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  1. Dynamics

    Tribes Ascend

    Been trying to play it for last 2 days but keeps crashing to desktop just after pressing play :( Edit: now working & glad its free as i wont be playing much at all
  2. Dynamics

    Diablo III

    Also would like a Beta key if possible :D
  3. Dynamics

    Guage interest: Community Mouse Testers

    Count me in :) always like testing out new stuff
  4. Dynamics

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Replacing 5yr old LCD. Must say im impressed by it so far
  5. Dynamics

    Origin ID Listing

    Atomic ID = Dynamics ....................Origin ID = DynamicsMUFC....................Soldiername =DynamicsMUFC
  6. Dynamics

    Forza Racing Series

    Count me in. Just asked to be added to FB Group Gamertag is planzon Sounds like fun :)
  7. Was getting a small monitor for the Fiance as she doesnt want a large monitor (weird, i know) & is happy with the size of that. Took enough convincing as it is to change her from the 15inch CRT she is using somehow Scrapped the DVD Burner & getting the Blu Ray Burner as i plan on burning blu rays sometime soon (Work related stuff & can get discs from work if needed) Now to get the final ok from the boss :) before i click buy Thanks heaps for the help mates :)
  8. Updated the list of what im thinking of getting (Monitor is so i can give my current PC to the Fiance & keep my current monitor) Is there much of a difference between the OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD & the Corsair Force Series 115GB SSD Wouldn't want to SLI / Crossfire at all as i can always upgrade the GFX Card if needed Already have Win7 Pro 64Bit from work so wont be needing that Also would there be any gain into getting some 120mm fans for the case as from what i can see, it comes with several fan slots?
  9. Was looking at getting a 120GB SSD but on my current PC, ive set 50gb for my C Drive which is mainly Windows & Programs on it & never go over 35gb. In regards to having a DVD & Blu Ray burner, Ive always wanted a Blu ray writer & isnt much more then a blu ray reader & the DVD burner is only $25 so cant hurt to have 1 lol For the CPU, is the only difference with the non-K CPU the unlocked multiplier? & if it is, it may be worth getting that incase i do start overclocking at some stage im guessing? Any ideas on a case? Ive been looking at the Silverstone Precision Series PS06B-W Black or CoolerMaster CM 690 II Advanced Any other ideas or hints on what parts to look at?
  10. Hey Guys, Looking at getting a New PC & wanting to spend approx $1700 Have not looked at parts for atleast 3 years now so ive not no real idea whats the best parts out there nowadays & would like some assistance into what to buy This PC will be used for gaming, browsing, uni, everything really so would like it to be a great all rounder Ive started a bit of a list so far on what i can find but am needing a case for this as my 6 year old Super Lanboy now looks out of date & small Already have Win7 purchased & will use my existing 1TB Hard drive (needing more space) Logitech KB+Mouse, 22in LCD Monitor & 5.1 Speakers Not really into overclocking so hoping i wont be needing aftermarket cooling Any Help will be much appreciated :)
  11. Dynamics

    iiNet delivers 1TB caps...

    You dont need to have VoiP to get the 500gb plan. You do need to have your landline with iiNet though to get that
  12. Dynamics

    Top Gear question.

    That was one of the best episodes of TopGear ive seen in a while i must admit. Loved the new Veyron run Cap'n Slow had. Also the Senna tribute they had was really good. Brought back so many memories of watching him racing & looking in awe
  13. Currently have AAMI Fire & Contents insurance for $205 per year. Only covers upto $25000 but better then nothing Can be Found Here
  14. Dynamics

    Leave Jessi Alone!

    Lmao Juggs thats the funniest thing ive ever read
  15. Dynamics

    Have Telstra offshored their call centres?

    I thought its been that way for a while now? I know their wholesale side of the company is still in Aus