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  1. Kimmo

    Whats everyones favourite movie and why??

    Actually, the best movie of all time would have to be the almost three days of Game of Thrones. Bam.
  2. Kimmo

    Hey guys!! Whats your goal in the near future..

    Silly me, assuming you'd dislike shit like all the productivity gains of the last forty years going to people we never meet, Australian workers being made to compete with slave labour, shredding all the wilderness to pillage for obsolete commodities, legislation in all sorts of areas being dictated by special interests in exchange for a few cushy jobs, a media landscape utterly dominated by evil filth, and of course I could go on and on, but let's just jump straight to the impending collapse of ecosystems over the coming decades. Naturally, there's a mile of propaganda designed to convince you that all these problems, plus gulags and whatever, are socialism's problems too, and there's no good system to be had so we might as well let the billionaires go on raping us. But just ask yourself whether all these problems are more or less likely to be solved by a system intended to align people's interests with the collective interests of all people, or by a system that intends to maintain a large (and growing) underclass, utterly subservient to the whims of a tiny cabal of insane scumbags, who have the people's supposed representatives dancing to their tune at every turn. Labor actually looked relatively decent at the last election, although still too gutless to stand up for refugees or push back against 'national security' secrecy and overreach... Pity Australia's Trump threw $60b at hating on Labor, on top of the standard background of wall to wall Murdoch bullshit. They only just lost, but now the gumption that went into those policies offered at the election has totally evaporated. Albanese is a fucking piss-ant. I'm not talking about Labor anyway, since calling them socialist has been more and more of a stretch ever since the coup in 75. Socialists haven't looked like being in charge for that long. To blame them for anything happening here today reveals a susceptibility to demented right wing propaganda.
  3. Kimmo

    Whats everyones favourite movie and why??

    Planet of the Apes series was pretty fucken awesome. Or the Human Centipad episode of South Park
  4. Kimmo

    Hey guys!! Whats your goal in the near future..

    You're actually not enjoying the opposite of socialism, you know. Neofeudalism blows chunks, no argument. Extra baubles for the spoilt isn't worth a damn next to the squandered potential it costs, or even half a rat's arse, for that matter.
  5. Kimmo

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    I'm still digging it
  6. Kimmo

    Whats everyones favourite movie and why??

    Blues Brothers. The Incredibles (any Pixar is great) Moon Gravity Fight Club Gattaca Get Out The Matrix Ong Bak Apollo 13 A Scanner Darkly Waking Life Once Upon A Time in China Allegro Non Troppo Raiders of the Lost Ark The Italian Job Fargo Raising Arizona From Dusk Till Dawn Bandidas Rango Mad Max 4 Paddington Doctor Strangelove Snatch Back to the Future 1&2 Stand By Me The Outsiders Gettin Square Hunt for the Wilderpeople The Dressmaker Young Einstein Drunken Master Police Story The Foreigner Evil Dead 2 Frantic Ghostbusters The Frisco Kid Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Lord of the Rings series Star Wars series (except fucken Jar Jar) Interstellar Hellboy How to Train Your Dragon ... That's a bloody hoot. Top flick.
  7. Kimmo

    Hey guys!! Whats your goal in the near future..

    Oh? When's that, you reckon? We've been getting hammered into the dirt for forty years; it sure would be nice if that turned around.
  8. Kimmo

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Hah, the parody had nowhere left to go
  9. Kimmo

    What a joke

    So anyway, I happened to wonder if Leo's opinion of Boris Johnson is similar to his opinion of Trump... Is that on record yet?
  10. Kimmo

    how crap is this government ?

    Sound economic management. https://www.theguardian.com/business/grogonomics/2019/aug/29/australia-managed-to-survive-the-global-recession-but-all-that-good-work-has-been-wasted Anyone want to make odds on if or when folks wake up to the fact that Labor are better at it? 'Sound economic management' is just code for blatant corruption, sucking off the 0.1%, and increasing wealth disparity, it seems.
  11. Kimmo

    What a joke

    Lol Scaramucci. He can't do the fandango.
  12. Kimmo

    What a joke

    The thing is, folks in the media insist on talking about him like he's a serious person. And so do plenty of others... /side-eye at Leo
  13. Kimmo

    Got H?

    Extruding a log It never gets easier Getting old; a drag