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  1. Fenn

    Site Maintenance 22nd January

    Back in my day we didn't even know about the scheduled maintenance, which happened daily for one hour. But did we complain? Yeah of course we fucken did
  2. There was a much better recording of the Barry Manilow parody by an Australian a capella group The Phones, but they disappeared before the internet became a thing. If you need some TLC we could all go listen to Waterfalls?
  3. Hey, we're classy!
  4. That... was possibly the fastest answer we've had. Your turn, flip!
  5. Fenn

    The most special people

    "Let's do something really *Atomic* to honour our new bunch of heroes... ooh, I know, let's argue about colour shades on the tags!" "First of all, that idea is gold. Second, that's teal..."
  6. sorry lovelies! Got sidetracked! Okay, a song, a song, my kingdom for a song... YW by WT GL!
  7. Fenn

    Some great reads

    Chris, I got into Jack Heath because he is a Canberra boy, but I've kept reading because damn if the boy ain't seriously talented. We have some amazing local writers these days, serious talents who are starting to make a living out of their writing. I'm loving it.
  8. ARGH! FRENCH! AIR! Kelly Watch the Stars by Air!
  9. That K could be for Know, the W either 'with' or a basic question (who what why when where). Haven't got it yet though.
  10. Fenn

    Some great reads

    Good idea, it's always time to reread Good Omens! I got Hangman by Jack Heath for Christmas. It's his first book for adults. Usually he writes gripping action/adventure for pre-teens and teens. This, however, is Definitely Not Suitable For Kids. It's about a guy who helps out on cases for the FBI in Texas, and he's... a little odd. There's a really, really good reason why this story can only take place in Texas, and nowhere else in the English speaking world. It's so far out of my usual reading comfort zone (the only crime books I read usually are cosy mysteries - this is pretty full on) and I absolutely love it to bits. It's a really easy read, nothing too dense, never a dull moment, not too much deep introspection either. Reeeeaaaaaad iiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!1
  11. Fenn

    So - who's around these days?

    Then hang around a bit more!
  12. Fenn

    Moving house

    All things considered, I'm *delighted* your Mum was driving you nuts at Christmas!
  13. Fenn

    Moving house

    Hang in there Chris - you're doing all the right things and you can always come and have a vent here if you need to. (Here, virtually, on Atomic - or here, virtually, in my PM inbox - or here, physically, I know it's a long way but if you're passing through shout, okay? We haven't moved.)
  14. Fenn

    So - who's around these days?

    This is all quite confusing. I am elderly and it's 2am. Possibly should read this thread again tomorrow and figure it out...
  15. Fenn

    The most special people

    Legit crying here, Ben. We're only here because of the people. Sure, there's that whole tech side of the forums, and we were mostly drawn here by that, but I've been hanging out here for fifteen years. That isn't because of the tech, it's because of the people. This thread has some of my best friends in it, old friends, solid friends. People I've helped. People I've argued with. Couple people I've snogged while drunk... plenty of people who have helped me, listened to me, taught me amazing things. To the new heroes, welcome to the club. Nich will be around shortly to sign over your key to the special bathroom with the nice towels and proper toilet paper. Meanwhile, you're right, Ben. This Atomic needs more pi...