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    Umm.. Why is everything pink?

    It's a Dell 2407 :)
  2. Pedsy

    Umm.. Why is everything pink?

    Hmmm you're right. I'm looking at the shot now on the other PC and it looks fine. I hope my monitor isn't on the way out! Edit: Turns out I should have tried "Turning it off and on again". Bog standard restart fixed it up. Not sure what the problem was, or why I didn't try that before coming crying to you lot but there ya go!
  3. Pedsy

    Umm.. Why is everything pink?

    Ok this one has me stumped. I've just redone my Windows 7 install (Spring cleaning!) and for some reason everything is in a pink hue. I've tried to correct it by changing themes etc and while the Task Bar and other Aero items change colour as per the theme, almost everything else keeps this pink colour. I've tried playing with advanced appearance settings but that only changes things in the basic or access themes. But even then I couldn't change most of it. Things like right click menu backgrounds, scroll bars etc won't change. Anyway here is a screen of what I'm faced with: http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/5517/pinkwindows.jpg I'd really appreciate some help on this one. It is driving me insane! I have my wife's PC next to me showing what mine should look like (light bluish grey) which is making it worse!
  4. Convinced the missus to go down there at 8:30 tomorrow morning with the 4 month old in tow while I'm at work! I think she may need someone working there to help her get it back to the car! Is it pretty heavy? I wonder if they will have GH:Metallica on sale too...
  5. Shit hot! Thanks for the heads up. I almost won an ebay auction for one last night at $260. It went for $265. Would have been kicking myself!
  6. I thought I saw Metallica versions of the Complete Band pack being advertised before GH:Metallica was released. But can't seems to see any advertised on EB or JB sites any more. Were they infact available? Are they still?
  7. This might be an option too. I guess you would still get the green glow come though the fan vents on the front, wouldn't you?
  8. The build is for a friend of a friend and she is adamant that she wants the case to feature green lighting.
  9. Gee why didn't I think of that! Thanks for reading the full post.. Anyway. Best option may be to mod the fan mounts on the case to fit a 120mm job? Piss easy to get one of those!
  10. I'm looking to grab the Lian Li PC-60FW case. But instead of the Blue LED fan on the front I want to change it to green. It is a 140mm fan and I can't seem to find any 140mm green led fans anywhere. Would it be easy enough for me to replace the LEDs in the existing fan? How would I go about doing it? Does Jaycar or someone sell green LED's on their own?
  11. Pedsy

    I feel strange.

    You were an idiot for inviting him.
  12. Pedsy

    PS3 FIFA09 Atomic League.

    Hi all. I'd like to organise an Atomic League for FIFA09. If anyone is interested leave a reply and lets see if we can get something organised.
  13. Pedsy

    Vista Bootloader problems.

    When I first switched to Vista I kept my old XP install. Well I haven't used XP for ages so I thought I might get rid it and use the partition for extra storage. Oh I forgot to mention that they are on different physical disks. Here is where I came across a problem. I took the XP disk out of my system and restarted. At this point I got the message that there was no system disk present. I put the disk back in and it booted up no problem. So somehow my Vista install on Disk A is tied to my XP install on Disk B? A while ago I used EasyBCD to switch boot priority to Vista and set the countdown to 0. Is there a way for me to use this program to make my Vista disk bootable? Or is there something else that I need to do?
  14. Pedsy

    Your exclusive invitation to join us in PlayStation Home

    I got this e-mail the other day. Meh. I'm struggling to figure out what the point of it is. Anyone care to shed some light?
  15. Pedsy

    [PS3] Wipeout HD

    I just managed the third best global time for the Ubermall Time Trial in the Vertigo event! (4th grid) 1:57:86 :)