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  1. Fenn

    11 11 11

    It's very different now to when I was a kid, and that isn't surprising. I remember the 75th anniversary - my Dad worked for the Dept of Vets Affairs at the time and there was a lot of attention. But I also remember meeting a few veterans from WWI, and talking to them, including a few Gallipoli vets, and that made it more real. We are now further from the Gallipoli landings than the Gallipoli landings were from the battle of Waterloo. As much as it's important to remember what Remembrance Day is, how do you make that relevant for kids?
  2. Fenn

    NSW / QLD fires

    I've had a mutual acquaintance inform me that yes, one of the deceased most likely would have voted Green. Completely beside the point - it was a disgusting thing to imply.
  3. Fenn

    NSW / QLD fires

    PMQ is a decent size airport and they are usually okay in shitty weather - they're in the 'big regional' category, like Proserpine - not in the 'I'm not getting in that crop duster' category like Coonabarabran. I've landed there in storms and fog and stuff many times. Flights were okay yesterday, had people flying in and out (got a lot of ex-workmates around there, plus the firies flying in and out). If they're now cancelling flights is there too much ash and crud in the air, rather than just poor visibility?
  4. Fenn

    Time for a new religion

    Holy fuckballs Kimmo, I'm sorry that you've ended up representing the hard left by yourself around here. Clearly time and past that I came back to throw dungbombs at Leonid. Leo, I'm too drunk to laugh at specifics, just assume that I've rolled my eyes at your very religious nonreligiousness, and get offended please. You cool with that? Ta love.
  5. Fenn

    Time for a new religion

    Pastafarianism already covers all the requirements. It's completely made up, so there's no reason to take it seriously; there's a cool hat; and you can be ordained any time you like. Plus, noodles. It has the added advantage of sounding exactly as ridiculous as all the other real religions, so whenever someone says some dumb Xtian thing you can piss them off instantly by referring to having been touched by the noodly appendages of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Added bonus: pasta is real!
  6. Is now a good time to mention that I absolutely hate baked beans of any kind?
  7. Yes. ******************************************** Oh, you wanted a longer answer? Then let me bore you: * Baked beans are traditionally consumed at breakfast time, as is toast. Therefore I would call bb on t a traditional breakfast, particularly when the baked beans come from a can. * Any kind of cheese-and-bread combo is traditionally considered a lunch food, therefore the addition of cheese moves this dish firmly into the lunch category. The addition of beans is just making sure the lunch is sufficiently filling. Putting baked beans and cheese inside a proper jaffle toastie would clinch this, as we all know jaffles are lunch and we also know that baked beans or canned spaghetti make superior jaffles. * Baked beans can be made at home, from scratch. With, like, actual cooking. I know, this is bizarre because why else were tins invented, but there's even a recipe in a Jamie Oliver book so it must be true. Any home made legume dish is a Proper Vegetarian Dinner, therefore bb on t can also be considered dinner food.
  8. Fenn

    Non-Googleable Music Quiz - THE APP :-)

    ooh see what happens when I drop off the planet for months at a time? I have to delete a bunch of stuff off my phone, there should be room for this tomorrow.
  9. Fenn

    Magazine Clearout!

    I'm getting to it Smadge - I haven't forgotten you! It's just been a bit busy here and the pile of magazines is still in a box awaiting action...
  10. Fenn

    Wrapped up like a douche

    oh my god, you know AccessDenied will always sing about that holy bloody duck. I'M NOT HAVING ANY DUCKS IN ME!
  11. Fenn

    Site Maintenance 22nd January

    tbh I don't think it was ever that bad on Atomic. It was the US-based sites that always went down for backup when they were asleep but it was peak Aussie o'clock...
  12. Fenn

    Site Maintenance 22nd January

    Back in my day we didn't even know about the scheduled maintenance, which happened daily for one hour. But did we complain? Yeah of course we fucken did ?
  13. There was a much better recording of the Barry Manilow parody by an Australian a capella group The Phones, but they disappeared before the internet became a thing. If you need some TLC we could all go listen to Waterfalls?