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  1. aj@x

    What's on your to-do list?

    My to do list currently, Chill out and take it easy a bit more and stop being as uptight. Pursue the occupation that makes me want to actually work...even though i already have a decent job i just feel like i'm wasting my time at the moment :)
  2. aj@x

    Got a new project

    It's the firebox yes, and normally you use wood for the fire, but coal can be used as well AFAIK. So could it be rigged for smoking fish and other stuff as well then? *edit* after looking at the pic again the design looks too "modular" to be able to rig it to do some smoking, it's a pretty damn cool oven though and you'd save a fortune if you used it to cook your roasts etc when the oven needs to be on for a good length of time.
  3. aj@x

    Got a new project

    That little door on the left...is that what you shovel the coal into? it looks like it will be a challenging project all the same.
  4. aj@x

    Death by dildo.

    Well i guess she just proved that it is actually possible to actually fuck yourself into the ground. She'd look like win after a few stubs too i reckon.
  5. I drive a 95 model excel for work and the paint work has gray primer patches all over and the clock reads over 290 000, still runs sweet as though. I give the lil bitch regular oil changes (every 5000kms) and it seems to keep it running smooth. I'm not really into cars i see them as a mode of transport not a social status icon, so far cars have not got me into debt in any way as i don't mind being seen driving a piece of shit around. :)
  6. aj@x

    Do you prefer a separate stop button?

    This is a baited question/poll right?
  7. aj@x

    I'm Baaack!

    Howdy Hyper :)
  8. aj@x

    Beyonce baby......

    Looks just like watching Henry Rollins live on stage cept swap nappy for shorts.
  9. I run a E5300 clocked to 3.4 with less than stock voltage with a Xigmatec Red Scorpion, i live on the sunny coast in QLD so pretty warmish ambient temps, Coretemp never goes above 48c when i run orthos small fft's :) This cooler is much cheaper than the Thermaright and has a fan included, i have a TRUE in my other pc, while it is good it's nothing special really, save yourself $30+ and go with the Red Scorpion imo.
  10. aj@x

    RIP Neon 87

    http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=813379 Simon King (Neon 87) was a long time member here on atomic so i thought i'd post here in case some people on here that knew him that don't know the sad news would, thanks. I hope the mods don't mind me posting a link from another forum here if it's a problem could you please remove it but leave the thread title if possible. Here is a link to the news article anyway http://leader-news.whereilive.com.au/news/...ns-after-fatal/ Just goes to show how precious life is and how it can be over at the flick of a switch, RIP mate :(
  11. aj@x

    Y'know what sucks?

  12. aj@x

    Rock + Roll Nerd

    His voice reminds me of the dude from the Whitlams a bit, i like the lyrics but his voice grates me a bit.
  13. it's a great way to pay a massive fine without parting with your own money too. ;) Surely their is not enough gullible people in this world to get sucked into helping pay these tools fines off?
  14. aj@x

    Xbox360 crashes at random

    My advice would be to not spend any money at all and just send it in for repair, tell them it's showing 3 red rings, also make sure your av cables are plugged in correctly. Also to the previous poster saying go out and buy a PS3 thats pretty shit advice man, also if you'd payed attention you'd realise that you run the games off the hard drive now and it's pretty darn quiet these days :) But hey if you wanna go out and spend $700 on a PS3 when you don't need to then by all means ;)
  15. It's actually a goon airbag mechanism to break your fall when you pass out and faceplant the pavement.