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  1. You're old board was a M61SME-S2L. That ran an NVIDIA nForce 405 You're new board is running an NVIDIA nForce 630a It is a much better board, in all regards This has a PCIe x16 slot, where your old one was only x8. It has 4 SATA porst, compared too 4. It supports DDR2 1066, compare too DDR2 800 Also, it overclocks a lot better, and has better support of AM3 processors If you haven't already got it, go get it! EDIT: I do agree with bnew, that DDR3 in an AM3 board would be better, but if you can't afford it, this ASUS board is much better than your old one excellent thanks for that guys, i needed the extra sata ports TBH and also the sata ports on my old board are underneath the end of my vid card which makes for a pain ( great design choice lol )
  2. my old board was only able too support my x2 255 via a bios flash and it only ran the HTT at 1000 instead of 2000 for some reason , im wondering if this board will do the same as its a ddr2 board but i assume it wouldnt limit me in anyway like that being a newer board .... also what are you opinions on overclocking options? http://www.motherboards-reviews.com/ASUS/s...LUS_review.html
  3. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2010/08/10/...d-vs-psn-today/ EVERYTHING is in 8 bit style from menu loaders too music to ingame graphics complete with commodore 64 style glitches hehe ... i had a little play last night and it was fun but the `omg cool 8 bit` buzz wore off after about 5 minutes and it started getting a bit repetative ... thats just my opinion though , if you like 8 bit stuff check it out.
  4. mobon

    Billy Mitchell: King of Kong

    billy mitchell is a twat .. end of story.
  5. mobon

    Why DO we pay?

    ops question can be answered with 2 words ... `because microsoft`
  6. well i paid for a downloaded final fight on friday , went away for the weekend and installed it too play. it wouldnt start without an internet connection! , is this normal and will it work without a net connection from now on now that ive plugged the ps3 back into the net?
  7. mobon

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    Dude, that looks way better than the PS1 versions, if you play the arcade of Tekken 1 and 2 that's included with 5 you will realise how far it's come. its running on an emulator .. i used to play t3 arcade ALOT and it was pixelated as fuck and that was the arcade machine ( i think it was based on ps1 hardware though ) im waiting to see how they intergrate streetfighter characters into a 3d fighting plane , fireball will be useless and zoning will be pretty much changed.
  8. mobon

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    running on an emulator :P They did. I think it's a fucking brilliant idea, and sadly it's the sort of thing that in 99 situations out of 100, gets poo-poohed at the design meeting by some bean counter. I'm a big fan of just brute forcing shit until it's awesome :) yeh they would have to do a major overhaul of both game engines into something new for it too work though .. i cant see it working any way that would keep the tekken or sf feel.
  9. mobon

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    fry and laurie avatar = class :D , yeh looks like sf4 graphics over tekken 6 graphics... not that either had a problem with jaggies.
  10. mobon

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    my first thought was how the hell is that going to work ... that was quickly answered by theyre making 2 versions , now im thinking it could never work in one version because the bias would have to be on the capcom or the namco side. 2 seperate games though... they should have come up with something proper.
  11. well done ... looks like you removed a major bottleneck for your video card there.
  12. mobon

    EVO streaming live.

    ive never watch him play live before, did you see the way he was all twitchy before the gamerbee adon fight , is he usually like that?
  13. ok ive managed to get close too 3.5ghz by lowering the HT link to 4x instead of auto and lowering the ram too 667mhz ... not sure how much of an impact lowering the ram speed and HT link will have though and if its worth it for an extra 200mhz on the core. im sure i could get higher once i start playing with the multiplier , its on 15.5 atm ( stock ) so ill get the calculator out at somepoint and have a bit more of a play.
  14. bios has no adjustable voltage options!