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  1. RenascentMisanthropy

    Mobile phones and drivers

    Of course you should always drive as if everyone out there is trying to kill you, this is especially true on a motorcycle. I appreciate your enthusiasm but I think you misunderstood my original message when I said "city roads, forget it" and FYI I always shoulder check and load my vehicle in a way that permits as close to 360 degree vision as possible as I am a motorcycle rider and when driving a car I'm always looking for a motorcycle over my shoulder.
  2. RenascentMisanthropy

    Mobile phones and drivers

    Well you wouldn't see me then, because you'd be coming towards me which is one of the conditions that would not grant opportunity.
  3. RenascentMisanthropy

    The truth is out there.

    I've seen some weird shit in my travels, particularly during my last road trip from Perth to Cairns. I just choose not to tell people, because first response I'll get is .. "what kinda shit you been smokin?"
  4. RenascentMisanthropy

    Mobile phones and drivers

    I think it's possible to use a phone responsibly while driving as long as one is able to pick their opportunities while there's no one in front or behind and no one coming the other way. City roads, forget it.
  5. RenascentMisanthropy

    Legal Dope !

    Hehe, I know right
  6. RenascentMisanthropy

    I don't need to see real pooh either

    Personally, I keep a pack of baby wipes handy ... they feel more welcoming than dry old plain toilet paper.
  7. RenascentMisanthropy

    Please Explain ... if you can

    My wife just bought a $1000 camera for her Instagram.
  8. The step kids have fried eggs with nutella on toast for afternoon tea at my place. I think they're weird.
  9. RenascentMisanthropy

    Hey guys!! Whats your goal in the near future..

    Latest goal. Reliable adventure vehicle for family road/camping trips. Possibly low km patrol.
  10. RenascentMisanthropy

    Legal Dope !

    50grams won't cut it for four plants. You'll have to hide the rest.
  11. RenascentMisanthropy

    Hey guys!! Whats your goal in the near future..

    I don't really have a goal at the moment, other than to function and survive and feed and house my (new) family.
  12. RenascentMisanthropy

    Whats everyones favourite movie and why??

    Pulp FIction & American Psycho They're fucked up.
  13. RenascentMisanthropy

    What's on your mind?

    I'm feeling positive about my solar system, I spent most of the afternoon tidying up the battery banks & wiring. I want to tell people about it but no one really cares that much. I have a 12v circuit which runs the lights and the cctv system consisting of 350w of solar, 430ah of agm batteries and 24v circuit to run all power tools via a 3000w inverter with 500w of solar & 2x50ah lithium batteries. I had to keep expanding on the 12v circuit as I was continually challenged by the real world loads, but the 24v circuit is pretty awesome for big 30 second loads while continually powering my camping fridge full of beer. I have it all together so it can be disconnected from the shed and thrown into the back of a ute or a camper trailer if needed. That's all that's on my mind. https://i.ibb.co/7gVybM8/20190720-141548.jpg https://i.ibb.co/Tv5cFyq/20190702-173408.jpg https://i.ibb.co/34QNzK1/20190702-173544.jpg
  14. RenascentMisanthropy

    My mother died

    I'm sorry for your loss chrisg Very much so. But for what it's worth I'm sorry for your loss, at least she was able to pass peacefully surrounded by loved ones. I think that's the best that many of us could hope for in the end.
  15. RenascentMisanthropy

    To all you young virile sexy people ...

    I met my wife on tinder in 2017. We now have a 6wk old son. So far so good. There's definitely a danger if you don't take responsibility for yourself. I think that if the article used percentages of the population it would have more clarity. I think there's more people in the world today than there was a couple years ago as well.