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  1. And regarding fast food, I'm fairly sure they're considering a fast food tax which will help subsidize healthy food.
  2. So, I currently have a Q6600 G0 at 3.5ghz and I can't seem to push it any further. I went out and bought a CM Hyper 212+ heatsink and recently acquired some Corsair Dominator ddr2 1066 ram hoping the higher ram speed would let me easily push the Q6600 with a higher FSB. But it seems I can't. I have an asus P5KR motherboard which has the P35 chipset but no matter what I do I can't push higher. I've fiddled around with north bridge voltages @ 1.55v, setting dram voltage to 2.1v and even having to set the cpu voltage to 1.4875v which, from what I've read, is more in the 3.8ghz territory....? I've always had the divider set at 1:1 or 4:5 so that shouldn't be the problem. Any ideas?
  3. Necessity

    Trouble pushing Q6600 higher...

    Well that's a bummer! I'm hoping it's more an error on my part, being new to overclocking I suspect that could be the case :P
  4. So I turned the computer on today, everything turns on normally, fans are going flatout as they normally do, all the lights turn on, however it just hangs like that. I have taken everything out, ram, hard drives, video card, dvd drive, tv tuner, even cleared CMOS battery but nothing lets it boot up, there's no signal at all to the screen. I even tried another video card to no avail. So I'm guessing it's a dead motherboard? For the last year the computer has been acting up a little, random restarts every now and then, also the problem above used to happen quite a bit but after a few restarts it used to fix itself. Now it won't. Any thoughts? I'm pretty certain it is the MOBO from what I've read on the internet. Specs: Q6600 8800GT 1024mb 2x2gb 800 ram 500gb sata2 hdd
  5. Necessity

    ATT: Youtubers and Free-TV recorders!

    Watched the exact episode you're talking about last week. The guy was a drug courier, learner, carried a pack of straws in his jacket :S Can't find anything on youtube, but it was definetly the episode of 'The Force' which aired last week.
  6. Necessity

    "Windows support" Phone Scam

    Got one the other day, the guy started explaining how I had such and such a virus on my computer before I blatantly told him I didn't even have a computer. Total lie, but the shameful pause afterwards was awesome before he hung up.
  7. Necessity

    Exam Question

    I've re-read your post twice and still have no idea what you are asking. Where are the points labelled A B and C? Is this diagram looking from on top or sideways? I do physics so thought I'd give it a shot anyhow :P
  8. I'd love to see a snapshot of your bookmarks and recently visited websites.
  9. Necessity

    Mobile phone numbers going public.

    Bullshit. Websites legit, but it seems to just be another chain mail that doesn't benefit anyone other than the person knowing they've inconvenienced thousands of people.
  10. Necessity

    Prison dog?

    Our cat has the 3 or 4 blue dots in his ear. We were told by the vet it was a mark to show they were de-sexed.
  11. On the topic of nuclear energy, what were the arguments against dumping our waste in a 100m hole in central Australia? Remember hearing that a few years ago and then it went quite. We could make a killing off other countries to do so? On the topic of mass-scale renewable energy: http://www.enviromission.com.au/EVM/conten...nologyover.html Invented by a guy in Australia.
  12. Define 'public indecency'? (cos I sure didn't see any of it in this case) Is sex with a partner ok? Yes. Is sex with a partner in public ok? No. And before you highlight the obvious, no, sex did not occur in that clip. But my point stands all the same.
  13. Thankyou for summing up why the police intervened then.
  14. Public indecency? I assume Director was implying victims in the sense of physical injury, as that was what occured in the video. Tell me if I'm wrong Director. In that case I'll take it back :) I think calling someone exposed to public indecency a 'victim' is a bit of a stretch too.
  15. Crimes do not always have victims! You're implying American police are the same as Australian police too. They're not, they're very different. We all know American police are a little bit more outlandish, act now ask questions later. But they do snap when they're pushed, often way more than Australian police. Now, everyone knows this, yet, they do it anyway. They push all the wrong buttons and get what they expect then whinge when they get it. It's absurd. There's a total lack of common sense or decency. Who starts making out at a memorial? People do, get asked not to, and they abide. In America, they believe they have the right to do whatever the hell they want. Edit: The hypocrisy Director is that I'm sure you would be a bit apalled if a couple made out infront of your kids on a sunday outing? I'm sure you'd like somebody to do something if people started acting indecently.
  16. What's with these sorts of people lately? They find something they don't like, go out and intentionally do it to highlight it, then get in trouble and whinge about it as if they were just doing it naturally in the first place. It's BS. Just like the kids who think because they have 1st amendment rights they can do whatever they like and not be touched. Peanuts for brains. And that guy that got slammed was asked 3 times to sit down and didn't. Really, what do these people get out of this? What do they expect to happen?
  17. Necessity

    Even more inconvenient truths

    True, consensus is how science generally works. But it doesn't get very far until the truth is found if the consensus tends to be wrong. It's a non-issue really.
  18. Necessity

    Time is fleeting

    Always thought these were pretty cool, if not a little bit hard to read. http://gizmodo.com/5422176/iron-samurai-wa...nd-style-averse
  19. Necessity

    Need money help/advice

    The margin for those things as opposed to what you could make yourself is tiny. I eat them too, reckon they're great value for money. You could probably make that same roll for 5$, I don't mind the 2$'s extra as you cover that over a matter of minutes during work on an hourly rate. Also, food is quite essential, coffee on the other hand isn't. You can save heaps by just switching to instant. People might have a tanty that they need their cappuccino in the morning. That's fine, but I'll be the one 1000$ better off each year :)
  20. Necessity

    Need money help/advice

    Exactly. But I get around that by seeing the cost of these little common items multiplied by 365. So really, 4$ cappuccino every morning. What's the harm right? Well, annually, about 1000$ you could have saved. Same with food. 6$ sandwich or make your own for 1$? Save yourself another grand or so. Cut out those everyday luxuries and the money just adds up.
  21. Necessity

    Need money help/advice

    Nothing has put me off buying more than the recurring thought of how much I've slaved away to earn the money. I see an item as the numbers of hours worked to get it. Working in hospitality really puts money into perspective if you put it like that I find :)
  22. Necessity

    Bin Laden's Sons Speak Out

    +1 We can always fall back to the animal and be content with revenge. But it doesn't help us in the long run. People who saw this whole issue as a win are kidding themselves.
  23. Necessity

    Online Cooking Shows

    Always loved this guys videos!
  24. Necessity

    How does this happen?

    This was a runner-up to DC talk
  25. Necessity

    Is this an accurate depiction of maths?

    Cool diagram, but it's useless. May as well just list one by one all the topics on there, it'd tell you as much. How keen are you to get into maths? If you're interested I have a couple of sites I've found extremely useful! :)