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  1. You think that's bad, how about this? https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/dec/06/queensland-police-will-have-to-compensate-domestic-violence-victim-as-appeal-denied
  2. Forgot to post this yesterday since I had to call the RACV, who had to call a locksmith since I'd managed to pull my keys out of my pocket with my phone (which had gone into my pocket after the keys, but whatever), while atop Bailey here in singletrack through the bush, who didn't feel inclined to stop for another fifteen or twenty metres... Got a car key here that cost me $250. Dammit
  3. Kimmo

    What a joke

    Woof. It's like a sewer in here. Someone open a window, let that stench of cunt-shit out.
  4. Kimmo

    What a joke

    Thought for the day: Not all fuckwits are arseholes, but all the arseholes are fuckwits.
  5. Kimmo

    What a joke

    Did someone drop their guts?
  6. I'm working for decent money these days, but I reckon I'd rather be fixing bikes again, where I didn't care if it was the weekend or not.
  7. Kimmo

    What a joke

    Fuck, some cunts are full of so much shit, it's like it all had to be shoved in with a concrete pump or something. Bootlicking cap-doffers like our resident billionaire fluffer here like to pretend we're all living in a perfect meritocracy and everybody has what they deserve. So, not only do the poor not actually deserve any dignity, let alone any effort to address systemic disadvantage (apparently to well beyond the point of cutting off noses to spite faces, given the undeniable economic benefit of sufficient social spending) - but also, the inescapable implication of this shitty wank is that the scum running this whole joint are actually saints; paragons of virtue whose social value is several orders of magnitude greater than their (rather wealthy) army of poisonous spokesturds. And, not to be forgotten, another several orders of magnitude greater than the average person like you or me - we are but pond scum next to the mind-boggling scale of these individuals' blinding majesty. It's a world of but a few heroes, and billions of zeroes. What's that, you say? Surely the system just needs a little tweak, and everything will be sorted? Lol. R>G, which means governments need to be in the business of downward wealth redistribution just to maintain the status quo of wealth inequality. Meanwhile, the ultra-rich have been busy for half a century, undermining first academia (particularly economics), and lately, democracy itself, in order not just to consolidate their position but to grind everyone else into the dust. This project is pretty well along now, this class war. And that's a phrase you'll usually only hear busted out to describe any piddling attempt to even slow the rate of advancing inequality. These fucking scum have no compunction whatsoever. Truth and science are there to be poisoned and degraded, human dignity isn't a thing, and the priceless natural world is worthless. Our very future is nothing more than another resource to be pillaged. And they want you to think their score in this LARP called capitalism is a measure of their intrinsic worth, so you're happy to roll over for these unelected dicks to fuck you in the arse. Because they obviously know best, and of course, democracy is obsolete, didn't you get the memo? Democracy is the market, apparently. Everybody's equal in a capitalist democracy, but some are more equal than others... by a factor of several billion. But that's okay, because writing off vast swathes of people as worthless, undeserving of stuff like human rights, is what we're supposed to do now. Unlike some lying sacks of fucken total shit, I'm not gonna tell you to disregard anyone's humanity. I'll urge you consider the golden rule, and how it relates to this steaming shitfight of a fucken dumpster fire we've made of the world. Think about the tiny number of utter cunts who imagine they stand to gain by it. Follow the fucken filthy lucre.
  8. Kimmo

    What's on your mind?

    Hmm... https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/11/guide_will_half-life_alyx_ever_come_to_psvr_and_ps4 I just assumed. Looks possible... I have the PS4 Pro, but I'm not sure that counts for much since Sony's policy is that non pro users don't miss out on any games, IIRC
  9. Kimmo

    What's on your mind?

    Looking forward to this... Should put my PSVR to proper use... Gran Turismo is fun with it now and then, and ping pong is pretty sweet, but I'm still looking for that killer app...
  10. Kimmo

    Anyone know much about power conditioners?

    Everyone's okay in my book, except the scum bleeding society dry, and their snivelling apologists. Oh, and I'm not sure what it is about most folks who drove a Camry, but it'd sure be nice if they were only allowed out on Sundays, like in the Good Old Days.
  11. Kimmo

    Anyone know much about power conditioners?

    Maybe don't pay so much attention to the slanderous shit dribblings of our local billionaire fluffer...
  12. Kimmo

    Anyone know much about power conditioners?

    Um, I've been in the workforce since 1992.
  13. I should've taken a pic... just watched a dude drive an excavator into an elevator. Tight squeeze