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  1. Kimmo


    Right, who said Jehovah?
  2. Kimmo

    What's on your mind?

    I kinda liked the Dyn-o-mite guy from Good Times.
  3. The fact you think this is a question worth asking gives me a slight twinge of quiet despair. Nobody is the the boss of you, man. Eat what you fucken want, and leave semantics out of it. And have a think about what makes a good question.
  4. Kimmo

    What's on your mind?

    There are two kinds of people - those who lap that shit up, and those who want someone to die for it. Fucken Urkel! No way, man
  5. Maybe so, but those are little companies, who get bought up by giant behemoths, to which we are as gut flora. I hope AI is as difficult to solve as the most pessimistic forecasts imagine, and it doesn't come to pass in my lifetime. There will be enough horrors brought to you by AI-lite; robodebt is just an aperitif.
  6. Kimmo

    What a joke

    That's the other thing that blows me away - he keeps on topping himself, at a rate of knots. It's like, not only are people being conditioned into buying his crazy shit as the new normal, but further, they're being conditioned to accept it getting crazier every day.
  7. Kimmo

    What's on your mind?

    See, I guess I'm just pining for a recommendation system that actually does what it says on the tin, rather than drive 'engagement'.
  8. Kimmo

    What's on your mind?

    It'd be nice if some of the page full of thumbnails I see weren't the same old crap. The only ones I'm interested in are videos I've already watched; it bites. How do you find YT content?
  9. Kimmo

    What's on your mind?

    I'm so over Youtube's bullshit. Their 'reccomendations' blow chunks. I installed a plugin so I could block crap like Jordan fucken Peterson, but it's still shit. Anyone aware of any sort of third-party means of browsing youtube?
  10. Kimmo

    What a joke

    Although the extent to which his sense of what he can get away with has been vindicated is absolutely stunning. Makes me wonder; it's equally surprising whether his epic success at that is down to a simple grifter's instinct, or he's an evil genius in disguise. ...Or maybe it's just down to reality becoming so fucking stupid, a moron's hubris is rewarded.
  11. Kimmo

    What a joke

    That doesn't seem to stop lots of folks having conversations that cockhead in chief is happy for them to have...
  12. Kimmo

    What a joke

    Just another distraction. Every time that dipshit pipes up with another bit of controversial bullshit, real stories get pushed to page two. It'd be nice if folks could learn the reflex to ask what we should be talking about instead of the latest harebrained hand grenade.
  13. Kimmo

    how crap is this government ?

    Apparently they run it.
  14. Kimmo

    What a joke

  15. Kimmo

    And What Are You Listening To?

    This DJ Spivey dude goes pretty good