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  1. Kung Fu Hung-Su

    Dota 2

    Surprised to see so many old faces still on Atomic, and still playing DotA!
  2. Kung Fu Hung-Su

    PC RPG Mods

    Oh hi Chaos.Lady. You might not know about me, but I know about you! xD Yeah, this version of the thread is literally years old. The previous thread that inspired this back in Atomic 2.0, if it were still going, just hit 10 years of age last week http://archive.atomicmpc.com.au/forums.asp?s=1&c=12&t=10873 Just realised I "quit single player RPGs" in that thread. That sure didn't last long :P There, I'm afraid, I can't help you at all. Last time I had diddly to do with this sort of thing, Wiki hadn't been invented yet! :p And yeah, I thought of Nexus about 30 minutes after I made the post. Came to the same conclusion: they're a catchment; this is a filter. Heh, I have the opposite problem. I know there are many wikis around, and I could also build my own entirely from scratch if need be. Just the hard question of what would be best for the people. More important question Cybes, if I were to set up such a wiki, would you want to add to it? :)
  3. Kung Fu Hung-Su

    PC RPG Mods

    I still haunt the corridors here and there :) It's a tricky problem. This post basically competes directly with Steam Workshop and NexusMods. The difference is it has a niche - any and all PC RPGs, as well as curation - both nexus mods and steam workshop can let any crap come in and detract from the good stuff. I wouldn't attempt to mirror all the mods myself - links to mods like my post are probably "good enough" for now. I was actually thinking something more like a wiki. Something that a handful of dedicated modders maintain for their own purposes, that just happens to be useful for other people too. Problem is, what wiki is powerful enough for the purpose?
  4. Kung Fu Hung-Su

    PC RPG Mods

    Hi Cybes! Thanks for keeping this alive! I suspect a forum post may not be the best way to keep this going. Do you have any thoughts?
  5. Been so long since you were online...

  6. Kung Fu Hung-Su

    PC RPG Mods

    Ahoy hoy! Amending le OP... And amended! Too bad Skywind doesn't include any quests!
  7. Kung Fu Hung-Su

    PC RPG Mods

    Thanks for that Cybes, I've amended the OP =D
  8. Kung Fu Hung-Su

    PC RPG Mods

    Thanks cybes, added =] It's a pretty tiny list, I'm sure Thanks cybes, added =) I'm kinda disappointed that an official skyrim mod list does not appear to exist yet in spite of its age - I'd make one myself but I'm just not gaming much at all these days. been a while dasa =] I'll probably keep this thread RPG only as it's already huge - but there really needs to be a resource somewhere for "best mods" in general. Heh, out of curiousity I just looked to see if bestmods.com is taken...it is, by some squatter x(
  9. Kung Fu Hung-Su

    Diablo 2

    I wasn't bothered by the resolution of D2. Of course there are mods to increase the res, but they wreck the game somewhat as the game was never designed to allow you to see that far in advance. As for gameplay, yeah, the D2 original gameplay feels far too grindy. I only play Median XL when I fire up D2. This may be my downfall as I expect that when I get Diablo 3, it will feel too slow. http://modsbylaz.hugelaser.com/
  10. Kung Fu Hung-Su

    Heroes of Newerth

    If you have endured the pain of learning to enjoy HoN, you should reap all the rewards! Including videos like this =D
  11. Kung Fu Hung-Su

    You have been invited to play Dota 2

    lol morg, do you realise it's been 6 years since you and me were playing DotA over Hamachi? 6 freakin years, hahahahahhaa Seriously though, no I don't have a DotA 2 key. poo. You're kidding right? LoL feels so damn slow x(
  12. Kung Fu Hung-Su

    PC RPG Mods

    Haha! I'm not really sure either, maybe because I used to post in the thread every time I made an update and that was enough to keep it on the front page? What really amazes me though, is that this thread still isn't anywhere near as popular as my old Oblivion mod thread in Atomic v2 =O This came as quite a surprise! I didn't really expect anything like this, thanks =) I guess I better update this thing...Witcher 2, Skyrim and Deus Ex HR mods? =) Gosh I hope Atomic have lifted the 20 image per post limitation. Holy crap, I just realised I started this thread almost 3 years ago O_O
  13. Kung Fu Hung-Su

    PC RPG Mods

    @Taz: Glad you were able to get it working! I've been playing D2 on Win7 x64 for months and was lucky enough to have no problems, but I"ll put that all in the OP =] Thanks for bumping the thread! MrTwinkie: Thanks for the props! A friend did give me a copy of ME 1 and 2 but I never got around to playing them, and I'm unlikely to play them with Deus Ex and Skyrim to play! morg: :D
  14. Kung Fu Hung-Su


    Which one are you? any one else in that video? =]
  15. Kung Fu Hung-Su


    No photos or videos of the event?