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  1. Quazar

    Whats everyones favourite movie and why??

    Star Wars Ep IV - 4yr old me loved that movie, it was like nothing else I had seen before and probably started a healthy interest in space and science in general. I really do enjoy all the Star Wars movies truth be told and will probably watch them all before I go and see the Rise of Skywalker. The Last Starfighter The 5th Element The Guardians of the Galaxy The Matrix The Muppet Movie Big Hero 6 The Lord of the RIngs Series The Beastmaster The Terminator 1 & 2 Krull Spaceballs Aliens Movies that I can make references to, that will make my wife laugh tend to get on my favourites list, some however make it just because
  2. Quazar

    What's on your mind?

    Went to my first Tae kwon do training session in 8 weeks, it was so good to be back even if I didn't train. Helping out was good and if I pull up ok I'll get back to 3 nights a week. With luck I'll be ready for my next dan grading in June 2019.
  3. Quazar

    What's on your mind?

    I am unable to get into see my regular GP until next Friday, however I went to a medical clinic today and have gotten a different medication for pain management and that seems to be working for me. The MRI report is ready yet but the doctor I saw was able to have a look at the images and seems to think there is some compression around the C6 area. I'll discuss further treatments with my GP and injection were mentioned as an option, I guess I'll wait on the report then consider all the options available. This will of course determine how/if I will train towards my 4th Dan grading next June, I really want to get my 5th Dan when I'm 50. Pain wise I find I can manage it much better if I can move around, walking helps but during the night it not really an option, rocking myself back and forth or jiggling my legs helps then. I have managed to watch all the new Star Wars movies again, watched Doctor Who episodes this morning. Netflix and Stan have been so handy I'm also currently watch Stargate SG1 up to the 7th season. I might now actually be able to get some gaming in, so far I've only been able to play Assetto Corsa Competizione.
  4. Quazar

    What's on your mind?

    The constant pain is really starting to get on my goat so to speak, it's making me a grumpy fuck yelled at my youngest for no real reason this morning he didn't deserve it, shit he's had more ops and dealt with more pain in his short 11yrs than I have in 45. I'm 45 so I don't think I'm old, don't recall injurying myself although we did have a work function last Friday that involved laser tag, I was shit at it but had fun. It's a public holiday here in Launceston today so I'll call my GP tomorrow, hopefully he'll have something to say about the MRI or we'll move on to another treatment to try and get me back to work. C6 and C7 are what he was investigating as I also had some numbness in more left forefinger but that is no longer present just thumb and forearm now. I've been getting down because of the pain, my wife has snapped me out of it though so I'm now looking to the positives which I can't actually see ? (I'm not dead so that's a positive, most likely this will not last forever) I have been able to watch the new doctor who episode a few times now though and I must say I like the new Doctor. Thanks for the advice/support and listening to my venting.
  5. Quazar

    What's on your mind?

    I'm taking anti-inflammatories which seem to be helping, GP wanted the MRI to make sure there was nothing going on in my neck which I don't think there is as it's not sore when touched etc, only hurts sometimes when I move. Public holiday in Launceston tomorrow so I'll call my quack Friday for the results of the MRI. Not sleeping because of the pain is the biggest issue, hopefully tonight I'll be able to lay in bed with not much pain, this will ensure my lovely wife also gets a good nights sleep.
  6. Quazar

    What's on your mind?

    I woke up early Sunday morning with extreme pain down my left next and arm, took some drugs for what I though was a stiff neck, nope didn't help. The concerned look on my wife's face suggested a trip to Launceston A&E was in my future, I hopped into the car and 15minutes later asked her to pull over and call an ambulance because pain is a bastard and I deal with it better when I can walk around. Queue a ride to the hospital in an ambulance, still no pain relief but laying on the bed with my arm above my head and my chin at a certain angle relieved the pain mostly. I get to the hospital and get checked out by a nurse, no obvious causes. Doesn't hurt when they put pressure on my neck etc, in the meantime while waiting for a doctor I'm offered some pain meds, get given an injection in my arm and a green whistle from the ambo. The meds really didn't knock the pain but by god the shit in the green whistle made me not give a rats arse about it. I'm getting high on the whistle and ask the nurse if my wife is out in A&E, she was so they bring her over to me, I start making fun of the TA Bed 1 sign, I'm struggling to sit upright in the chair causing at least one cleaner to laugh ? my wife moves me to a different chair at this point so that if I do fall I wont get hit by the door out to the waiting room. In this new chair I proceed to squeeze my wife's breast and honk to which I have no recollection of doing, I also tell her how nice they are to rest my head on, I cannot say that I haven't done either of those things previously but usually it's in private and I know I'm doing it, I am actually mortified that I did it in the hospital and have no memory of it. Some time after this a doctor comes along and asked what meds I've taken, as I take time to focus on what I've taken I simple tell him a nurse gave me a cup with 4 pills in it, I hope I gave him a laugh because I was so high it wasn't funny well it probably was, he went and checked my chart which I thought was an excellent call. Testing and prodding lead him to conclude that in all probability I have a pinched nerve. I haven't had much sleep since Sunday as the pain is very tricky to manage, sleeping in a more upright position seems to help. A visit to my GP with more testing used acupuncture to send a shot of pain down my arm that rivaled what I'd been experiencing then ordered an MRI just to check that nothing serious is going on. The new meds from my GP are working better for pain I still have numbness in my left thumb and part of my forearm and a week off work, thankfully it's school holidays so not too much going on there. I now know I do some funny shit when I get high and my wife gets some excellent stories to relate to family and work colleagues.
  7. Quazar

