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  1. RenascentMisanthropy

    To all you young virile sexy people ...

    I met my wife on tinder in 2017. We now have a 6wk old son. So far so good. There's definitely a danger if you don't take responsibility for yourself. I think that if the article used percentages of the population it would have more clarity. I think there's more people in the world today than there was a couple years ago as well.
  2. RenascentMisanthropy

    Does anyone use peltiers these days?

    you can count on it
  3. RenascentMisanthropy

    Does anyone use peltiers these days?

    ah roger, I'm using mine to make a campfire usb charger
  4. RenascentMisanthropy

    Does anyone use peltiers these days?

    I have bought about 13 60W peltiers. Not 100% sure what I'm doing with them but the price was right and I'm a curious guy.
  5. RenascentMisanthropy

    Confessional seal of silence.

    It's like smoking behind the tool shed as a teenager, hehe
  6. RenascentMisanthropy

    The most special people

    I think they're more than just heros and superheros .... they're decent human beings who always have intelligent things to say, well done guys and girls :)
  7. RenascentMisanthropy

    just had a cool thought

    I was thinking the cruise control could use a smart phone GPS for the sake of speed detection instead of vacuum pressure from the engine or having to dig into the wiring system. While typing this I've come to the realization that cruise control is probably standard on 99.7% of vehicles these days and an aftermarket application like what I'm describing is virtually redundant. Still, I bet it could be done with Arduino.
  8. RenascentMisanthropy

    just had a cool thought

    Imagine if you would a cruise control system which pairs directly to your the GPS on your smartphone via an app/bluetooth. I don't think such a thing exists with all the googling thus far
  9. RenascentMisanthropy

    Encroaching dystopia

    it's easier to find a fast food outlet than a public toilet these days You can just walk in, walk out, no questions asked and the amenities are a bit nicer than what you'll find in a public toilet block.
  10. RenascentMisanthropy

    Happy Invasion Day

    my aboriginal friend is saying those offended should stop being so ridiculous I'm all for beer and snags and getting on with it!
  11. RenascentMisanthropy

    High voltage musings

    About as good as riding a motorbike perhaps
  12. RenascentMisanthropy

    Did something just happen?

  13. RenascentMisanthropy


    kinda like numbers