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  1. orcone

    Roll Call!

    I forgot about you lot, and now I have unforgotten you lot. Oh no.
  2. orcone

    New version of Cryptolocker Malware is here :(

    I've been using CryptoPrevent with success. It needs to be set to maximum protection though for it to be worthwhile.
  3. orcone

    how crap is this government ?

    You'd need a certain level of 'fitness' of the mind to perform these lingual gymnastic manoeuvres. That alone could be seen as admirable. Whether those skills are then used to by a dickhead politician, well that is entirely up to the person wielding said skills. But I think being able to communicate your intentions or point of view to someone in such a refined manner is pretty cool.
  4. orcone

    how crap is this government ?

    That would be an awesome skill to have.
  5. orcone

    how crap is this government ?

    I've been listening to Question Time and it's amazing how well they avoid questions. I've given up ever trying to get an answer out of them, but instead focusing on how well they're able to swerve around a question and look like they came out of it fine.
  6. orcone

    Atomic Mix Wallpaper

    Keep practicing.
  7. orcone


    Boohoo he hurt your feelings. Get over it you bunch of whingers.
  8. orcone

    Purchasing advice needed.. 7" tablets

    Powered by Google Android 4.0 Features 9.7" touch screen 16GB internal memory 2 mega pixel camera Includes USB cable, carry pouch, AC adapter and cleaning cloth I played around with 3 of these on the weekend, hooked them up to a network without a problem. Kids loved them. Easy to use and cheap as shit $249
  9. Actually, I work for the government :)
  10. Farmer A can't do "what he likes" if it affects other people, or their property.At best, it's negligence. I don't think he'll get very far taking him to court for watering his plants too much. So perhaps he should invest in glass bottles and rags as well?
  11. Right, why shouldn't Farmer B be forced to deal with the irresponsible actions of his neighbour. "Change in environment". Fucking LOL. Farmer B can do what he likes, it's his farm. Farmer A isn't doing anything illegal, he can do what he likes, it's his farm.I'd consider an increase in moisture in his farm to be a change in environment, but you're busy laughing so I won't correct you further. Because brainstorming solutions to a problem isn't an indicator of problem solving? Your posts make you seem quite dumb. Business is always good when you can point a gun at someone's head. Rob.
  12. So in lieu of a legal framework that holds corporations accountable for their actions, you think violence and destruction is acceptable? I jumped the gun and tackled the legal alternative problem before it could be brought up. The legal system would fail in this regard, because we all know how effective class action lawsuits are to companies who buy judges.My suggestion is much quicker, it removes the problematic company and brings the community together :) Yes, it is more efficient to remove a premises in less than 2 hours than to battle through the legal system for years. The multinational corporation can start shooting up civilians, that'll go real well for business :P
  13. He has no say in the matter. Free market, Farmer A can do what the hell he wants. Because Farmer A can sit and laugh while Farmer B goes out of business. More money for Farmer A. Why does he give a shit what happens to Farmer B? This imaginary farmer you're talking about sounds pretty dumb. If he can't overcome a change in environment or other factors, I wouldn't so readily label him a farmer at all. More like a whinger who wants the government to step in and save him. Adapt or die, motherfucker. If Barry could grow cotton then it wouldn't be an externality. There are a few implicit assumptions with this simplistic scenario. Rob. So you're saying an externality is an ever changing problem that can never be solved? Because I thought it was a factor that existed, and as such can be accomodated and solved. You're starting to sound religious, talking about The Externality that can never ever be defeated!
  14. orcone

    iPhone 5!

    So the problem is cosmetic? Perhaps a laminate cover with an intricate or custom design could be applied to the phone so the scratching problem is overcome? I see a market for that. Someone make a site that allows users to upload their own design and photos to a template, have them printed on stickers and mailed for a small fee. Ta-da. Millions.
  15. That is fucking idiotic. You're right, they should just continue being impacted by a massive corporation who doesn't give a shit about them. That's not idiotic at all.