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  1. Kimmo

    What's on your mind?

    Had high hopes for Corbyn when he turned up, but his Brexit stance had been a bummer, and the whole antisemitism thing want great either. And now, holy crap.
  2. Kimmo

    What a joke

    Actually, it was Goth who convinced me that could be a thing... But there's no convincing me to trust either the public sector or definitely the private sector to do it right. Which is okay, because we don't need nukes, except for medical isotopes and whatever.
  3. Kimmo

    What a joke

    Just watched it, and wow, that's some serious ineptitude and even some dishonesty around the GND, which itself is hard to take seriously. Pretty disappointing stuff, considering these folks pretty much carry the hopes of civilisation at this point (and if you disagree, I'd like to know who you think is gonna do something about this mess).
  4. Kimmo

    What a joke

    Turns out 45% of Republicans support AOC's 70% tax rate... general populace, 59%
  5. Kimmo

    What a joke

  6. Kimmo

    how crap is this government ?

    'The invisible minister': Melissa Price accused of going missing on the environment
  7. Kimmo

    how crap is this government ?

    I guess it depends on how you define socially moderate and economically conservative. I can see regarding it as drawing a long bow, but OTOH, 'economically conservative' can mean some pretty dastardly shit which inescapably harms society in enough ways to matter a lot. Reducing social mobility, for example.
  8. Kimmo

    Pets and animals

    I'm not entirely sure, but based on associated behaviors I think there's a kind of nesting aspect that's fairly prominent. There can be a bit of scratching around and circling, and often there's a total lack of vigilance, and rather an emphasis on cosiness. Maybe part of being able to rest is being protected? And maybe the odd behavior around circles is related...
  9. Kimmo

    Pets and animals

    I don't think that's the main answer, but I like how much thought you've put into it
  10. Kimmo

    how crap is this government ?

    Half a billion here, half a billion there... This time it's... Such sound economic management.
  11. Kimmo

    What a joke

    He probably needs to quit snorting JP... Po-mo neo-Marxists under the bed, trying to crawl under his skin and rub the lotion on his brain.
  12. Kimmo

    Non-Googleable Music Quiz - THE APP :-)

    Hey, this is either a ridiculously hard game, or I just totally suck at this sort of thing. I'm thinking a little from column A & B
  13. Kimmo

    Pets and animals

    Who can say. I stepped on a slug, barefoot, when I was a kid. I concur
  14. Kimmo

    What a joke

    Is this about pronouns? More Contrapoints!
  15. Kimmo

    Pets and animals

    Lolwut? You feed your slugs dog food?