 made me think of that).
  4. TinBane

    [PC] World of Warships

    Imperator Nikolai I is good??
  5. TinBane

    [PC] World of Warships

    Indicator that you are going to hit a mountain, rather than fire over it is gold. New maps are good, especially the low level one. AA tweaks are good I think, although probably the solution should be another round of general carrier fixes.
  6. TinBane

    how crap is this government ?

    It's a little more nuanced than that. https://www.ato.gov.au/Rates/Individual-income-tax-for-prior-years/ They changed it to 18k from 6k tax free. But increased the rates up to 80k. What did that mean? Everyone under 80k got less tax, and everyone over 80 paid the same. Basically, the change meant that the progression of the tax system, was made softer at the bottom end, then steepened up to hit parity at 80k. Overall, taxation went up that year. So the changes weren't really observable above the increase in income tax receipts. http://www.treasury.gov.au/Policy-Topics/Taxation/Pocket-Guide-to-the-Australian-Tax-System/Pocket-Guide-to-the-Australian-Tax-System/Appendix-C
  7. TinBane

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    Your Khorne gear is looking amazing! I've just got back into epic, so if anyone has spare epic minis they are not using (space marines / titans) then hook me up :P Still playing Horus Heresy 30k, I should post up some of my pictures. What's the best way to post them up on Atomic these days? I used to use dropbox, but they make it super-hard now and you have to fiddle with URLS etc.
  8. TinBane

    Data Retention - The bomb that wasn't

    OMG ISPs aren't really storing much information. But it's enough that it will help the AFP track down a journalists' sources, illegally? I also read recently in delimiter, that so far the telecommunications industry hasn't been reimbursed any money for the changes and cost of data storage... This government :/
  9. TinBane

    Another parent kills a home invader

    Did I ever say I'd do that? How did you even interpret that? My point was that it's not just about the TV. I know how I'd feel about someone breaking into my home. I also know that when not caught, they come back for another helping and that is something I would be most concerned about. As to your question, in a given situation I have no idea how I'd react. The fact is with the adrenaline that occurs in a situation like that I may turn to complete jelly or my response may end up being much harsher than I intended. Maybe I might end up chasing someone who is running away and try and stop them. If it came down to being in a position to stop the person I'd like to think that is what would happen. Confrontations of this nature rarely lend themselves to a clear state of mind or a perfect set of circumstances. I've been in two confrontations in my life that, while not a break in to my home, apply here. The first is when I found someone breaking into my car. I ran straight at the guy who was pulling my laptop bag out the window at the time. The second was a confrontation in which the other person unnecessarily escalated a situation and I physically froze while my mouth went into overdrive. In the first instance, my instinct was to stop the person and yes, I was restrained while the police were called but no, he wasn't harmed other than having his arm locked in a position which wouldn't allow him to run away. It's nothing to do with your character (what I wrote. It's based on the alleged police version of events, for one of those break-in homicides. I tend to disagree on the break in thing. I don't think they'll be back, I think there's too much at risk for them if they act predictably. People are much more likely to improve security after a break-in, and be more cautious. There's plenty of other people still leaving their window open at night, etc etc.
  10. TinBane

    Computer says no!

    Pretty sure they can do it either way, with that model of phone.
  11. TinBane

    Computer says no!

    Fucksake. This is exactly what I'm talking about. http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php/topic/57479-computer-says-no/page-2?do=findComment&comment=1171586 EDIT: It's not a glitch, it's a known vulnerability, which has been defeated by designing better encryption systems.
  12. TinBane

