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    water cooling maitance help

    Flow meter is probably malfunctioning. They don't last very long.
  2. Javascripterror

    Water cooling set up Opinions/Comments/Help

    Just add in the 120 radiator between the CPU and first GPU block.
  3. Javascripterror

    Cleaning the water cooling system

    Distilled water with two drops of algaecide run for a little while disassemble and drain. Tubing should have a pull through used on each piece, if you wish to save the tubing, otherwise remove and discard. Pull through is a small wad of cloth tied to the end of a piece of string. Drop one end of the string through the tubing,a small nut on the end of the string helps, and then pull the wad through the length of tubing. Repeat if required rinse the tubing and store away until the water bug bites you again.
  4. Javascripterror

    Which Thermal Paste to use?

    AS5 is not conductive as far as I know? I should probably re-seat my TRUE while I'm at it... How often should thermal paste be changed? AS5 is 99% pure silver, one of the most conductive materials in the world. is being conductive really an issue though? Arctic Ceramique is my favorite at the moment.
  5. Javascripterror

    Beginners water cooling system

    Time to turn up the fans.
  6. Javascripterror

    Watercooling advice CPU + GPU

    I would not use a 'T' in the system as you will not only split the flow you will also disrupt the flow. The lowest restriction blocks will get fed first with the other block being starved of coolant. Better to place them all in series...one after the other. A 240 rad will struggle better to add a single 120 between the CPU and GPU block.
  7. Javascripterror

    What Sort Of Overclock Are You Running

    Q6600 here at 3.8 stable.