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  1. RenascentMisanthropy

    Did something just happen?

  2. RenascentMisanthropy


    kinda like numbers
  3. RenascentMisanthropy


    I've got a smokin hot colleague, but her anti-vax stance ruins the reproductive appeal for me
  4. RenascentMisanthropy


    legal tender replaced gold and silver becuase there was not enough gold and silver to go around. paper money was originally "I owe you" notes written on paper.
  5. What about the sperms that kill other sperms?
  6. RenascentMisanthropy

    I quit Facebook

    I quit facebook once before. Second time round I decided not to take it so seriously. Been working good so far. what he said
  7. RenascentMisanthropy

    New PM?

    Not on facebook at least ... which prompted me to beg the question back to the person who told me about my new PM..... "what's a PM?" I thought it might have been a typo in place of something interesting. Prime Minister is just not a word that circulates in my mind too often these days.
  8. RenascentMisanthropy

    New PM?

    First thing I did was checked inbox. Don't laugh.
  9. I guess in everyone else's mind you're some kind of techno-magician and worth your weight in gold
  10. RenascentMisanthropy

    Any car gurus around?

    also with key on "acc" When I was younger I had one of those little 12v solar panels that plugs into the cig socket. I would leave it on the dash all the time with the keys in my pocket oblivious to the fact that it was doing NOTHING because the key wasn't in the key-hole and switched to the "ACC POSITION" .... I continue to laugh at myself for this.
  11. RenascentMisanthropy

    Why do phones have so little internal memory?

    Mine has 16gb and I'm flat out filling it up!