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  1. HyperHorse_

    Anyone playing Diablo II?

    Diablo 2 is crap. It's like the gaming equivalent of sedatives.
  2. Just having a stab in the dark but it sounds like SOMETHING is definitely faulty. Either memory or the motherboard. I'd suggest you email Gigabyte & G Skill and ask for their input.
  3. HyperHorse_

    Best Network Providor?

    I'm not trolling. I just refuse to support a company that gives rubbish customer service and which out sources all of it's customer service staff to a country where I'd regard the people residing in this country to have intelligence barely higher than primates.
  4. HyperHorse_

    Power Mat!

    You people, don't you realise this is one of Tesla's inventions??!!?!? *shakes head*
  5. HyperHorse_

    Best Network Providor?

    mattym, get with it... Everyone knows TPG sucks.
  6. HyperHorse_


    Actually that's Wooloomooloo. No, you're wrong. She's referring to Greenway Apartments in Milsons Point. Wow. Now I know which building you're talking about. Had no idea it was public housing. And so what if it is? Everyone deserves to have harbour views. Shouldn't only be for the rich. There is nowhere near enough public housing in Australia, compared to Europe. I always look at that building when I go over the bridge and wonder what it'd be like to live there.
  7. HyperHorse_

    Best Network Providor?

    Having read and considered the information in this thread, I can only come to one conclusion..... TPG SUCK. It's time to switch!
  8. HyperHorse_

    Atomic M33t X! - 21st August 2010

    I have. I'm just bringing it to your attention.
  9. HyperHorse_

    Atomic M33t X! - 21st August 2010

    I am not happy that my post made earlier was DELETED.
  10. HyperHorse_


    Actually that's Wooloomooloo.
  11. HyperHorse_

    Atomic M33t X! - 21st August 2010

    Having been formerly unaware of SOMETHING posted on April the 28th... I would like to repeat some basic points. 1) I am going to this meet. 2) There is no danger or anything to fear as a result of me attending. 3) I am going to meet those who have not met me and it's going to be FUN. 4) I do not wish to antagonise others or be antagonised by others. 5) Those who choose to ignore me are a victims of their own ignorance/denial. I am urging everyone to CALM DOWN. OK? I'm not a bad person! If anyone has any concerns/questions PM me.
  12. HyperHorse_

    Donations for Aspect (updated 19 Jul 10)

    I PM'd Chaos asking for DD details, but I haven't received a reply yet.
  13. HyperHorse_

    M33t X - The Shotglass.

    Or you could go to Ikea. They have awesome beer glasses.
  14. HyperHorse_

    Portal is free

    Have you tried playing it on a computer? Yeah, you're SO FUNNY. All I get is a blank screen, and the music from the Valve title screen which I recognise from playing Half Life 2. Well I just verified the game cache and there's nothing wrong there.. A Guess. maybe your video codec for the splash video is broken. Anyway right mouse- properties. launch options. "<space>-novid" will suppress that logo video. no " should be typed. <space>=a single space I'm sure that it's not that.. I still have a blank screen after the intro video, and sometimes I can't even ALT+TAB away. Anyone else playing this game with an ATI video card?