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  1. Kimmo

    Bernie. fucken. SANDERS

    Hah, those dicks at Fox have claimed copyright on all the vids to get them pulled.
  2. Kimmo

    Bernie. fucken. SANDERS

    Bernie bashers all pretending they haven't noticed this epic smackdown... He's so radical, the way he's the only one genuinely offering the policies people actually want.
  3. Kimmo

    What a joke

    Seems to me, some folks think this is actually a good thing. That'd explain Sanders hate...
  4. Kimmo

    It's Compass O'Clock

    Why are we giving public money to private health care? It's insane. If you have so much money you can blow it on luxury health care, it's a free country. But this bullshit about taking pressure off the public system is bullshit. Spending money in the private system means it gets wasted on profit, middlemen, advertising and other Yank wank. Fuck that noise. It's just yet another upward wealth redistribution scam, powering arseholes and bullshit jobs. Yay for more telemarketing. And sentimentalist bunkum, my eye. What's more sentimental and/or bunk - imagining the planet can continue to accommodate our short-sighted, selfish machinations indefinitely, just like a fucken toddler, or having a shot of concrete and accepting that running around doing crazy shit like fracking is a dumb idea pushed by cunts with a buck to make, and maybe if it actually does necessitate a supposedly lower standard of 'living' (there's a zillion ways to improve people's lives without consuming more), sucking it the fuck up like we actually deserve to wear the big boy pants. Bah, sentimentalism. I'm the guy telling you to give up helium balloons. It's fucken hard-headed pragmatism - only looking further ahead than next quarter's figures like an MBA dipshit.
  5. Kimmo

    It's Compass O'Clock

    Neither are the Greens, for the most part. RWNJs love to bang on about them being extremists, but it should be pretty clear that history won't be judging neoliberalism too highly. It's their fucken doublespeak; accusing the most sensible people of being radical to excuse and deflect from their own extremism. Most people balk at one or more of the Greens' minor policies, but they tend to be in agreement with all their major policies. There really is such a shitload of cowering, timid orthodoxy in our public sphere. It's like something out of The Life of Brian.
  6. Kimmo

    It's Compass O'Clock

    Are you saying, the most powerful agents in our society endeavour to make it what it says on the tin, and most of what's wrong with the world is just down to nothing being perfect, rather than, say, brazenly organised corruption as a cherry on top to the accumulated generations of surreptitious corruption? Why is policy responsiveness not a thing unless you're 1%? Coincidence, I suppose.
  7. Kimmo

    What a joke

    The state of their nation matters to them. It matters to us. Like I said to Nich, what gives you any cause to act detached? Are you a journalist from another planet too?
  8. Kimmo

    What a joke

    If you had half a clue, you'd be aware it's not the sort of thing that's amenable to consolation. Nothing short of an almost immediate coup d'etat, or given a delay until now, life in jail for the cunt and his cronies, amounts to consolation. So fuck off with your piss-ant profiling. The team she bats for is completely beside the point unless you're a fucken cro magnon. Trump is an incredible disaster, and anyone who doesn't realise that has their head up their arse.
  9. Kimmo

    What a joke

    For crying out loud. Fucking precisely appropriate reaction.
  10. Kimmo

    What a joke

    Are you a journalist from another planet? Why wouldn't the most powerful person alive exhibiting the textbook definition of narcissistic personality disorder, as well as being a Dunning-Kruger poster child, bother you? You're acting rather detached over there, asking folks what's the problem with a dead-set moron/psycho par excellence with his finger on the button. I mean the cunt is a leading exponent of both those fields. He's a fucking kakistocracy bingo card.
  11. Kimmo

    What's on your mind?

    Thank the neoliberal scum who've given us this paradigm. Speaking of neoliberal scum...
  12. Kimmo

    how crap is this government ?

    Pretty much an inescapable condition if arguing for the LNP. In other news... Bwaaahahahah, suck shit, scum!
  13. Kimmo

    Bernie. fucken. SANDERS

    So some folks were a bit worried about Bernie, putting his hand up to attend a Fox town hall meeting, thinking he'd be stumbling into the lion's den... But it was just like AOC's Watchmen tweet: 'You don't understand - I'm not locked up here with you lot - you're locked up in here with me.' Fox crew went home carrying their arses. Bernie crushes Fox fucks
  14. That nasty mess is just what happens when a right wing person tries to be funny.
  15. So what's the deal, how does an exe do anything inside a jpg? Surely any program that goes to open the image either just reads the image or rejects the file?