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  1. pappes

    Atomic Meet 13: Brisbane

    Well there are 2 splinter groups in addition to the main group. Some went next door for food. 4 went Spanish for food and there are the campers . Plus the pikers of course. Will reform after sustainence Edit: splinter groups have reformed. Still at rumbar waiting for pikers Edit: given up on pikers, most went to Mana bar, I went to catch up n ZZZZ's
  2. pappes

    Atomic Meet 13: Brisbane

    pappes and littlebugger will be at BCH. Might be at SB meet but no guarentees
  3. pappes

    Atomic Meet 13: Brisbane

    according to FB there are 12 going (not including Elvenwhore)
  4. pappes

    Atomic Meet 13: Brisbane

    In theory I have no excuse for not going.
  5. http://www.zesc.com.au/ Brisbane/Gold Coast 13/04/2013 Sydney 13/05/2013 Melbourne 13/06/2013 Perth 13/06/2013 You know you want to
  6. pappes

    Brisbane meet?

    Mnnnn.. I don't check atomic for 2 months and suddenly ...meet. Sounds good. zzzzzman, you might want to update the OP with date/time/location p.s. zombies - http://www.zesc.com.au/ 13/4/2013
  7. pappes

    [BNE] Meet in Dec?

    well thats a turn for the books, little bugger hearing about a meet through facebook instead on me camping thew forums brewhouse, this weekend, we will be ther
  8. pappes

    Issue 143

    404 magazine not found
  9. This looks like fun http://www.livingsocial.com/cities/905/dea...and-zombie-walk but given the predicted weather I am going to be sheltering under an airconditioner and hiding my demon flesh from the burning sun.
  10. pappes

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    I am going to pike. EOFY is seriously crazy at the new job and I have been off this board for too long to do a FIFO pissup.
  11. Why did the Indian go home after visiting the coffee shop? He had to tee-pee --- I created an new invention that combined a GPS with a backhoe. The Indian guy at the patent office wouldn't let me register my invention as a NaviHoe
  12. pappes

    Ye Olde QLD Election Thread 2012

    Will Anderson joke: what is the difference between the QLD labour party and a Torago? On sunday the Torago will still have 8 seats
  13. pappes

    Dodo Advertisement - non PC?

    Do you honestly think that Atomic are testing and verifying the integrity of advertisers? Adds are bought and sold, not earned.
  14. They havn't lost their meaningAn adult who deliberately engages in offensive behaviors is worthy of derision and loathing.