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  1. Nightbabe

    The Atomic XMas Honours List

    Well done guys. You know you don't come on as often as you should when you have never seen the new hero's before. I admit i lurk more then post these days. Cummings Master_Scythe NagChampa mykl_c nukejockey you guys rock!
  2. Nightbabe

    Post of the Month!

    Grats smakme7757 I must admit i am not to good at programming / Networking (prefer modding) but even i could follow that well written How to guide. Well deserving for POTM
  3. Nightbabe

    Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Love RHPS, I don't own blue ray but i too would love to know if it is any good on blueray.
  4. Nightbabe

    So BIG news..

    On a typical Tuesday night after a long day at work i come home, cook dinner and sit down to relax, when out pops the kids with little drawings that said "mummy please marry daddy" and then out comes Nano with a jewelery box.. in that box a BEAUTIFUL ring :) I saw that Juggs and cheeky had the same news during my weekly lurking. So i thought i would wait a little to let you guys know Nano and I are getting married 7th April 2012 :)
  5. Nightbabe

    Help an atomican out!

    Voted for you hun. Looking nice, That shade of green suits you. Edit: Book marked it for daily voting.
  6. Nightbabe

    Donations for Aspect (updated 19 Jul 10)

    better late then never, Been without pc for weeks at a time. Put in what i could. RIP. <3
  7. Nightbabe


    That is the thing juggs, I have been pming her. And sent her a txt or 2. Just haven't heard back.
  8. Nightbabe


    Calling out Fenn!!! Are you around? You ok? WHERE AAARRE YOU??? I MISSS YOU?!?!?! Anyone seen her lately?
  9. Nightbabe

    Going to be an interesting day.......

    Aww Chin up. Delegate what you can and try not to stress ( hard i know) BIIIIG *HUGZ*
  10. Nightbabe


    My Aunty, Uncle and my cousins grew up and still live in Narellan. I used to go there once a year EVERY year. It seems like a nice quiet place to live.( from what i remember) Good luck with it all.
  11. Nightbabe

    Dont know anymore

    moving... gah reality has set in lol.
  12. Nightbabe

    Dont know anymore

    I GOT IT!!!!!!!! I start Thursday in Wagga!1!!!!!!!!! OMG I GOT IT!!!!!!!! I start Thursday in Wagga!1!!!!!!!!! OMG
  13. Nightbabe

    Dont know anymore

    Home from Wagga, I feel like i did well in the interview. I broke the ice by admitting i was a little nervous and then it went on from there, Me trying to address all his concerns making sure i have covered all points of the distance issue. He asked the hypo about if i had to work tomorrow and i said i would make a call and be here bright and early in the morning. Will find out tomorrow or Wed :) *fingers crossed*
  14. Nightbabe

    What Are You Cooking?

    Coles $10 meal. The beef fettuccine on page 6.. Kinda lost the receipe but it was easy. 1x onion 500g mince 1x 400g tin of whole tomatos 2x carrots handfull mushies. Spices and herbs of your choice. (i use garlic, chives, parsley, pepper and salt) Brown onion and meat add can of tomatos, Carrots and mushies. Add spices and herbs of your choice, boil fettuccine and Serve with Cheese.
  15. Nightbabe


    Congrats Bundy, That was a great post. Yes thank you to everyone in my thread! I am hoping i will be in a better position in Aug to hug each and every one of you. I have been called back for a 2nd interview on Monday (tomorrow) in Wagga. Full time $35k a year.. (more then without the job) All our outstanding bills have been paid and we are no longer back pedaling with our money. All the advice and advice of a finacial aid is helping keep our bills and expenses down. Crafty cooking is helping too. Housing is another problem, spoken to real estate we aren't and can't renew the lease but as long as we keep the rent paid we can stay till we find another ( that isn't to say they aren't going to be pressuring us to go) I will try keep you up to date with what is going on :)