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    Windows phone 7

    Has anyone gone from Android to WP7? If so, Android handset were you using and what were the reasons for switching? Oh and also, are you happy with your decision?
  2. Leckie

    Android Apps

    While it's pretty easy to do this via the Share option i.e email it to yourself, I totally agree. Android2Cloud: http://code.google.com/p/android2cloud/downloads/list Does what I want. You're quick! I just read about this and came to post it. I'll give it a go.
  3. Leckie

    FIFA 11

    FIFA 10 worked fine on my PC. I was a bit shocked to find the console version had a better menu system and GUI.
  4. Leckie

    Android Apps

    While it's pretty easy to do this via the Share option i.e email it to yourself, I totally agree.
  5. Leckie

    Android Apps

    Swiftkey My new favourite keyboard (sorry Swype). The keyboard will attempt to predict what word you will type next and learns from your previous messages. It's not free, but really good. Android Agenda Widget Useful, well presented, and highly customisable. It can display appointments/tasks from multiple calendars. I use it as a large widget on my main home screen. Chrome to Phone Froyo (2.2) users only. Send links directly to your phone via Firefox/Chrome in one click e.g. You can be on Google Maps looking for directions, send the directions to your phone which opens the link in Maps, then head out in your car. It's gold Jerry, gold! :)
  6. Leckie

    iPhone 4 and HTC Andriod Opinions

    I'll start out by saying that while I have played around with iPhones, I haven't owned one, though I like to think I know enough about iPhone vs Android customisability to post this. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Android offers the following: Home screen customisation - Depending on your version of Android, you have 3-7 home screens to customise. This can include App shortcuts, widgets, or folders. There are even apps that offer alternate home screens that change up the way things are displayed. Live wallpapers - IMO a gimmick that drains battery, but I have seen some cool ones that are nice to just have for a while. :) Widgets - There is a huge variety of widgets. Widgets I used are an agenda view of my calendar, Task list, 3 day weather forecast, toggles for WiFi/GPS/Bluetooth, and a photo frame of my girlfriend (Yeah, even she thinks that's dorky). There are heaps more and a lot come with their own customisability i.e. size, colour, information to display. Default programs - Got an app that works better than stock? Set it as the default. Onscreen keyboard - The stock keyboard isn't as good as the iPhone's, but Swype is the betterer. I'm sure others can add to or expand on this list.
  7. Leckie


    The Evo looks to be an awesome device...pity about the battery life. http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2010/06/htc-evo-...-a-war-machine/
  8. Leckie

    For those doubting Android

    I gave Fring a quick try, it seems pretty good. My only beef with it is your status can only online or offline; no away, busy etc. Apparently Nexus One owners are to receive Android 2.2 (Froyo) today/very soon. http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2010/05/what-is-froyo/ I'm pretty pumped about the massive performance increases. I really hope it's not long before it gets a Cynagenmod release.
  9. I agree with Oracle X and neowulf. It makes me shudder to think of Abbott as PM.
  10. Leckie

    For those doubting Android

    Check out Cyanogen 5.XX, it's based on Android 2.1. I've installed it on my Magic. It's significantly faster.
  11. Leckie

    Badarse game music.

    /end of thread +1. Frank Klepacki has done awesome work. I was scrolling through this thread thinking "Someone has to have posted Hell March..." and then I saw it... JIZZ IN MY PANTS MOMENT OMG. While I'm reminiscing! and also
  12. Leckie

    How do I share internet.

    I've just moved house and have had to sign up for wireless interweb. Last weekend I tried to enable ICS between two Windows 7 machines (desktop and HTPC), with one machine (desktop) connected to a USB internet stick/modem, and an ad-hoc network. On the desktop machine, I set the network adapter for the internet stick (Local Area Connection 2) to share with my ad-hoc network adapter (Local Area Connection 1), which was then given the network address the HTPC, I set the HTPC to obtain its IP address automatically, and updated the HTPC’s internet settings for ICS. The HTPC and desktop PCs can both share files over the network, but only the desktop can access the internet. Am I missing something? Some background: The HTPC is connected via Ethernet to a wireless modem/router (NAT disabled, static IP address) and the desktop is connect via Ethernet to a wireless access point (static IP address)
  13. Hehe. A little gem I stumbled upon the other week from a project I worked on years ago: Dim isChecked as Boolean = IIf(cbCheckbox.Checked, True, False)
  14. Leckie

    Android programmers

    Android development is on my to-do list.
  15. Leckie

    For those doubting Android

    Sounds like a shitty experience - a complete contrast to my experience. I encourage you to reevaluate Android OS. The latest version is 2.1 (Dream runs 1.5). Apparently the next couple of versions of Android will attempt to tackle the problems with version fragmentation - http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/29/exclusi...-stemming-plat/
  16. I've heard testimonies of people getting the HTC Desire from JB Hifi for sub $700. I'm tempted to sell off my HTC Magic for this.
  17. Leckie

    Nexus One GPS Tracking

    Google Latitude would be the best way to go, although I don't think GPS devices would be able to use it. If your wife/girlfriend has a compatible mobile then you could use that to track her every movement...oh, i mean your "friend". :)
  18. Leckie

    THE Civilization V thread!

    That's a significant change. The only turn-based strategy games I've played have been from the Civ series (Civ, Civ III, and Civ IV) so I'm pretty used to stacking. The more I think about it the more I like the idea of it.
  19. Leckie

    Android Apps

    The version of swype I mentioned earlier just expired. You can pick up the latest beta version from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=644536. The apk file linked to in the first post didn't work for me, there is another link lower down that did though.
  20. Leckie

    Android Apps

    I installed doubleTwist, but haven't tried it out yet. Have you tried it? I keep all my contacts in Gmail. There are plenty of ways to sync that with other stuff.
  21. Leckie

    Supreme Commander 2

    Argh, I wonder if I'll ever get around to playing SupCom2. I have to finish SupCom: FA first, which is pending my European success with a humble Serie B club in FIFA 10. Totally excited though, I pretty much built a new system to play the original.
  22. Leckie

    Android Apps

    What do you mean by a management app? An app management app?
  23. Leckie

    Website Ideas

    Totally agree. I find wireframes essential as part of the design process. It's a lot easier plan a design's structure and functionality. Getting client feedback on a wireframe avoids them getting stuck on colour choices etc.
  24. Leckie

    Out of design ideas :T

    Just in case it hasn't been said enough - that's one freakin' huge banner. :) I think the design would be improved by making those photos 'move'. Check out some of the jquery image slider/carousels. I also recommend a consistent design throughout the website.
  25. Leckie

    Connecting my data everywhere

    Dropbox? It's 2GB for a free account and up to 100GB if you're willing to pay.