    Where does everybody live these days?

    I'm in Northern Tas, not likely to move anytime soon. I'm quite happy to drive the 50 minutes south everyday for work in Launceston, have been doing it for over 20 yrs now if you include work and study. Tasmanian's are a funny bunch people are always making comments to me that it's a long way to drive everyday when it's only 65km.
  8. Quazar

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Going for some 80's nostalgia and came across some KC & The Sunshine Band, I'd add in Devo's Whip IT and Men Without Hats Safety Dance but the rabbit hole that is youtube may take me in another direction :)
  9. Quazar

    Online or bricks&mortar ...

    I never once worried about any potentials commission from sales while working in retail, to say I or others in retail don't give a shit is a gross generalisation. May I suggest that you try and find a store where the staff pride themselves of the service they offer as opposed to the commission. From TheManFromPOST brief description it appears that the staff were trying their best to help but the inventory mangement system let them down. Having worked in retail I will not put up with poor service as there is no excuse for it, so I'll go to another store or buy online.
  10. Quazar

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    I watched Sammy J and his NBN rollout on iview. https://iview.abc.net.au/programs/sammy-j/LE1706V010S00 I quite enjoy his political commentary, Now is not the right time and Bonk!, Bonk! Bonk! are in my opinion outstanding.
  11. Quazar

    Online or bricks&mortar ...

    I will shop locally if the service is good, if the staff just can't seem to be bothered to talk to me for whatever reason then I'll go else where or buy online. With Launceston being my closest city I'm not exactly spoiled for choices unless I want clothes or food, white/brown goods are a choice between Harvey, JB-HiFi and a few others a couple of which a local however I've found the service at these places to be less than satisfactory so I don't go back.
  12. Quazar

    What's on your mind?

    Shit Weeks. Ever had one of those weeks that just stands out for being really shit and unforgettable for all the wrong reasons, well last week was like that for me. Last Wednesday my cousin called telling me she wouldn't be at work (We work in IT at the same school) as her Mum had gone into hospital, 2 1/2 hours later she calls me telling me that her Mum had passed away. Shit is what that was and I thought me week couldn't get any worse, how wrong was I. Fast forward to Sunday morning when the universe well an truly informed me just how bad my week was going to be, at 7am my brother called to inform me that our mother had passed away. Mum was my Auntie who passed on Wednesday older sister. My mum died with dad by her side a week before their 51st wedding anniversary, now I know my father can be a difficult man but dying to get out of another anniversary that's even extreme for me Mum. I knew my parents loved each other, I knew how deeply mum cared for dad, it took the pain and grief on my fathers face and in his voice for me to truly comprehend the love he felt for my mother, amazing that at 44yrs old it took the death of my mother for me to realise that. If there is anything to take from this post of mine hopefully it's don't wait to tell those you close you that you love them, because tomorrow you might not get the chance. Circle of Life :)
  13. Quazar

    Happy Easter!

    I love Easter, working in a Catholic school gets me a 5 day weekend. Happy Easter everyone, I hope the Bilby brings you lots of eggs.
  14. Quazar

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    2014 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport in Wildfire Red, I just have 5 yrs to pay it off :( 2nd car was needed just happened 9 months earlier than planned on the plus side it gives Mrs Q some much needed freedom, she keeps the '94 telstar tx5.
  15. Quazar

    So far so good...

    I went from 85kg down to 70kg last year after a couple of 8 week stints on the 800 blood sugar diet also by Michael Mosley, my wife also had good results following this particular way of eating. We have somewhat fallen of the wagon so to speak and fell back into some bad eating habits, however it's no big deal and we are both confident that we can get back into the swing of things again, most importantly for myself I lost more than 10cm off my waist. I've got more work to do to get rid of my belly fat and that's the main goal for me, then once I attain my goal weight I'll switch to 1 day of fasting a week. Seriously owning a car and getting married have been the worst thing for my waist line. I forgot to say well done Mac Dude on your loss so far.