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  1. Kimmo

    Bert and Ernie, the perfect mates

    Everyone's always known Bert and Ernie were shirtlifters. Although they always kept it on the DL, just like Rock Hudson, also someone who everyone always knew was a shirtlifter.
  2. Kimmo

    The truth is out there.

    Where do you get a handle on warping space? It's pretty next-level stuff. And here's a thought - you have to be quite smart to have a clue how much smarter Einstein was than yourself... so anyone clever enough to tackle it has to have giant brass balls to believe they can make a dent. Insights like his, we're lucky to get once a century.
  3. Kimmo

    The truth is out there.

    I tell you what, its not going on the periodic table. If we figure it out, maybe it'll get its own table. The periodic table is for stuff made of protons , neutrons and electrons.
  4. Kimmo

    The truth is out there.

    Special undiscovered elements that somehow change the game? We can be more sure that's not happening than we can about a lot of things. If Cybes or Chris or myself saw that in sci-fi, we'd snort.
  5. Kimmo

    Mobile phones and drivers

    I'd love to see these fucktards being busted for that shit, but it'll never happen. Taking away the livelihood of some poor schmuck who blows 0.06 is evidently more important.
  6. Kimmo

    The truth is out there.

    Whatever you think communism is, I've never advocated anything of the sort. I'd like to see a system that's compatible with the concept of democracy. If you think this is it, you're tripping. Phooey. Or will everything come to pass? You've just gotta wait and the impossible will happen, huh?
  7. Kimmo

    The truth is out there.

    Lol. Says the guy who can't imagine anything better than capitalism... Magic elements are a laughable suggestion. Gravity is a lot more interesting... BTW, I'm pretty sure they reckon repulsive gravity is a thing, under certain circumstances. You're trying to say those of us who laugh at periodic table shenanigans are close minded. That's a straw man.
  8. Kimmo

    The truth is out there.

    It's naive to think you can pass off that straw man. Nobody's saying that - folks are trying to think outside the box, and there's a zillion more ways to be wrong than right, so you're gonna hear 'nope, try again' a fair bit.
  9. Kimmo

    The truth is out there.

    Yeah nah. It's pretty hard to imagine anyone making such statements about undiscovered elements having a solid grasp of what the periodic table means. The nuclear forces aren't strong enough to hold the heaviest elements together. Scientists muck around in labs trying to create new elements, and it's a BFD when they do, but what you might have missed is that they last for nanoseconds. And anyway, even if there's some undiscovered 'island of stability' where even heavier elements somehow manage to hold together, are they going to have magical properties? No, they're going to be analogous to other elements above them in the table, just like how the rest of the table works. Most of the properties are down to an element's outer shell of electrons. This stuff is pretty damn predictable. What are these hypothetical elements going to be good for? Shielding is about it. Saying Cybes is is taking science for religion misses the mark by a long shot. He just knows more of it than you, and has a better idea where there's any wiggle room. We have quite a bunch of stuff almost totally nailed down.
  10. Kimmo

    The truth is out there.

    Well actually... our brains are pretty expensive; they burn so much energy we had to lose our fur so we could regulate our temperature. Obviously, it should be possible to some extent to trade energy consumption for speed, but at some point entropy would be a problem. You'd need a damn fine 'short term' memory if it took you a decade to complete a thought...
  11. Kimmo

    The truth is out there.

    Generation ships (or just one really long generation) might not be a practical thing; perhaps the minimum size for an ecosystem is too large. But if evolution points towards AI, not a problem. Nor would the insane G forces folks see UFOs undergoing...
  12. Kimmo

    how crap is this government ?

    I know what'll fix that! Let's hand over all the money we should be spending on maintaining society to folks who don't need more money! The solution is so obvious!
  13. Kimmo

    The truth is out there.

    As a non-RWFW, I'm totally down with humour. As a RWFW, you're not in a good place to be telling anyone about it...
  14. Kimmo

    Mobile phones and drivers

    I don't see what the big deal with phones is, or rather should be... Whether it's an absent person or a present one you're having a conversation with, what's the difference? The key aspect is that you give the driving process priority over the talking process. How is that fucken rocket science? Let your conversation suffer, not the safety of other road users. FFS. The amount of utter fucken morons bouncing around out there blows my mind. Here's a thought - just imagine, if governments actually required prospective motorists to demonstrate actual competence! Just a crazy thought out of left field.
  15. Kimmo

    how crap is this government ?

    Who said anything about matriarchy? Oppression is oppression.