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  1. I'm in Queensland! Staying with my friend who has 4 kids, so there is a lot happening and no spare time/energy for stuff like, you know, thinking. Or Internetting. So I'm passing through in the middle of a girly session of bojack just to say I'm gonna be back next week and you better have answered this one by then!
  2. I'm far too drunk to work this out tonight. I just spent five minutes starting at TH thinking it must stand for The Who.
  3. Nice one komuso. That makes it your turn!
  4. Clearly that was too easy! I'm so up on the kids music these days. I have a dozen primary school aged piano students and half of them love her.
  5. Oh one of my other favourite songs Georgy Girl, The Seekers That was a good letter combination. It could have been The Saints, The Supremes, Taylor Swift... so many choices! Next: R AF
  6. HA Tool, The Grudge! Yeah that helped. Incidentally I'm arse deep in eighteenth century slang. That was NOT my first thought when you said to hold something against someone...
  7. Fenn

    So, life has happened.

    I'm not saying you should offer yourself as a package deal with the house, land and improved climate but it can't hurt eh? (This isn't me being snarky either. Clearly you've got enough in common to begin with, all the homesteading stuff. Sounds like a solid place to start a marriage from.) (That sounds so middle aged.)
  8. This one is tough. The obvious choice for T in TG is The - The Go-Betweens? The Gathering? Tom somebody?
  9. Fenn

    Where did it go ?!

    Ooh that was pretty spectacular! If it fell somewhere rural it might not have been heard - is there anyone tracking the direction of travel to start to pin down possible fall sites? There are some sizable national parks that could have swallowed a meteor pretty quietly.
  10. YAAAAAAAAAS!!! Your turn again.
  11. We still have: BBHS CH Which I have played on the piano three times this afternon because it's my favourite song. And which I'm amazed nobody has guessed yet. So this one is tangentially connected: HG HAC
  12. A Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon & Garfunkel Nickeax - the last song JUST missed out on being on Countdown.
  13. no way, get fucked, fuck off... I mean, yes good job Did you figure out what the other three have in common? That should narrow it down.
  14. 1. not even close 2. nopety nope 3. & 4. There is a common theme with all 4 songs, if you figure out the theme from those two, it may help you narrow down the others
  15. Fenn

    My leg and the last 2 months

    Bloody hell, it just keeps going! Mate, this is really shitty. Fuck teh Diabetus.