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  1. Blackorchad

    Wrong number, or Scammer?

    Send a picture of you going cammondo with a caption of "i went one better - never knew it was so breezy"
  2. Blackorchad

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    hopefully this will be accurate enough http://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=...BdzS6qkH_t0fpIA
  3. Blackorchad

    Mythbusters Discussion

    i found this explained it well enough for me Yes it's from a movie, but the idea of what was said, is simple and made sense.
  4. Blackorchad

    The Zombie Survival Lifestyle Test

    10% Cruel person, 10% Defensive person, 0% Reckless person, 60% Social person, 20% Planning person
  5. Blackorchad

    The portrayal of Scientific discovery in film as the main plot.

    Alexander Fleming. the discover of one of the most important medical discoveries - penicillin
  6. Blackorchad

    Mass Effect 3 demo

    Galatic readiness goes up to 3%, only if you choose, random for the map. If you choose a specific map, the readiness for this particular area of the galaxy goes up by around 7% if to successfully complete the challenge.
  7. Blackorchad

    Clean up gaming?

    i don't think there was enough use of the word stickie in the OP
  8. Blackorchad

    Kitlog section

    But you didn't bring us back anything...... :(
  9. Blackorchad

    A suggestion

    Well as i said it was a rough idea which, needed to be hammer out and peer reviewed - as you guys are doing.
  10. Blackorchad

    A suggestion

    You may have read it wrong. No one gets alienated, in fact it's it's opposite it's allowed the banned users back into (only to that forum) where every other member can be aswell. By potentially, relaxing the rules in that section only and allowed the banned back in, it could promote more indepth discussions and encourage growth of the forums entirely.
  11. Blackorchad

    Well look at that

    i just posted a new thread in feedback- might want to compare notes as it seems we got a similar idea.
  12. Blackorchad

    A suggestion

    This idea came to me after reading hulks thread. I'm not going to jump onto the band wagon with "this place is dead, it's over moderated, etc" but I have an idea which could potentially breathe in life into the forums of atomic, and that is by creating.... A second green room. CRAZY you say but, stay with me here and I’ll try and give more coherent details Potential rules * Primary rule being that: what happens in the second green room stays in the second green room, i.e. if there's a fight, it stays there, but if those feelings and aggression are taken into another thread - then all accounts could be suspended. * Anything goes - within reason of course. I.e. death threats, pornography, stuff that's really taboo is definitely not allowed. - make thing a bit more lax in what could be said * A blank slate: banned members are allowed access into the second green room only. (But open to all members) It could become a proving ground for banned member to "prove" themselves worthy of being part of the wider community - perhaps on a voting based system done by the community (a thread with a poll) As an additional benefit this could apply relaxing or modifying the original rules, which in turn could allow for re merging the two green rooms back into one with modified rules (i.e. stronger moderation, more lax moderation, etc) My thoughts are; this could potentially re invigorate the place and maybe give it back its original form Sure, the idea needs to be hammered out a bit more and it might be a long shot but I don't think anything could be lost from trying it out, or at the very least trialling it. Does the idea have merit, could it work? (I was trying to get my idea down pretty fast, so my wording might seem a little jumbled and all over the shop)
  13. Blackorchad

    Guests viewing forums

    I think it might help a bit, probably not a lot but if it was enough to make up the difference in the cost via the ad revenue it'd be worth it. From memory i think the site revenue and the mag revenue were very separate though so maybe not an option :( Just because a person is signed in, doesn't mean they'll post.
  14. Blackorchad

    Mass Effect 3 demo

    Fixed. Fixed^2. :P Fixed
  15. Blackorchad

    Borderlands 2 Trailer

    prepare for your ears to be assaulted.... I'm really sorry for doing that to you It's like, i know i shouldn't have - but felt the need to watch it anyway. stupid brain.