    Another parent kills a home invader

    kikz: Multiple guys breaking in with weapons, doesn't sound like a random attack. Rybags: You get broken into a lot? Or is this all a hypothetical dystopian future, all as a result of not being able to chase someone down and break their neck? The Tick: I'd like to ask whether you'd really chase someone down, and lay into them, even after the police arrived, all the while yelling loud enough for it to be reported by your neighbours, that you will kill them? FTR: There are absolutely cases where it's, while not okay, understandable. There was a case in SA (i'm going off hazy memory, and I can't seem to find a link to the article) where a guy's house was broken into and the invaders yelled to stay in his room of they'd kill him, then they decided they hadn't found enough stuff of value, and went in and he injured one and killed the other with a ceremonial sword/katana. Many responses in here, talk about their family. The case we have more information about, alleges that the only involvement of the intruder with the family of the occupier, was he had the wife's wallet in his hand. He wasn't in the daughters room, he wasn't "invading" the home once detected. It's alleged he tried to flee, and was killed as a result of being chased down (and allegedly beaten) by the occupier. I understand (being married) what my response would be like if my wife was in danger. It would depend on the context, but I would think the highest likelihood of killing someone for me, would be the initial exchange. If I was freaking out, I wouldn't want to give away my position and any advantage, and I might strike too hard. That's a world of difference from pursuing, and engaging a fleeing intruder. Also, the time period that the attack on the intruder took place over, was in the order of minutes (allegedly) not seconds. This might sound like a weird question, but do you know any police officers, have you talked to any criminals, or have you ever tried to think from the perspective of the criminal? If they steal some minor items, and there's no good evidence, the police will note down details in case it matches the pattern of someone arrested in the future. But honestly, they don't drop everything and pursue your items. When you have a violent home intruder, there is a lot more incentive and pressure on the police to solve the crime. It doesn't work, that they go "well, I'm a criminal now, I guess I'd better punch children, murder old people, and I may as well take up paedophilia". Criminals don't often go home and think "well, I'm just a bad person, I'm going to work harder on being bad". No doubt, some of them might have weapons. Others will decide that if they are caught, the weapons are going to make things worse for them. But from the criminals perspective, they are thinking of personal safety. You don't keep a bat next to your bed if you are worried about a home invasion, because you want to kill someone (I hope). You keep it there because it makes you feel like you have some control, and if your nightmares come true you will be prepared to defend yourself and yours from physical violence. Exactly the same self-preservation, applies to criminals. So, if you talk to the police, you'll find that in the vast VAST majority of cases, criminals will run. If startled while breaking in, they are unlikely to try and take you hostage and get you to open the door. They are likely to tell you a lie about their kid hitting the ball into the yard somewhere. Some of them will have equipment to break in, others will be opportunistic, and won't want to carry evidence that could be used against them. And yes, criminals don't always act rationally. But by and large they are driven by the same strong self-preservation motivations as everyone else. They are "doing a job", they want to come home safe and uninjured, with a reasonable "reward", and doing the least effort. They want fewer variables, they want to try and control danger, and maximise profitability. Tangling with people in a house, isn't high on their list of priorities. Now, my experience doesn't necessarily translate everywhere. Maybe you live in an area where there's roaming packs of ex-spetznas muggers, carrying ballistic knives and semtex so they can get through your crimsafe. Maybe they all hate people, and just want to watch the world burn. But I'm interested in hearing about that, because that's actually a thing. Not because that's a fear that lives in the back of your head. The most successful criminals I've seen convicted for breaking and entering, looked like youngish grandparents, who might have woodwork as a hobby.
  13. TinBane

    Computer says no!

    Sorry. It was intended as supporting evidence. Okay, that makes a lot more sense :) I'm seeing a lot of angst online about whether the FBI will have to tell Apple how they did it. It's just annoying to see a lack of people slapping that down with the old "they knew the vulnerabilities, and their later chips work around those". We are going to see this roll around again once the FBI gets stumped on the next thing though. Gotta give Apple credit where it's due, their underlying technology is improving dramatically (as is google/samsungs). There will be a point, where this matter needs to be laid to rest.
  14. TinBane

    how crap is this government ?

    Each state already has it's own tax office, who do you think levies and collects state taxes(for example stamp duty) currently? Yeah, but they aren't tracking the big taxes. Yep, just pointing out that we do have state tax offices. Fair enough :) They'd have to be a lot bigger, and a lot better at what they do, to process income tax though! /Dons tinfoil hat . So I wonder what he was distracting the Premiers from with the tax thing? /Removes tinfoil hat. What was he distracting the Premiers from? I don't think anything. I think he's trying to distract the public from the fact his government doesn't have the internal alignment and willpower to make any substantive tax changes. They obviously wanted to make tweaks. They obviously got shot down by the internal party politics and favours owed. The net result, is that they are upholding the status quo, which is in my (untrained) opinion, the easy, but likely fairly dangerous path. Depending on how we go, we may see a rates cut in the next 6 months. Are ASIC/APRA going to alter the rules for mortgages again? Will that be a continued tweak? Is our government really just happy to let things go on Auto-pilot. They could at least be giving the reserve bank a few more levers, with the mandate to use them.
  15. TinBane

    Computer says no!

    http://realitieswatch.com/thats-horse-sht-fbi-can-already-unlock-iphone-without-apples-help-snowden/ I'm not sure if that's agreeing or disagreeing with me. The 5C, and all iphone before the 5S (IIRC) don't have digital enclaves. So, the phone has data on it, that allows you (using the phones software) to unlock everything by using a four digit (or whatever) key. You still have to have the four digits. To avoid that, and break it mathematically, is considered super expensive, if not impossible/impractical even for the US govt. On the 5S and later phones, if you try and fail to break into the phone, it wipes the secure enclave (which is special tamper-proof memory), and you can't just reflash the phone. I agree though, the particular phone, there are lots of people that could open it. I'm surprised they needed an Israeli firm.