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  1. Has anyone ever used one of these boards or heard anything bad about them ? I am currently using my 3rd one after the others were RMA'd and now this one is butchered with the identical problem. GSATAII_1 is one of the purple raid ports. Whenever I try to send any large volume of data to it or even have it scanned by AVG, I get windows write delay failure and the system freezes until the drive is disconnected. This image was taken by the Australian distributor who does the RMA, apparently it shows a capacitor that has blown - http://i27.tinypic.com/o6csip.jpg I've looked at the new board I have and it doesn't look any damn different, so I guess it's blown again? I can't even tell in their photo what they are trying to show me, which is blown? I've used multiple SATA cables and drives from Seagate & WD, 320gb to 1tb and it makes no difference. The same drives & cables work in other ports, just not this one. I want to know if anyone else has this board or has heard of these problems. I've searched and haven't found any similar reports but I find it hard to believe if there's 3 boards in a row I have with this problem that nobody else has the problem too.
  2. Hello atomicans. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice they would be able to give me, I would like to move my home server from it's old windowed case to a 4U server case so I can hide it out of site in the garage. Anyone able to recommend a case? Anyone have an old one laying around home they don't use anymore ;)
  3. I'm building my friend a computer, I'm just a bit lost at what motherboard I should get him. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, the best performance for money would be the best. I do like gigabyte motherboards though. Case: Antec Three Hundred $94.00 Psu: Corsair VX550W $137 MB: ? any ideas? has to be socket 775 CPU: Q9550 ~$300 GPU: Have one PCI-E Optical Drive: Already have one Memory: ddr3 got it Screen: 2253bw - got one
  4. Looking at getting a ATI Radeon HD4770 HD it says its Type is PCI-Express 2.0 x16 512MB Via the motherboard link says Abit AN8-V PCI Express has only a x16 x 1 What does this mean?
  5. Thanks for all the help guys. I think we will go with the better card and if he decides that his CPU is too slow he can always upgrade and keep the card.
  6. My friend has an ABIT AN8-V http://www.shopping.com/xPF-Abit-ABIT-AN8-...D-AUDIOMAX-OTES There's a link to the specs of the board, He is running a AMD64 3400 with 2gb's of generic ram. The graphics card died some how, possible from heat. Now he's in the market for a new graphics card. Would it be worth getting a new graphics card for it? If so what would you recommend? Or would it be better to just buy a new system. The only game he wants to play is LOTRO Minimum Specifications Processor: Intel Pentium 4 - 1.8GHz or equivalent Video: 64 MB NVIDIA GeForce 3 or ATI Radeon 8500 RAM: 512MB Disk Space: 7GB Available DirectX 9.0c OS: Windows XP Connection: 56kbps Modem Optical Drive: 2x DVD ROM Recommended Specifications Processor: Intel Pentium 4 - 2.8GHz or equivalent Video: 128MB Nvidia GeForce FX 6800 or ATI Radeon X850 Ram: 1GB Disk Space: 10GB Available DirectX 9.0C OS: Windows XP / Vista Connection: Broadband DSL Cable Optical Drive: 2x DVD ROM Any help would be fantastic :D
  7. ollieman

    New Pc Build

    Thanks for the build I'll post pictures once i build it :D If i can source all the parts fine
  8. Hey bro's I'm in need of a bit of help building a new p.c, I would like to play WoW, Cod4 & 5 , fallout 3 and farcry 2. I have a budget of around $1600 maybe more dollars I dont want a top end rig i just want something that will play all those game nicely. Im mainly looking for opinions about what i should get. Wait for prices of The new i7 processors to come down a bit?, Cheapest is $580 here so that's a bit pricey or even look at going for the new amd chips. I put together a build earlier so tell me what you think. (main things i want opinions on) Processor: Intel e8400 3.00ghz Mobo: Asus P5QL Pro Intel P43 1600FSB ICH10 GBLAN ATX Graphics Card: PALIT GeForce 9800GTX+ PCIE 512MB 256bit DVI TV Nvidia Ram: Corsair 3GB Kit (3x1GB) DDR3 PC-12800 1600MHz 9-9-9-24 TR3X3G1600C9 Case: Antec server case with 500w psu Harddrive: 640gig sata western digital Pioneer DVD burner Please note i now live in NZ and If it would be possible could you use the NZ static ice? And Nz dollars i know $1500 NZ dollars isn't much but it's all i have. -Ollieman
  9. ollieman

    Help me play COD5

    1- Go to Control Panel 2- The click on "Hardware and Sound" 3- Click on "Sound" 4- Doble click on "speakers" 5- go to the Advanced tab 6- Set the default format to "24 Bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality)" 7- Thats it! //edit Installed new ati drivers and realtek graphics drivers, i just don't understand if it worked the first time i played it
  10. I installed call of duty the other night had a quick 20minute go and went to bed then two days later i go to play it and all it does is crash :( This is what it brings up in safemode. Anyone got any ideas :D ----- Initializing Renderer ---- execing ragdoll.cfg from disk ----- Client Initialization ----- ----- Client Initialization Complete ----- Trying SMP acceleration... ...succeeded. ----- R_Init ----- Getting Direct3D 9 interface... Pixel shader version is 3.0 Vertex shader version is 3.0 Shader model 2.0 code path is available. Shader model 3.0 code path is available. Using Shader model 3.0 code path because it is the best available path on this hardware. Attempting 1024 x 768 fullscreen with 32 bpp at 60 hz Game window successfully created. Using 4x anti-aliasing Creating Direct3D device... Com_TouchMemory: 0 msec. Using sum: 0 Loading fastfile code_post_gfx Loading fastfile ui Loading fastfile common Initializing render targets... Requested frame buffer to be 24-bit color with 8-bit alpha DirectX returned a frame buffer that is 24-bit color with 8-bit alpha Initializing static model cache... Initializing dynamic buffers... Initializing particle cloud buffer... Creating Direct3D queries... Loading fastfile 'code_post_gfx' used 1.13 MB memory in DB alloc Setting initial state... DirectX reports 512 MB of video memory and 3247 MB of available texture memory. Using video memory size to cap used texture memory at 496 MB. Texture detail is set automatically. Using picmip 0 on most textures, 0 on normal maps, and 0 on specular maps Unhandled exception caught
  11. Sounds just like what was happening to me, i'm not sure if's my motherboard or power supply. Seems to be running fine at the moment as i post this. Touch wood
  12. ollieman

    $1200Nz Gamming computer

    thanks tantryl for the build only wish i did the same thing when i made my computer instead of randomly choosing parts and hoping they worked well together :( http://www.xpcomputers.co.nz/views.asp?hw_id=3239 he found this one. it looks like pretty good value for money and it wouldn't have to work out how to build it.
  13. ollieman

    $1200Nz Gamming computer

    nz static ice ? i dunno something on the north island. No just the box, hes got a screen, G15+G19 keyboard and mouse and hes got a os. He would need like a dvd burner, power supply, motherboard, cpu, memory, case, graphics card and a 500gb hard drive. He never gets sick of it when i ask if he wants a chip bro
  14. My friend has asked how he should spend $1200 Nz on a new computer to play wow on. Since of lately he hasn't been able to get it fun on his 5500fx graphics card on his 3 year old hp computer. I'm not sure to go dual core or quadcore. I know ddr2 ram would be good, he says he wants 4Gb's Don't want him to make the same mistake as i did getting a DDR3 Motherboard 12months ago. What graphics is best for his money? Nvidia or ATI. I haven't built a computer since my last one, and it went over budget and just a big waste of money at the time so i would really like some good advice. please help me out Atomic