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  1. Barry The Penguin

    Sound card vs Onboard sound?

    It's just onboard sound with some X-Fi endorsed software. But I don't think the Asus P6T v2 Deluxe comes with that software. So really it's just onboard sound. Onboard sound is still good though, I'm not saying it sounds horrible. But like what has been posted above; get a sound card (or an external DAC...)
  2. Barry The Penguin

    Best Music/Media player?

    Woo! Another Songbird user :D
  3. Barry The Penguin

    Music Editing

    Here is a link to Minnie's Yoo Hoo. Haha, oh dear.. The link at the bottom of the page is MIDI. There is also two different MIDI versions link here of the The Mickey Mouse March, but I think one of them is actually The Mickey Mouse Club. Have a listen and see what you think. (Right click to save)
  4. Barry The Penguin

    Sound card vs Onboard sound?

    Attached to?
  5. Barry The Penguin

    Sound card vs Onboard sound?

    I'm just trying to help :(
  6. Barry The Penguin

    Sound card vs Onboard sound?

    I can confirm that the "PCI EXPRESS" X-FI card contains an ADI AD2000B chip and isn't a true X-FI card. It is just like an X-FI Xtreme Audio card. It will make your cpu work harder as all the X-FI bells and whistles are emulated in software. Steer clear of those add in cards. 'Fancy Pants'?... I don't understand. Do you know anything about the Xonar cards?... They would be even more compatible with games than the X-FI cards are; especially with all the driver issues creative have had.
  7. Barry The Penguin

    Sound card vs Onboard sound?

    From the post I linked above... There's a sound card comparison on OCAU. This is the consensus:
  8. Barry The Penguin

    Looking for advice on monitors with DisplayPort adaptors

    Get it from here and add this code when you check out: 4MZR3KTJJRT0VS Total price: $593.87 EDIT: Difference is aliali's link is Small Business, where as mine is Home Office. With mine you get the Autoclub discount.
  9. Barry The Penguin

    Sound card vs Onboard sound?

    If you had bothered to look at any other thread you would have seen this thread with my post. Read it
  10. Barry The Penguin

    Advice on a sound card/headset

    1. What type of movies/games/music do you watch/play/listen to? ie; do you want a balanced sound or loads of booming bass... 2. Do you really want 'surround' headphones? IMHO they are very gimmicky. You can get much better positional audio from a good pair of stereo headphones, a good stereo image and a good sound card. 3. Do you want a headset, or can you deal with a clip-on mic? Not as convenient as a headset, but what you loose in convenience you gain in sound quality. 4. Do you really want HDMI, or are you happy to stick with optical? You pay a large premium to be able to use HDMI, especially to listen to full HD audio from blu-rays, you'd be looking at spending your budget on a card with the features you mentioned. I personally recommend the ASUS Xonar DX ($100-$130), Zalman ZM-MIC1 Microphone ($7-$10) and the Audio-Technica ATH-AD400 $139.00 or $144.00 with free shipping (+lots more headphones). So that's about $250 to $290. Recommended because its what I have :P There's a sound card comparison on OCAU. This is the consensus:
  11. Barry The Penguin

    Replacing my broken Headphones

    Open Closed If you want to stick with Sennheiser, HD215 would be your best bet.
  12. Barry The Penguin

    Best Music/Media player?

    I use: Songbird for all my music. MusicBrainz to tag it all. VLC for videos. and Windows Media Centre for TV. I have a mate who use Media Player Classic, along with codec packs. He reckons it has better blacks than VLC; I can't see a difference. Things you didn’t know VLC media player can do
  13. Barry The Penguin

    Help a newcomer to the HDMI revolution

    Read the Original post Logic, and mine :P
  14. Barry The Penguin

    Help a newcomer to the HDMI revolution

    With BlueRay in PC's, the Video can be processed by the graphics card and transported by HDMI. As said above, sound can also be processed by some video cards and sent through HDMI along with the video. But the audio from the graphics card is not the HD audio from the BlueRay disk. I'm still reading into it, this a good thread to start with. To get the HD BlueRay audio from the PC to a Receiver through a HDMI cable, you need a sound card like the one you are looking at. They put the audio along side the video in the HDMI cable. So you have HDMI Video out of the video card going into the sound card, then out of the sound card you have both Video and HD Audio going through the HDMI cable leaving the sound card. This then goes to your receiver which gets the Audio stream and passes the Video through to your TV. There are 3 different types of Asus Xonar cards that do this: ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 Slim Along with an Auzentech card which is in the thread posted above: Auzentech X-Fi HomeTheater HD
  15. Barry The Penguin

    Samsung 3D monitor

    The monitor needs to be able run at 120Hz, that Samsung is the one of the few that can. The glasses don't work with the monitor as such, they will work with any 120Hz monitor. Plus you need a graphics card to produce the 3D images, which Samsung do no make. Hence the bundle.